Love and Destiny: Episode 2

Love and Destiny: Episode 2

Being back in the Heaven Realm reminds Jiu Chen of his subordinates. Ling Xi interrupts his thoughts, eagerly bragging about herself to convince her idol he made the right decision in picking her as his maid.

Jiu Chen returns to his residence, but he doesn’t recognize his housekeeper. Once a male soldier under Jiu Chen’s command, the housekeeper has become a woman, dresses flamboyantly and goes by another name: Shi San.

Shi San believes Jiu Chen would return. Therefore, she cleans the residence every day and tries to keep everything the same as the day Jiu Chen left.

Jiu Chen tells Shi San to teach Ling Xi and watch her closely because Ling Xi is a troublemaker.

Jiu Chen pays respect to the 100,000 soldiers under his command who died in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

Ling Xi disagrees with Jiu Chen’s assessment: she isn’t a troublemaker!!!

Ling Xi’s father yells at Ling Xi for leaving home to chase after her idol. Then he gives her a necklace, forcing her to always wear it. Shi San glares at Ling Xi’s father for suspecting Jiu Chen’s intention toward Ling Xi. Qing Yao, Ling Xi’s senior sister who works for Medicine King, tells Ling Xi to let her know if she needs anything.

Thinking Ling Xi must feel sad, Shi San says Ling Xi can return to Peach Forest any time to visit her father. However, Ling Xi jumps for joy because she has escaped!!!

Shi San tells Ling Xi to never step into Jiu Chen’s room, and then she explains the hierarchy and rules in the Heaven Realm to Ling Xi. In awe, Ling Xi learns that Jiu Chen ranks third in importance, after his teacher and the Heavenly Emperor.

Shi San doesn’t believe Ling Xi could memorize all the rules so quickly. To demonstrate, Ling Xi summarizes the rules for Shi San: don’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, bow to everyone, and lastly, talk less do more.

Yun Feng, Jiu Chen’s junior brother, brings maids to Jiu Chen’s residence to help Shi San. With Yun Feng are two of Jiu Chen’s generals, Kai Yang and Han Zhang.

From Kai Yang and Han Zhang, Jiu Chen finds out what happened to his other generals: Yuan Zheng and Zhu Xie. Yuan Zheng died in the final battle at Mount Youdu, and his sister, Yuan Tong, has taken his position. As for Zhu Xie, he and his clan died at Mount Youdu like Yuan Zheng.

Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng he has to keep Ling Xi close to investigate her. Somehow, Ling Xi managed to wake up Jiu Chen, so it’s possible she could wake up the Demon King. Yun Feng says their teacher couldn’t cope with Jiu Chen’s death and has been cultivating ever since, not seeing anyone.

Jiu Chen lets his teacher know he has returned safely.

Thunder Lord tortures Ling Xi to find out the relationship between her and Tuntian Beast. Ling Xi says she doesn’t know the beast. Jiu Chen interrupts the interrogation and saves her.

Ling Xi thanks Qing Yao for treating her wounds. Qing Yao says Jiu Chen is severely injured after being frozen in the Changsheng Sea and having to save Ling Xi.

Ling Xi goes to Jiu Chen’s room to check on him. Jiu Chen’s sword flies toward her and hovers in front of her, but she doesn’t run away because she knows Jiu Chen won’t harm her.

Ling Xi explains to Jiu Chen how she ended up at the Changsheng Sea. Jiu Chen gives her 10 days to return the longevity knot she stole from him.

Jiu Chen orders Shi San to watch Ling Xi closely and let him know what Ling Xi is up to.

Shi San tells Ling Xi to move into her room. Ling Xi refuses. A man and a woman can’t live in the same room, even if the man is a woman now.

Shi San moves into Ling Xi’s room. Ling Xi says she snores, grinds her teeth and talks in her sleep, so Shi San won’t be able to sleep.

Night falls, and Ling Xi tells Shi San to stop staring at her because she wants to go to sleep. However, Shi San keeps staring at Ling Xi even in the dark.

Ling Xi can’t sleep because of Shi San’s snoring, so she tries to do something about it and falls on top of Shi San. Still asleep, Shi San stretches and puts her hand on Ling Xi’s chest.

Ling Xi is disappointed Jiu Chen monitors her more strictly than her father.

Unable to forget what he did in the final battle at Mount Youdu, including killing all of his soldiers, Jiu Chen loses control while meditating.

Ling Xi decides to leave Jiu Chen’s residence and go where she can be free.

Passing by Jiu Chen’s room, Ling Xi sees the room covered in ice with Jiu Chen frozen inside. She saves him and then collapses in exhaustion.

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