Love and Destiny: Episode 34

Love and Destiny: Episode 34

A’Mo finds work at a restaurant, but the owner discovers she is deaf and fires her. A’Mo meets Madam Guan, the woman who had given her money previously. Madam Guan cooks for Physician Sun and is looking for an assistant.

Madam Guan asks Physician Sun to let A’Mo work as her assistant. Physician Sun knows A’Mo, so he hires her.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun how he regained his ability to taste, and Physician Sun guesses his experimentation with acupuncture finally worked. Physician Sun gives A’Mo the money he made from selling her peaches because he couldn’t eat all of them.

Zhu Zizai and his disciple Bao Suozhu try to capture Wuwan. A’Mo thinks Wuwan is a dog and takes it home.

A’Mo tells Jing Xiu that Physician Sun is a good person because he treated Jing Xiu and gave her a job. She hopes Wuwan can be a companion for Jing Xiu, not knowing that he had kicked Wuwan out of the house.

A’Mo gives Jing Xiu sweet cakes to eat while she prepares dinner.

Remembering what the fortune teller had said, A’Mo looks at Jing Xiu. Could Jing Xiu be her benefactor? A’Mo gives Wuwan a name — Xiao Bai.

Zi Guang is investigating Jiu Chen, so Si Ming advises Jiu Chen to stop going to the Mortal Realm for a while. A bird flies by, capturing Jiu Chen’s attention. Like Jiu Chen, Shi San and Hua Yan also miss Ling Xi.

Hua Yan has urgent news for Jiu Chen.

Shi San is in trouble for injuring Yuan Tong and destroying the Yuan clan’s ancestral shrine. Jiu Chen and Si Ming can’t help her because she already admitted her guilt. Stubbornly, Shi San says she will fight with Yuan Tong again, so Immortal Lord Puhua increases her punishment from being whipped 10 times to 30 times.

Jiu Chen forbids Shi San from going anywhere to stop her from causing trouble.

Jing Xiu holds a ladder for A’Mo while A’Mo picks more peaches from the peach tree. She falls, and he catches her.

Filling a customer’s prescription, Physician Sun’s assistant can’t differentiate between two similar medicinal herbs and chooses the wrong one. A’Mo sees the mistake and tells Madam Guan. Madam Guan acts quickly, stopping the customer from taking the wrong medicine home.

Physician Sun allows A’Mo to work as his assistant, filling prescriptions. Madam Guan wants to know if A’Mo is single.

Jiu Chen’s teacher worries because if something happens to him, the responsibility of protecting the six realms passes to Jiu Chen. Therefore, if the Fire Essence fails to prolong Jiu Chen’s life, his teacher will retrieve the Nuwa Stone to save Jiu Chen even if Ling Xi’s soul will be destroyed.

Yuan Tong greets Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen ignores her.

At Xixian Pond, Yuan Tong begs Jiu Chen to give her another chance. She would rather be a shadow by his side than be a general or restore the Yuan clan’s prestige. Jiu Chen coldly rejects her, saying he has to refrain from pushing her into Xixian Pond, which is what she had done to Ling Xi.

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