Legend of Fuyao: Episode 4

The ancient beast charges Fuyao. Jingchen thinks she’s in danger and pulls her out of harm’s way. He turns to fight the animal, only to see Fuyao sailing over his head straight at it and punching the acupuncture point on its head. The ancient beast collapses, leaving everyone else in shock.

At the end of the first round, spectators wait for the participants to come out of the underground cave. Fuyao emerges last, her head held high as she rides on the ancient beast.

Displeased with the result, Yan Lie announces that the credit goes to the entire team, not just one person.

Later in the servants’ quarters, there’s a celebration for Fuyao for accomplishing an impossible feat.

Only Uncle Zhou is solemn. Yan Lie is a petty person who wouldn’t want a servant to be the champion of the Warrior Hunt, so he’ll likely do something to harm Fuyao. What’s more alarming is Yan Lie allowed her to be in the competition. Uncle Zhou senses a conspiracy.

Fuyao understands Uncle Zhou’s concerns, but it’s impossible to withdraw from the competition. Hence, she wants to try her best and not have any regrets.

Meanwhile, Yan Lie drops by Jingchen’s room to find out what happened. Pei Yuan explains that Jingchen was injured when he tried to save Fuyao from the ancient beast. What’s aggravating is the damsel in distress ends up being the hero.

Yan Lie is furious. From now on, he forbids Fuyao from entering the living quarters of the disciples.

The claws of the ancient beast are poisonous, so Wuji gives Fuyao more medicine. Surprised by his generosity, she teases him about possibly falling for her.

This time around, there’s a mouse hanging on Wuji’s shoulder. It’s his pet Yuanbao, and in squeaks, it launches a tirade against Fuyao. In return, Fuyao has no problem making fun of it. Caught in the middle, Wuji jokes about Fuyao and Yuanbao fighting each other for his love.

Astounded by his shamelessness, she raises her hand to slap him. He seizes the hand in midair and forces her to stroke his face instead.

Fuyao: You’re taking advantage of me! Who are you?

Wuji: You’ll know when I take off my mask.

Fuyao returns to the servants’ quarters. For some reason, she can’t stop thinking about Wuji. A disciple stops by to drop off Jingchen’s dirty clothes. Shocked by the bloodstained outfit, Fuyao wants to go check on Jingchen. The disciple warns her not to do it or she’ll get in trouble.

But this is Fuyao, so warnings fall on deaf ears. She goes anyway and gives Jingchen the medicine she received from Wuji earlier. Her action causes him to think she still cares for him and would agree to be his concubine.

Fuyao clarifies that while she wouldn’t hesitate to die for him, she won’t be a concubine. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think they’re on the same path anymore. As Fuyao returns to the servants’ quarters, a group of disciples seizes her.

In the main hall, Fuyao kneels before Yan Lie and the Elders. On top of trespassing, Yan Lie accuses her of theft.

Apparently, Wuji’s medicine bottle is made of amethyst found deep under the sea. A servant like Fuyao won’t have money to buy the valuable object, so the assumption is she must have stolen it.

Fuyao insists that someone gave it to her, but she can’t say who after Wuji threatened to kill her if she tells anyone about him. Unable to defend herself against the theft charge, the punishment is severe. She’s sent to the Emotionless Realm.

No one has ever escaped from the Emotionless Realm. Therefore, Pei Yuan waits in elation for news of Fuyao’s death.

The condition is frigid in the realm. Two icicles appear and pin Fuyao to a wall. She couldn’t move as ice covers her body.

Somehow, Wuji penetrates into the realm. Using his internal energy to melt the ice, he catches Fuyao as she falls off the wall. He can’t believe she’s still breathing and transfers his internal energy to her to warm her. Then he carries her out of the Emotionless Realm.

Fuyao wakes up to good news. According to Uncle Zhou, the sect can’t punish her again for the same crime after she survives the Emotionless Realm. This is the rule for hundreds of years, and no one can change it, including the Sect Leader.

Jingchen stands outside Fuyao’s room and eavesdrops on them. He smiles, glad to know that she’s alive.

For the second round of the Warrior Hunt, the participants will work in pairs. Anyone without a partner will be assigned one. With 24 people, this means there will be 12 teams.

Jingchen and Pei Yuan pay respect in the ancestors’ hall. She asks Jingchen to team up with her, and he agrees.

On the morning of the second round, Fuyao leaves her room and sees Uncle Zhou waiting outside. He gives her his staff so that she would have a weapon in the Warrior Hunt. Fuyao thanks him and promises to return alive.

Unbeknownst to Fuyao, Yan Lie arranges for her partner to abandon her. Therefore, Fuyao enters the fighting area by herself while other teams travel in pairs. On whirling beams, two teams would fight each other. The prize for each winning team is a pearl.

Without a partner, Fuyao struggles to hold off two stronger opponents. Just as she’s about to fall off the beam, Wuji appears. He pulls her up while pushing back the other team.

Fuyao: Why are you here?

Wuji: I’ve asked myself that question. I’m probably addicted to meddling in other people’s business.

Fuyao: Why are you helping me?

Wuji: Just remember I saved you. I’ll ask you to pay me back later.

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