Legend of Fuyao: Episode 5

Like Wuji and Fuyao, Jingchen and Pei Yuan are battling it out against another team. Jingchen doesn’t want to injure his opponent, so the fighting drags on between them. A few steps away on the same beam, Pei Yuan kills her opponent as soon as possible, and then she kills Jingchen’s opponent.

Pei Yuan makes it clear that her priority is Jingchen. She’ll do anything to help him win, even if she has to eliminate anyone who stands in the way.

Jingchen and Pei Yuan retrieve a parachute embedded in the beams and use it to float to the ground. Then they turn in their pearl to Yan Lie.

Meanwhile, Wuji and Fuyao are trying to defeat a different team. Facing a stronger opponent, Fuyao gets into trouble. Soon, her opponent forces her off the beam.

To save Fuyao, Wuji immediately eliminates his opponent and extends his leg to hook onto Fuyao’s leg to keep her from flying off. He pulls her back onto the beam. Working together, they knock her opponent unconscious.

Retrieving the parachute, Wuji and Fuyao jump off the whirling beams.

Fuyao: You saved me.

Wuji: What’s the matter? Are you grateful?

Fuyao: Thank you.

Wuji: How will you thank me? With your body?

Suddenly, the parachute tears apart, causing them to plummet to the ground. Wuji reaches out until he catches her hand. Confirming that Fuyao can swim, he tosses her to a different area with water while he drops straight down, his body banging against the jagged edges of a cliff.

Falling into the water, Fuyao loses consciousness and couldn’t hold onto the staff in her hand. As the staff sinks to the bottom, it seems to turn into a small blade and embeds itself into the mud, causing a shift in the ground.

Fuyao lands near the blade. Opening her eyes, she sees water figures moving around her as if they’re performing a martial arts technique. Eventually, the water figures move through her body, causing her to black out again.

Far away, Feiyan, the owner of the Illusion Hall, is elated. A practitioner of the dark arts, her goal is to reawaken the ruthless king who destroyed the land thousands of years ago.

Feiyan feels the emergence of the young woman who possesses the stone of five colors. Finally, it’s possible to resurrect the king.

As round two of the Warrior Hunt ends, an abnormality appears in the sky. It’s a colorful cloud in the shape of a dragon and spreads out over thousands of miles, astounding everyone.

Yan Lie suggests that the cloud signals the arrival of a king. Hearing this, Qi Zhen believes that the phenomenon represents him.

In private, Yan Lie reprimands Jingchen for being trusting and letting Pei Yuan have the pearl before the two of them turned it in. To be in a favorable position in any circumstances, Jingchen should be wary of everyone.

Jingchen asks about Fuyao and finds out that she’s missing after falling off the beams. He wants to go search for her, but Yan Lie won’t let him.

Fuyao is found and brought back to the servants’ quarters. After a few days, she wakes up but can’t remember what happened after falling off the beams.

Zong Yue assesses her health and doesn’t find anything wrong except minor scrapes. There’s nothing he could do about her memory loss. Uncle Zhou is delighted to see Fuyao awake. Outside her room, Jingchen smiles and leaves silently, glad to know that she’s all right.

At night, Fuyao keeps dreaming about Wuji helping her when she fought on the whirling beams.

The next morning, Qi Zhen drops by Wuji’s room to find out why Wuji didn’t show up to watch the second round. Wuji explains that he wanted to catch crickets rather than watch people fight.

Qi Zhen tells Wuji to use this opportunity to establish connections with people in the martial arts world, but Wuji plays with a ladybug and barely pays attention to the conversation. Qi Zhen wonders if he’s dealing with an actual fool or he’s the one being played for a fool.

Wuji proceeds to tell a story about a man who could ring a temple’s bell three times. The first ringing brings good fortune, the second one brings wealth, and the last one brings longevity. However, the greedy man rings the bell one more time, which voids everything. Wuji promises to never be foolish like that, and the assurance pleases Qi Zhen.

At this moment, Fuyao barges into Wuji’s room. Wuji acts affectionate toward her to make Qi Zhen think there’s something between them.

After Qi Zhen leaves, Fuyao gets straight to the point.

Fuyao: Did you help me in the second round?

Wuji: Why would I help you? I’m the crown prince.

Fuyao: I keep dreaming about you, so I came to ask you.

Wuji: You like me, right? That’s why you’ve been dreaming about me.

Fed up with his teasing, she attacks him, but he blocks all her moves effortlessly. He seizes her hands and pulls her close, asking for her cooperation so Yun Hen, who’s spying outside, would think there’s something going on inside the room.

Fuyao threatens to expose his identity if he insists on the romantic charade. Wuji points out that Yan Lie and the Elders sent her to the Emotionless Realm because she didn’t confess who gave her the valuable medicine. If she didn’t betray him at that time to save herself, why would she betray him now?

In the ancestors’ hall, Yan Lie erases the names of the disciples who died in the Warrior Hunt. He won’t allow losers to be remembered because they’re a disgrace to the memory of the ancestors and prestigious reputation of the sect. To him, life is a survival of the fittest, and only the strong survivors matter.

Yan Lie places all his hopes on Jingchen. He’ll let Jingchen marry Pei Yuan and move to the capital where there are more opportunities. It won’t be easy, but he pushes Jingchen to go further than what the previous leaders of the sect had been able to do.

Wuji drops by Zong Yue’s place to ask about Fuyao’s condition. Zong Yue denies giving her anything that could affect her mind. However, he does have medicine that erases people’s memory.

Zong Yue wants Wuji to give Fuyao the medicine so she wouldn’t ruin their plan. Wuji refuses to take such drastic measures. He has his own arrangement.

After participating in the second round of the Warrior Hunt, Fuyao feels sleepy all the time and falls asleep everywhere. What’s strange is she always dreams about being forced to practice martial arts and would wake up in different places.

Everyone gossips about Fuyao’s illness. Eventually, the rumor of Fuyao being possessed reaches Wuji.

Unable to take it anymore, Fuyao orders Xiao Qi to tie her up when she goes to sleep, but in the morning, she wakes up outside in the rain. She practices the martial arts technique from her dream and loses control. Fortunately, Wuji has been watching and uses his internal energy to stabilize her.

Meanwhile, a pearl from the second round of the Warrior Hunt is missing. Yan Lie uses a mystical object to search for it and discovers that it’s in the servants’ quarters.

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