Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Jiu Chen forces Ling Xi to return to Peach Forest with him.

Arriving at Peach Forest, Ling Xi is unhappy. Ling Xi’s father yells at her because he knows she doesn’t want to return home.

By now, Jiu Chen has figured out Ling Xi’s identity. Ling Xi’s father found her at Mount Youdu and adopted her. Eventually, Ling Xi’s father found out she has demonic energy from the Demon King, so he kept her at Peach Forest. Jiu Chen vows to protect Ling Xi, and Ling Xi’s father thanks him.

Teasing Ling Xi, Cheng Yan says she probably did something wrong, so Jiu Chen doesn’t want her around anymore. Ling Xi lies, saying she begged and begged Jiu Chen to let her return to Peach Forest for a visit.

Jiu Chen wants to talk to Ling Xi in private.

Jiu Chen teaches Ling Xi how to use her bracelet as a weapon, such as turning it into a sword. Then he tells her goodbye. Ling Xi kisses him and says she wants to be with him because she loves him. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t like her. He returns to the Heaven Realm, leaving behind a devastated Ling Xi.

Cheng Yan doesn’t understand why Ling Xi is inconsolable while Ling Xi’s father tries to cheer her up. Ling Xi refuses to believe Jiu Chen doesn’t have any feelings for her.

Cheng Yan tells Ling Xi not to take Jiu Chen’s rejection personally. Jiu Chen is the God of War known throughout the six realms while she is a nobody. Ling Xi remembers Jiu Chen had said she is too young with weak cultivation. Did Jiu Chen reject her because she isn’t powerful like him?

Ling Xi begins to train diligently. Cheng Yan teases her, so she turns her bracelet into a sword and scares him off.

The Heavenly Emperor worries because fairies are disappearing in the Heaven Realm. Jiu Chen knows about this and already sent Kai Yang to investigate.

Jiu Chen admonishes Yun Feng for neglecting his duties to chase after Qing Yao.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says he hasn’t discovered who is kidnapping fairies. However, there is one link, which is all the fairies are 50,000 years old. Jiu Chen realizes the Demon King must be looking for Ling Xi. Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang to increase security in the Heaven Realm and assigns more soldiers to monitor Mount Youdu.

Like Jiu Chen, Yun Feng suspects the Demon Tribe is behind the kidnappings.

Yun Feng apologizes to Jiu Chen for goofing off. Jiu Chen knows better than to expect Yun Feng to be responsible like him. Nevertheless, Jiu Chen hopes Yun Feng lives up to his potential as a powerful god. Yun Feng says Jiu Chen has become more talkative and happier after knowing Ling Xi.

At Mount Youdu, Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang and soldiers from the Heaven Realm to guard the entrances into the mountain. Yun Feng says he will go look around.

Jiu Chen monitors Mount Youdu.

Chased by demons, two fairies run into Ling Xi, so Ling Xi helps them fight the demons. An immortal passes by and drives away the demons. The immortal says he is a messenger of the Queen Mother of the West at Mount Kunlun.

According to a bird, an immortal took Wuwan. Ling Xi guesses it must be the immortal from Mount Kunlun, so she heads there to look for Wuwan.

Jiu Chen saves a group of fairies from demons. The fairies are not just from the Heaven Realm but other realms as well.

Hei Chi, working for Zhong Hao and the Demon King, appears at Peach Forest. Ling Xi’s father lures Hei Chi to another area.

Jiu Chen saves Ling Xi’s father and says the Demon Tribe is kidnapping fairies around Ling Xi’s age, so Ling Xi is in danger. Ling Xi’s father immediately returns to Peach Forest.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says a demonic force is heading toward Mount Kunlun. Coincidentally, the Queen Mother of the West will have a banquet to celebrate the killing of Tuntian Beast.

At Mount Kunlun, Ling Xi sees a big crowd at the Queen Mother of the West’s banquet. She decides to go to the back of the mountain to search for Wuwan.

Ling Xi finds a cave. At this time, Zhong Hao and his followers already killed all the guards in the area.

Ling Xi detects the smell of an ancient beast, so she walks deeper into the cave, thinking it’s Wuwan. Zhong Hao and his followers are also in the cave, looking for Tuntian Beast. Zhong Hao can use Tuntian Beast’s blood to repair the Demon King’s blade.

Ling Xi finds Tuntian Beast chained in a pool of boiling water.

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