Love and Destiny: Episode 32

Love and Destiny: Episode 32

A’Mo shares her food with Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu heals A’Mo’s throat while she sleeps. He leaves before she wakes up.

Jiu Chen tells Si Ming where he planted the magical seed and Huo Dou’s senses. Si Ming needs to figure out how to get Ling Xi to live there. Jiu Chen asks about Ling Xi’s next hardship, but Si Ming doesn’t know when it will occur.

Jiu Chen ignores Yuan Tong when she apologizes to him.

Two men carrying a sedan chair yell at A’Mo for being in their way. Thus, a woman feels sorry for A’Mo and gives her money. A’Mo discovers she can speak while trying to thank the woman.

Disguised as a fortune teller, Si Ming tells A’Mo to go northwest. In that direction, she will find a place to live and meet a benefactor.

Disguised as a woman at a fishing village, Si Ming directs A’Mo to the place Jiu Chen prepared for her. It’s an abandoned house with a peach tree in the front yard.

The abandoned house is fully furnished. A’Mo cleans the house and weeds the yard.

A’Mo buries the dirt from her hometown at the base of the peach tree in the front yard. Jing Xiu collapses in front of A’Mo’s house.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun to examine Jing Xiu. Alarmed by the extent of Jing Xiu’s injuries, Physician Sun warns A’Mo not to let Jing Xiu stay at her house.

Jing Xiu insists on leaving.

A’Mo finds Jing Xiu’s scarf. As she is about to chase after him, it starts to rain.

A’Mo sees Jing Xiu bumping into people and drenched in the rain, so she asks him to return with her. He can leave after the rain stops.

Jing Xiu wakes up after being unconscious for half a month. A’Mo puts medicine on his eyes. She has been doing this while he was unconscious.

Late at night, A’Mo looks at Jing Xiu’s room. There isn’t any commotion, so he should be all right.

Ling Yue’s soldiers won’t let Jiu Chen enter the Mountain Spirit Realm. As a result, Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang to go on without him.

Physician Sun doesn’t know how to heal Jing Xiu’s eyes.

Jing Xiu tries to heal his eyes, but he can’t do it and ends up in pain. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu her name, so Jing Xiu tells A’Mo his name.

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