Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Ling Xi is glad to see Jiu Chen returning to Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen notices the mark has appeared again behind her ear.

Jiu Chen suppresses the demonic energy inside Ling Xi, causing the mark to disappear. Ling Xi senses something is wrong because Jiu Chen doesn’t want her to leave Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen says he will find a way to stay at Congji Abyss permanently, making Ling Xi happy.

Jiu Chen has to return to the Heaven Realm. Ling Xi follows him to the front door to see him off.

Jiu Chen puts a mystical barrier around his residence so that no one can enter. Yuan Tong, hiding outside, sees this.

Jiu Chen decides to talk to the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen resigns and nominates Thunder Lord to replace him as the God of War. The Heavenly Emperor doesn’t understand why Jiu Chen would suddenly resign, especially since Jiu Chen isn’t someone who takes his duties lightly.

Despite the Heavenly Emperor’s anger, Jiu Chen doesn’t explain why he wants to resign.

Ling Xi is disturbed by a commotion outside the residence. It is the Queen Mother of the West destroying the mystical barrier put up by Jiu Chen.

Like the Heavenly Emperor, Thunder Lord is surprised by Jiu Chen’s resignation. Jiu Chen senses someone has destroyed the mystical barrier at Congji Abyss, so he leaves while in the middle of a meeting with the Heavenly Emperor and Thunder Lord.

Walking inside, the Queen Mother of the West orders soldiers to search Jiu Chen’s residence thoroughly. As a result, Ling Xi runs around to find somewhere to hide and ends up going to the ice chamber.

The Queen Mother of the West discovers Ling Xi. Ling Xi says what happened at the banquet was a misunderstanding. Moreover, Ling Xi denies killing soldiers at Mount Kunlun. To capture Ling Xi, the Queen Mother of the West uses force and injures her.

Jiu Chen arrives in time and saves Ling Xi. He says he will talk to the Heavenly Emperor. The Queen Mother of the West has no choice but to leave.

Jiu Chen comforts Ling Xi, knowing she must be scared.

Ordered by the Heavenly Emperor to follow Jiu Chen, Zi Guang sees what happened between Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and the Queen Mother of the West.

Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi they have to return to the Heaven Realm to see the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen transfers his power into the longevity knot.

In a way, Ling Xi is glad she was discovered because she won’t have to hide anymore. Jiu Chen tells her not to be afraid because he is with her. He teases her for talking too much, and he gives her the longevity knot.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi find Immortal Lord Baishan, sent by the Heavenly Emperor, waiting for them. Together, the three of them return to the Heaven Realm.

In silence, Jiu Chen and the Heavenly Emperor wait for the result of Ling Xi’s interrogation.

During the investigation, Ling Xi says what happened is a misunderstanding. The Queen Mother of the West accuses Ling Xi of being demonic. Immortal Lord Puhua checks and couldn’t detect demonic energy from Ling Xi because the longevity knot conceals it.

The Heavenly Emperor reminds Jiu Chen to remember his status as the God of War. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t dare to forget.

Ling Xi passes the interrogation, but she has to stay in the Heaven Realm until the investigation finishes. Jiu Chen looks at the longevity knot hanging on Ling Xi’s waist, knowing he used it to help her conceal the demonic energy inside her.

Jiu Chen doesn’t want anyone to know he is sick again.

Ling Xi guesses Jiu Chen is sick because he used his power on her. She tells him she won’t turn demonic. However, she is afraid of gossip because it could hurt her family and Jiu Chen.

Ling Xi doesn’t want to give the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen, so Jiu Chen lets her keep it. Ling Xi busily packs up many things for their move to Congji Abyss.

Testing to see if she could turn demonic, Ling Xi tries to scare Wuwan. Ling Xi thinks everything will be all right once she and Jiu Chen return to Congji Abyss.

Jiu Chen teases Ling Xi for wasting her time packing because his residence at Congji Abyss already has everything. The only thing that needs to be sent to Congji Abyss is Ling Xi.

Ling Xi complains to Qing Yao. For some reason, Immortal Lord Puhua, Thunder Lord and the Queen Mother of the West think Ling Xi could be demonic. Qing Yao already talked to Ling Xi’s father and knows about Ling Xi’s identity. Qing Yao tells Ling Xi to trust and obey Jiu Chen.

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