Legend of Fuyao: Episode 2

When Qi Zhen rebelled, the king gleefully revealed a secret pertaining to the five kingdoms. If a royal family perishes, then the kingdom will cease to exist, too. For a flood plain like Taiyuan Kingdom, the region will submerge under water.

Hence, Qi Zhen can’t remove the Xuanyuan clan from power until he figures out how to control flood water. He has doubts about Xuanyuan Min because there are people who can mimic the technique of manipulating water. They just can’t move a large amount of water like members of the royal family.

Yun Hen investigates Xuanyuan Min and finds him to be a spoiled fool who gambled away the family’s fortune. Qi Zhen intends to control the crown prince, and there’s no better puppet than the one they have right now.

The pet pig in the servants’ quarters is sick. Xiao Qi begs Fuyao not to go get a medicinal orchid growing on a cliff because it’s a restricted area, but like always, his pleading falls on deaf ears.

At the cliff, Fuyao encounters Wuji. She can’t beat him in a fight, so she tricks Wuji to stand in the water where vines would wrap around his ankles, trapping him.

Fuyao: There are a lot of animals around here, and they’ll have a big meal soon.

Wuji: If I’ll die anyway, why don’t I eat this flower now?

Fuyao: Don’t!! I’ll save you!!!

He orders her to use more strength to pull him out of the water, and without a warning, he flies toward her, causing her to fall backward. Standing on dry ground and watching her trapped in the water by the vines, he mocks her for being gullible and leaves.

Yan Lie stresses the importance of the Warrior Hunt to his son. Jingchen must not let his personal feelings affect his judgment. Since leading figures from the five kingdoms will be present, Jingchen must win the competition to prove he’s worthy to be the next leader of their sect.

Jingchen admits that he’s partial toward Fuyao, but she’s a servant. He understands his responsibilities and promises to do his best to bring honor to the sect.

Talking with Yan Lie, Qi Zhen decides to stay to watch the Warrior Hunt.

Yun Hen doesn’t know if they should do that. The situation in the capital has deteriorated due to different factions scheming against each other.

But to Qi Zhen, this is a good thing. The chaos allows him to see the true intentions of people. Consequently, he’ll eliminate the groups that oppose him.

Wuji gives Zong Yue the orchid from the cliff. Zong Yue extracts medicine from the flower and tells Wuji to swallow it.

The effect is immediate and improves Wuji’s ability to manipulate water. For the time being, this should be enough to fool Qi Zhen.

Eventually, Fuyao returns to the servants’ quarters. Uncle Zhou sees her disheveled state and guesses she probably caused mayhem again. Luckily for Fuyao, he can’t punish her. There’s a banquet, and she has to go help out.

Qi Zhen and Wuji, posing as Xuanyuan Min, are the guests of honor at the banquet. Wuji continues acting like a fool so that people wouldn’t suspect him.

Jingchen and Pei Yuan arrive late. Yan Lie and Jingchen are shocked upon finding out that Pei Yuan is Qi Zhen’s niece, which means she’s from a prominent family. They don’t know that Qi Zhen planted her in Xuanyuan Sect to build relationships in the martial arts world for him.

Seeing the crown prince, Fuyao is confused because he turns out to be the enemy at the cliff, not the young man who disappeared after the carriage crash. Fuyao’s hesitation makes Wuji realize that something’s wrong. He causes her to spill wine on his robe and orders her to follow him back to his room to help him change clothes.

In Wuji’s room, it’s Fuyao’s turn to act like a fool.

Fuyao: Your Highness, you must’ve met my identical twin. She’s a troublemaker, so please forgive her if she offended you.

Wuji: How can you lie like that?

Fuyao activates a trap, which has chains that lock up Wuji.

Fuyao: I know you’re a fake because I’ve met the real Xuanyuan Min. I don’t want trouble, just give me the flower.

Wuji: I used it already.

Wuji easily breaks the chains and pulls Fuyao into his embrace. Bringing new clothes, Yun Hen opens the door and sees Wuji and Fuyao in a compromising position.

In the servants’ quarters, Fuyao and Xiao Qi panic as the pet pig’s condition worsens. Fortunately, Uncle Zhou shows up with a bottle of medicine. Wuji had given it to him to give to Fuyao.

Zong Yue complains to Wuji about giving away previous medicine. Zong Yue has to gather 36 unique types of flowers and spend 49 days to make it. Thus, Wuji should only use it in an emergency because it can save his life.

As Crown Prince of Tianquan Kingdom, Wuji’s duty is to unify the kingdoms and quell unrest in the land. He shouldn’t have romantic ties to anyone who can distract him from his responsibilities.

Wuji explains that he needs to give Fuyao something in return for the orchid, especially after she said she needed medicine for an urgent matter.

Uncle Zhou offers to give Fuyao a few days off. He thinks she must be heartbroken now that Jingchen and Pei Yuan are engaged.

Fuyao refuses to believe that Jingchen will marry her nemesis. She looks for Jingchen until she sees him strolling with Pei Yuan. As the wind blows harder, Pei Yuan reaches out and fixes Jingchen’s hair.

Witnessing the intimate gesture, Fuyao cries. It seems the engagement rumor is true after all.

Fuyao leaves in despair. However, the person following her is Wuji, not Jingchen.

Wuji: We need to finish what happened this morning.

Fuyao: What’s the occasion today? I’m hindering Jingchen’s future, and I know your secret. I’m just a servant, but I’ve become an impeding stone for important people. Fine, kill me then.

Wuji: Do you want to die that much?

Fuyao: Does it matter what I want?

Suddenly, an ancient beast appears. Wuji grabs Fuyao’s hand, and they try to escape, but the beast is too fast. Wuji pushes Fuyao into a bush where she could hide and then lures the beast away from her.

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