Love and Destiny: Episode 10

Love and Destiny: Episode 10

Inside the cave, there is a basin with water in it. Ling Xi touches the water. Four columns of water shoot upward, condensing into panels showing what will happen to Ling Xi in the future. The panels disappear, and the Shuiyue Cauldron appears in the basin.

Ling Xi puts the ashes of Zhu Xie’s burned war report into the Shuiyue Cauldron. Once restored, the war report shows Yuan Zheng turning demonic in the final battle at Mount Youdu, so Jiu Chen had to kill him. The Shuiyue Cauldron turns into a bracelet on Ling Xi’s wrist, and Ling Xi can’t take it off.

Ling Xi flies back to the Heaven Realm.

Shi San is nervous, giving Jiu Chen a new tea to drink. Jiu Chen says the tea is good.

Ling Xi tells Jiu Chen about her dog’s death. She asks Jiu Chen if he suffers when he is blamed for something he didn’t do. It’s unfair since Jiu Chen always lives for others, sacrificing himself for the greater good and defending the weak. Jiu Chen doesn’t mind because taking the blame won’t kill him.

Ling Xi looks at Yuan Zheng’s memorial tablet, resenting what he did but vowing to keep his secret. Yuan Tong appears before Ling Xi could burn Zhu Xie’s war report.

Seeing Ling Xi’s bracelet, Yuan Tong guesses Ling Xi must have restored Zhu Xie’s war report. Ling Xi realizes Yuan Tong knows the truth but lets Jiu Chen take the blame so that the Yuan clan won’t be punished. A fight breaks out between them.

Running to Xixian Pond, Ling Xi refuses to give Yuan Tong the war report. Yuan Tong attacks Ling Xi, forcing Ling Xi to fall into the pond.

Falling into a bottomless spiral, lightning strikes Ling Xi from all directions, and she loses consciousness. At this time, Ling Xi’s bracelet activates, saving her.

Shi San gives Jiu Chen new pills made by Qing Yao. Jiu Chen asks if Shi San has seen Ling Xi, and Shi San says Ling Xi hasn’t returned.

It’s the day Yuan Zheng’s weapon will be placed in Gongde Hall. Jiu Chen urges Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang to go to the ceremony. However, Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang would rather accompany Jiu Chen to his trial.

Si Ming rushes to Jiu Chen’s residence with bad news. Shi San caused trouble at Gongde Hall because she won’t let anyone touch Jiu Chen’s armor. Jiu Chen hurries to Gongde Hall, with Yun Feng, Si Ming, Kai Yang and Han Zhang following close behind.

Walking around, Qing Yao sees a feather that appears to come from Ling Xi. Tracing a trail of feathers, Qing Yao finds Ling Xi by Xixian Pond. Ling Xi is severely injured, so she is in her true form as a bird. Right next to Ling Xi is Zhu Xie’s war report.

Arriving at Gongde Hall, Jiu Chen tells Shi San to go with him. However, Old Madame Yuan won’t let Jiu Chen leave, demanding to know if Jiu Chen killed Yuan Zheng. Jiu Chen says he did, shocking everyone. Old Madame Yuan orders the Yuan clan’s disciples to kill Jiu Chen.

Qing Yao arrives at Gongde Hall with Ling Xi. Jiu Chen treats Ling Xi’s injury so that she can turn back into human form. Qing Yao reveals Zhu Xie’s war report, letting everyone see what happened in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

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