Legend of Fuyao: Episode 3

The ancient beast attacks and knocks Wuji down. Fuyao bangs a tree bark against a tree to get its attention. The beast turns its focus to Fuyao, hurling her to the ground. In disbelief, she watches as Wuji grins and lunges straight at the beast, punching its head and knocking it unconscious.

Wuji explains that there’s an acupuncture point on the beast’s head to incapacitate it. Since this is a sacred animal, the owner will likely look for it. He wants to leave before people discover them.

Fuyao: Aren’t you going to kill me?

Wuji: You’re smart and should know that if you want to live, keep your mouth shut.

Fuyao thinks about her childhood growing up with Jingchen, who was always kind to her. Jingchen finds her and admits to his engagement with Pei Yuan.

Jingchen: I have to marry Pei Yuan because of her uncle’s power, but my feelings for you haven’t changed. After I build up a solid foundation at the capital, I’ll take you as my concubine. You won’t be a servant anymore and can live a life of luxury.

Fuyao: Although I’m not educated, I know that being in love means being devoted wholeheartedly. Love can’t be shared.

Jingchen: Pei Yuan is from an aristocratic family while you’re a servant. My father won’t allow us to marry.

Fuyao: Then I give you my blessings. From now on, I won’t bother you anymore.

Pei Yuan’s servant tells Pei Yuan about Jingchen meeting with Fuyao. Thus Pei Yuan spies on them and sees Jingchen confessing his love to Fuyao. Frustrated, she takes her anger out on her servant.

During the night, a masked person sneaks into Fuyao’s room and nicks her finger while she’s asleep. Registering for the Warrior Hunt is done through blood. The next day, everyone is surprised to see Fuyao’s name as one of the participants.

Jingchen is angry and confronts Fuyao about it.

Fuyao: I don’t know anything about the Warrior Hunt.

Jingchen: You’re even lying to me now? You know that I’d have to protect you if you’re in the competition, and I’ll be distracted if I do that.

Fuyao: I thought you were mad because you worry about me. I didn’t realize that I had been a burden to you.

Yan Lie doesn’t want Fuyao in the Warrior Hunt due to her lowly status, but Pei Yuan convinces him to change his mind. With Fuyao’s basic skills, she’ll likely die in the first round. They can get rid of her that way.

Thus when Jingchen begs his father to take Fuyao out of the competition, Yan Lie refuses to disqualify her.

Yan Lie yells at Jingchen to focus on Pei Yuan, not Fuyao. Men who want to go far in their ambition can’t let personal feelings become a hindrance. In history, those who let affairs of the heart take precedence are usually destroyed in the end.

Uncle Zhou breaks open the wine bottle he had been saving for Fuyao’s 18th birthday. Drinking with Fuyao, he reveals that he prepared a horse carriage for her already. Her skills aren’t good enough to be in the Warrior Hunt, so she needs to leave.

But Fuyao can’t run away because everyone in the servants’ quarters will get in trouble. If her fate is to be in the competition, then the only thing she can do is to try her best.

Jingchen apologizes to Fuyao for not believing her. He doesn’t know how the error occurred, but he realizes that she didn’t register for the Warrior Hunt. He tells her to hide during the competition, and he’ll protect her.

At this point, Fuyao has nothing to say to Jingchen. She only wants to be alone. Fuyao stays on a mountain ledge all through the night and watches the sunrise the next morning.

The Warrior Hunt begins. In the first round, the participants have to subdue a sacred animal with either of two spells they’ve learned. They divide into two teams, depending on which spell they want to use.

Fuyao doesn’t know both spells, so she’s not sure which team she should go to, and both teams won’t let her join them. Finally, Jingchen pulls her to his team and tells her to hide when the sacred animal appears.

The sacred animal turns out to be the same ancient beast Fuyao and Wuji fought earlier. It attacks the participants and causes heavy injuries. Jingchen and Pei Yuan team up and chant a spell over the beast, but the spell doesn’t affect it.

Fuyao uses her sword to create noise so that the beast would chase after her. Running away, she turns around and flies straight at it, attempting to kick the acupuncture point on its head. Unfortunately, she misses the target, and the beast throws her to the ground, wounding her right leg.

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