Legend of Fuyao: Episode 10

Marquis Zhang arrives home and finds a young man waiting for him. The young man claims to be a Xuanyuan descendant named Xuanyuan Hui, and he can manipulate water.

The information shocks Marquis Zhang. He thought Qi Zhen eliminated everyone in the Xuanyuan clan except for the king and Xuanyuan Min, who is missing.

There are a lot of issues waiting for Qi Zhen to attend to, now that he’s back in the capital. Notes pour in from officials wanting to see him. Surprisingly, there’s only silence from Marquis Zhang, even though the capital is in danger of being flooded.

Qi Zhen finds out the reason. A message arrives, notifying him about Marquis Zhang finding a Xuanyuan descendant who can manipulate water.

Wuji checks with Jiang Feng to make sure his spy “Xuanyuan Hui” has infiltrated the palace. Actually, “Xuanyuan Hui” is a young woman in disguise, and her real name is Taiyan. Wuji orders Jiang Feng to protect her.

Jiang Feng doesn’t understand. Rather than doing this the hard way, Wuji can reveal his identity as Crown Prince of Tianquan Kingdom to Marquis Zhang. The Marquis would support Wuji to be king.

Wuji explains that Qi Zhen needs to assist him to the throne. He isn’t dealing with just Qi Zhen but also Qi Zhen’s supporters. Wuji plans to expose and eliminate all of them.

Qi Zhen is fuming because Marquis Zhang found a Xuanyuan descendant. It’s looking more like Marquis Zhang kidnapped Xuanyuan Min. In addition, he probably planted spies in Qi Zhen’s household to track Qi Zhen’s movements.

Qi Zhen analyzes everything that’s happened, and his suspicion grows. Is Marquis Zhang trying to usurp the throne, too?

Marquis Zhang presents Taiyan to the king and the ministers. Tracing the genealogy, “Xuanyuan Hui” appears to come from a distant Xuanyuan branch. However, there’s no record of his birth.

Taiyan spins a tale about “his mother” being a servant, not the official wife or a concubine, hence “his birth” wasn’t recorded. The king and the ministers don’t know what to do. According to the rules, the Crown Prince can’t be illegitimate.

Marquis Zhang argues that it’s impossible to follow tradition because there’s hardly anyone left in the Xuanyuan clan. Qi Zhen interrupts with a suggestion. Taiyan can prove her lineage by stopping the unending rain.

Meanwhile, Beiye’s group and Fuyao have to cross a bridge to get to the capital. Fuyao suggests that they wait until the rain subsides. Beiye ignores her and decides to risk it.

Wuji and Zong Yue talk about the ability to manipulate water. When the land first splintered into five kingdoms, Taiyuan Kingdom coveted the ability to manipulate water.

Wuji: Water is full of life. It can make the terrain rich and fertile, but it can also turn it into a marsh, killing everything.

Zong Yue: Therefore, Taiyuan Kingdom needs a ruler who can manipulate water.

Qi Zhen and Marquis Zhang escort Taiyan to the Royal Bureau of Meteorology. Walking to the center of the room, Taiyan raises her hands to try and stop the rain.

Meanwhile, Beiye’s group is in the midst of crossing the bridge. As the downpour worsens, the water rises and sweeps some of them off the bridge, including Beiye. Sinking in the water, he recalls a childhood accident in which he almost drowned.

Seeing Beiye’s men crying out in alarm because their leader can’t swim, Fuyao dives into the water. She finds Beiye and saves him.

Taiyan manipulates water successfully and stops the rain. Marquis Zhang cries out in excitement while Qi Zhen stares at her in disbelief. As a result, Taiyan becomes the new Crown Prince.

Beiye’s men help Fuyao pull Beiye out of the water. He’s unconscious, so they debate which man should sacrifice himself and perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on Beiye.

The debate ends with the appearance of Beiye’s pursuer. Pushing everyone aside and puckering her lips, she leans down, eager to wake up Beiye with a kiss.

Beiye opens his eyes in time and flings the menace off him. Then he yells at his men to start running. It turns out his pursuer is a young woman named Ya Lanzhu. A princess of the Qiongye Tribe, she loves Beiye and stalks him everywhere.

Zong Yue stays in a secluded part of Qi Zhen’s manor. Wandering around, he remembers a little girl from his childhood who used a cat to scare him.

Beiye’s right-hand man gives Fuyao a bag of gold. It’s a reward from Beiye for saving his life. However, she can’t leave until they find the Earth Absorbing Bell. Frustrated, Fuyao wants to speak to Beiye.

Lanzhu catches up with the group, and she wants to see the man she loves. As Beiye’s right-hand man tries to stop Lanzhu from forcing her way into Beiye’s room, Fuyao slips away unnoticed.

Wandering outside, Fuyao notices a carriage with a swirly mark in one corner. Previously, she told Xiao Qi to leave that mark so she could find him if they become separated. Fuyao attempts to follow the carriage as it enters the capital.

However, a guard stops Fuyao at the entrance because she doesn’t have a travel permit. He informs her that the occupants of the carriage didn’t need to show documentation because the carriage belongs to Qi Zhen.

Qi Zhen’s supporters want to make peace with Marquis Zhang. Qi Zhen feels bitter because they supported him to usurp the throne, but now they’re changing their tune because someone who can manipulate water has been found.

Nonetheless, Qi Zhen can’t believe his luck. Xuanyuan Min has disappeared, but Qi Zhen can still perform Feiyan’s spell by sacrificing Xuanyuan Hui.

At night, Fuyao sneaks into Beiye’s room to steal his travel pass so that she can go into the capital. Beiye pretends to be asleep to find out what she’s up to. A fight breaks out between the two of them. Beiye is the winner, and he ties up Fuyao.

Fuyao tempts Beiye with information about Xiao Qi. She’ll give him more details, but he must untie her first. Beiye doesn’t like being blackmailed. He stuffs a cloth in Fuyao’s mouth to silence her and returns to bed.

The commotion in Beiye’s room wakes up his men. Finally, their leader has a woman in his room. Of course, they won’t interrupt whatever is happening.

The next morning, Beiye’s group prepares to move out. Beiye forbids Lanzhu from following them. Lanzhu points out that he doesn’t own the roads, so she can go anywhere she pleases. Fuyao sides with Lanzhu.

Fuyao: I get along with her. Let’s take her with us. Why don’t we make a bet? The winner gets to decide what to do.

Beiye: Why do I have to make a bet with you?

Fuyao: Are you scared of losing?

Beiye: Fine, how do you want us to bet?

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