Legend of Fuyao: Episode 6

In the servants’ quarters, Fuyao discusses her strange condition with Uncle Zhou. She doesn’t know why she keeps dreaming, and then she’d wake up in different places. To complicate things, she can’t remember any of her dreams.

Uncle Zhou asks about the staff he gave her. Fuyao admits that she lost it when she fell in the water. What’s strange is the staff turned into a blade after leaving her hand.

Yan Lie brings people to the servants’ quarters to accuse Uncle Zhou and Fuyao of stealing a pearl used in the Warrior Hunt.

Uncle Zhou denies that the pearl is in the vicinity. Fuyao empties her pockets to prove her innocence. To her surprise, the pearl rolls out in her hand. Yan Lie wants to punish her for theft, forcing Uncle Zhou to kneel and beg for leniency.

Fuyao argues that she won the pearl by defeating her opponents, so Yan Lie can’t accuse her of theft. However, winning the second round means she’d have to participate in the last round of the Warrior Hunt.

Not just good at eating, Yuanbao is also good at spying. It reports to Wuji what happened in the servants’ quarters. Wuji worries how Fuyao will get through the most difficult part of the competition.

The next morning, Fuyao kneels outside Uncle Zhou’s room to say goodbye. She thanks him for taking care of her. Although he’s strict, she knows that he disciplines her to keep her out of trouble. To an orphan like her, he’s the only family she’s ever known.

In his room, Uncle Zhou listens to Fuyao and cries.

In the last round of the Warrior Hunt, the participants enter a realm of illusions. One by one, they’re eliminated. In the end, only two people pass the test: Fuyao and Jingchen.

Jingchen: Making it this far liberates you from servant status. If you admit defeat now, you can leave unscathed.

Fuyao: I know I’m not as good as you, but if I don’t challenge you to a fair fight, I’d let myself down.

Jingchen: Do you really want to fight?

Fuyao: Of course not, but I need closure. If I get out of the contest alive, I can leave the mountain… and you. This match is our last memory together.

Fuyao and Jingchen begin to fight each other. As their swords clash, Fuyao thinks about his impact in her life, from when they were childhood playmates up to now.

Eventually, Fuyao seizes Jingchen’s sword and puts it at his neck, but instead of delivering the final strike, she drops her sword and concedes the match.

Yan Lie announces that Jingchen is the winner, eliciting protests from some of the spectators. The result seems fixed since Fuyao lost on purpose to the son of the sect leader.

Defending Jingchen, Pei Yuan accuses Fuyao of practicing a demonic form of martial arts. In addition, she belittles Fuyao’s birth and status. She looks to Jingchen to back her up. Feeling pressure from Yan Lie, Jingchen agrees reluctantly.

Fuyao picks up her sword and challenges Jingchen to a rematch. For the first 3 stances, she doesn’t attack out of respect for him. Then she uses the technique from her dreams. In a flash, she defeats Jingchen, stunning everyone.

Yan Lie sneaks up behind Fuyao and knocks her unconscious. He claims that she used a secret technique that’s been forbidden by the sect because it’s too ruthless.

Unbeknownst to Fuyao, the martial arts she learned in her dreams is called Ninth Heaven Breach. Yan Lie covets the technique, so he puts Fuyao in chains and imprisons her until she gives up the manual.

Fuyao insists that she doesn’t know what Yan Lie is talking about, but he doesn’t believe her.

Shocked by his lost to Fuyao, Jingchen is in a daze. He hasn’t eaten for three days. Yan Lie slaps him and scolds him to snap out of it.

Yan Lie and Jingchen go to the ancestors’ hall. To Jingchen’s surprise, Yan Lie activates a switch, which opens a secret chamber containing information about the Ninth Heaven Breach technique.

Meanwhile, Uncle Zhou brings food for the guards watching Fuyao. There’s sleeping powder in the food, so they collapse after eating it. Without anyone around, Uncle Zhou removes the mystical barrier trapping Fuyao.

Inside the secret chamber, painted images cover the walls. As Jingchen looks around, Yan Lie characterizes the Ninth Heaven Breach technique.

It’s an essence of martial arts, containing the darkness of humanity. A combination of natural and supernatural forces, it has a life of its own but doesn’t exist by itself. It’s the aura of the swordsman, so it’ll exist and die with whoever practices it.

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