Legend of Fuyao: Episode 1

Thousands of years ago, a ruthless king launched a murderous campaign across the land. People lived in bloodshed and misery until the Elder of the Firmament used the Mystic Spirit Leaf to defeat the king. As he disappeared, the king’s last drops of blood condensed into a stone of five colors.

According to legend, a young woman possessing the stone can reawaken the king. Gradually, the land split into five kingdoms: Tianquan, Taiyuan, Xuanji, Tiansha, and Qiongye. Tianquan Kingdom emerged as the leader with the support of the Firmament.

Fast forward to present day, there’s a new keeper of the Mystic Spirit Leaf. His responsibility is to find the young woman before she reawakens the king.

At Xuanyuan Sect in Taiyuan Kingdom, Fuyao (YANG MI), sneaks into a secret chamber to practice martial arts. She can get in trouble because servants like her have the lowest status and are forbidden from learning martial arts.

Pei Yuan, a senior disciple, finds out about it. She intends to tie up Fuyao and drag her to the Sect Leader to be punished.

Fuyao knows that she can’t beat Pei Yuan in combat, so her only option is to run away. She jumps out the window and grabs onto a metal chain, swinging her way down the mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, Fuyao waits until she sees Jingchen, who’s returning from a trip. Although Jingchen is the Sect Leader’s son, he doesn’t look down on her and the two of them have been friends since childhood. He’s also the one who teaches her martial arts.

Pei Yuan also goes down the mountain. Seeing Jingchen and Fuyao together, Pei Yuan’s jealousy rears its ugly head again because Jingchen always defends Fuyao. Pei Yuan threatens to tell the Sect Leader about all the rules Fuyao has broken.

To placate Pei Yuan, Jingchen pretends to chastise Fuyao, telling her to take a time out to think about what she did wrong. He persuades Pei Yuan to forget about Fuyao and return to the sect with him. The ritual of the Warrior Hunt will begin soon.

In the servants’ quarters, Uncle Zhou can’t find Fuyao, who’s somewhere she’s not supposed to be – the ritual of the Warrior Hunt. To sneak in, Fuyao and her partner-in-crime, Xiao Qi, disguise themselves as disciples.

Jingchen’s father, Yan Lie, leads the Elders and disciples to mark the beginning of the Warrior Hunt, which is a contest held every eight years to select the most outstanding disciple.

Fuyao doesn’t think it’s fair that servants can’t enter the contest, but she has other things to worry about at the moment. Uncle Zhou has found her.

To avoid a caning, Fuyao hides in a tree until Uncle Zhou tempts her with a nice chore. It’s the middle of the month, so he’ll allow her to go down the mountain to buy wine.

Fuyao complains to Uncle Zhou about the unfairness of life. Why can the disciples learn martial arts, go anywhere they please, and bully servants? Meanwhile, why does she have to put up with the abuse and serve the people who abuse her?

In the capital, the king is on his deathbed. He warns the crown prince to eliminate Prime Minister Qi Zhen, a dangerous man with insatiable ambition.

But Qi Zhen strikes first. He decimates the royal family, including killing the crown prince. After a night of terror, the Xuanyuan clan is down to two members: the ill king and a useless grandson, Xuanyuan Min.

Running away, Xuanyuan Min comes across Fuyao. He discloses his identity to her, and she helps him by hiding him in her carriage.

Returning to the sect after buying wine, Fuyao falls into a trap set by Pei Yuan. A rock from a slingshot makes Fuyao think she’s under attack, so she jumps out of the carriage and falls into a net. Without a driver, the carriage careens out of control and crashes. Qi Zhen’s henchmen follow the trail of the accident and discover an unconscious young man in the wreckage.

Jingchen hears Fuyao’s cries of help and rescues her. Fuyao finds the carriage, but Xuanyuan Min has disappeared.

Yun Hen, Qi Zhen’s adopted son, assumes that the young man is Xuanyuan Min. Ordered to keep the young man alive, Yun Hen goes to Xuanyuan Sect because it’s the closest place with physicians who can treat the young man’s injuries. Soon after, Qi Zhen shows up at the sect.

Jingchen’s father asks a renowned physician, Zong Yue (LAI YI), to examine the young man. Zong Yue declares that the young man is fine and will wake up soon.

As soon as the young man regains consciousness, Qi Zhen tests him by throwing water at him. The young man smoothly controls the water with his hand and pours it into a cup.

Qi Zhen has never met Xuanyuan Min, but he believes that he has the right person because the ability to manipulate water is a unique technique in the Xuanyuan clan. He kneels and pays respect to “Xuanyuan Min,” who becomes the new Crown Prince of Taiyuan Kingdom.

However, Qi Zhen’s assumption about the young man’s identity is wrong. Pretending to be Xuanyuan Min, the young man is actually the revered Crown Prince of Tianquan Kingdom, Zhangsun Wuji (ETHAN JUAN).

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