Legend of Fuyao: Episode 7

Uncle Zhou explains the connection between Xuanyuan Sect and the Ninth Heaven Breach technique. A long time ago, someone found a few pages of the manual. Just based on that, he challenged prominent figures in the martial arts world and established Xuanyuan Sect.

However, the pages disappeared while being passed down from generation to generation. As a result, the Ninth Heaven Breach technique was lost as well.

Hearing people coming, Uncle Zhou pulls Fuyao into a passageway hidden behind the wall of the prison cell.

In the secret passageway, gates come down to prevent Uncle Zhou and Fuyao from escaping. At a gate with pointed ends, Uncle Zhou uses his body to hold it up and pushes Fuyao through it first. The gate slams down, piercing his body.

With his last strength, Uncle Zhou gives Fuyao a necklace from which dangles a stone of five colors. She had the stone when he first discovered her. He also reveals that there are five seals in her body.

After Fuyao learns the Ninth Heaven Breach technique, it’s now possible to break the seals. The colored stone will guide her to where she needs to go. With his last breath, Uncle Zhou discloses that he’s always been proud of her. Fuyao is devastated as a group of disciples closes in on them.

In the capital, heavy rain causes extensive damage. Marquis Zhang Henian begs the king to take care of his health. Without the king, the capital could be flooded.

On his deathbed, the king cries out that this is retribution from heaven.

Qi Zhen receives news regarding the emergency in the capital. Yun Hen thinks they should return, but Qi Zhen refuses to do so until he can contact the Illusion Hall and figure out how to control water.

After plotting and waiting many years, this is Qi Zhen’s opportunity to destroy the Xuanyuan clan and be king. He won’t let anything ruin his plan, even if Taiyuan Kingdom is destroyed in the process.

Leaving the secret chamber, Jingchen recalls the conversation with Yan Lie. Since tension is high between the five kingdoms, war can break out any day. In Taiyuan Kingdom, political upheaval will worsen as Qi Zhen attempts to overthrow the king.

Xuanyuan Sect is an empty shell of what it used to be. Hence, obtaining the Ninth Heaven Breach technique is critical because it gives the sect an advantage in this chaotic time.

Yan Lie pressures Jingchen to poison Fuyao so that she’d tell them everything she knows. However, the poison will kill her, destroying her soul and rotting her flesh.

Fuyao dreams about Uncle Zhou’s death. She wakes up and finds herself back in the prison cell. She clenches the colored stone, which she now wears around her neck, and promises to do her best to fulfill her destiny.

At this moment, Pei Yuan and her followers enter the prison cell.

Elsewhere, Wuji and Zong Yue discuss how to deal with Qi Zhen. They speculate that Qi Zhen is trying to contact the sorceress Feiyan to find out how to control water. Once he can do that, he’ll eliminate everyone in the royal family. This means Wuji will be in danger.

Wuji knows about Zong Yue’s background, including the fact that Zong Yue is using a fake name to hide his identity as a descendant of the Xuanyuan clan.

Wuji jokes about having to go above the call of duty to save Zong Yue’s relatives. Without any emotions, Zong Yue replies that he has severed all ties with the Xuanyuan clan a long time ago.

Jingchen goes to Fuyao’s prison cell. The door is ajar, and Fuyao has disappeared. He’s relieved, thinking she has escaped.

But Jingchen is wrong. Pei Yuan and her followers take Fuyao to a cliff. They have Xiao Qi and threaten to kill him unless Fuyao jumps off the cliff.

Fuyao: Jingchen already agreed to marry you. Why do you still want to kill me?

Pei Yuan: Why didn’t you die in the Warrior Hunt? If you live, Jingchen will always think of you!

Since Uncle Zhou sacrificed himself for her, Fuyao can’t let Xiao Qi do the same, so she jumps off the cliff. Pei Yuan doesn’t keep her promise and orders her followers to throw Xiao Qi off the cliff anyway.

Fuyao tries to cling to vines and branches, but Pei Yuan already set up devices that shoot out darts in the cliff. As a result, Fuyao can’t grab onto anything to save herself.

Suddenly, Wuji appears and catches her. Then he lands on a ledge. Just when they can breathe a sigh of relief, they see Xiao Qi screaming as he falls past them.

Without thinking, Fuyao jumps after Xiao Qi and hangs onto him by seizing his shirt. Wuji throws out a vine that wraps around Fuyao’s waist, saving both her and Xiao Qi.

With the sky in alignment with nature, Qi Zhen uses his blood to communicate with the Illusion Hall. He agrees to pay any price in exchange for information on how to manipulate water.

Feiyan instructs Qi Zhen to wait until the moon is red. On that night, he needs to use the Earth Absorbing Bell to exchange consciousness with a descendant of the Xuanyuan clan. Then he has to kill that person. This will give Qi Zhen the ability to manipulate water.

Since Fuyao has serious injuries, Wuji brings her to Zong Yue. He can’t believe a righteous place like Xuanyuan Sect could be so vicious.

Yan Lie finds out what happened at the cliff and scolds Pei Yuan for being impatient. The disciples report that they searched everywhere, but they can’t find Fuyao’s body.

Pei Yuan knows that Yan Lie needs Fuyao alive because of the Ninth Heaven Breach technique. He’s doing everything possible to pave the way for Jingchen to have a bright future. Pei Yuan argues that after Jingchen marries her, he can rise to prominence with the support of her family.

Pei Yuan’s arrogance infuriates Yan Lie. He yells at her to stay out of matters related to the sect. He prefers for Jingchen to use his own abilities rather than rely on family connections.

Fuyao thanks Zong Yue for helping her and Xiao Qi, who’s recuperating somewhere else.

Zong Yue explains that he’s involved because of Wuji, who shouldn’t keep on being a busybody since he has his own problems.

Qi Zhen sends a letter to the king of Tiansha Kingdom to borrow the Earth Absorbing Bell. Then Qi Zhen orders Yun Hen to detain Wuji. Following Feiyan’s instruction, he intends to sacrifice Wuji to gain the ability to manipulate water.

Wuji’s bodyguard, Jiang Feng, sneaks into Wuji’s room to update Wuji on the conversation between Qi Zhen and Feiyan. Wuji now knows what Qi Zhen must do to have the ability to manipulate water.

As soon as Jiang Feng leaves, Yun Hen arrives with a group of soldiers, but they can’t find Wuji. Yun Hen hears about a carriage trying to leave the mountain and decides to chase after it.

After everyone leaves, Wuji jumps down from the ceiling. He’s confident he can stop Qi Zhen without needing to use armed forces.

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