Entrepreneurial Age: Episode 1

Xinnian’s divorce is finalized and his company shuts down on the same day.


Beijing, China. Guo Xinnian (HUANG XUAN), a software developer, deals with morning traffic as he rushes to his friend’s residence. He and his wife live there. Now that their divorce is finalized, they agreed to meet at 9 a.m. to split up their things and move out.

When it rains, it pours. Xinnian’s company is bankrupt. His employee, Yangyang, phones him to return to the office to help move their things out of the building or they will get in trouble with the landlord. He tells her and Luca, his other employee, to handle everything. He has to deal with his ex-wife.

Trying to send Yangyang his new bank account number so that she can pay the bills, Xinnian’s car bumps into a policeman. Moments later, a car hits his parked car because the driver was busy texting her child. This gives Xinnian an idea – a mobile app that converts voice recordings into text messages!!!

Xinnian arrives and sees his friend, Luo Wei (ZHOU YIWEI), waiting for him. They go inside, and his ex-wife’s brother punches him for being late. He gives his ex-wife the red book and the car key. His ex-wife returns a bank card and the car key so he cannot accuse her of taking everything.

After his ex-wife leaves, Xinnian warns Luo Wei to think carefully before marrying or starting a company. Xinnian lost so much weight his ex-wife’s family thought he was doing drugs, but despite giving his all, his company has run out of money. His last hope is help from Lofis Investment Company.

At Lofis Investment Company, Na Lan (ANGELABABY), an investment analyst, meets with entrepreneurs who need funding from Lofis. Na Lan’s boyfriend, Jin Cheng, shows up with a cart of flowers and a violinist to apologize for cheating on her. After causing a scene, he agrees to go wait in the lobby.

Na Lan’s assistant, Wendy (SONG YI), urges Na Lan to talk to Jin Cheng as soon as possible. Everyone at Lofis defers to him because he is the company owner’s son. Wendy offers to handle the next appointment, which happens to be with Xinnian and Luca.

Xinnian introduces his idea, which is a password protection program. Wendy sees flaws with the product, so she cannot approve funding for him. Rejected but impressed by her, Xinnian asks for her business card. She gives him Na Lan’s business card and lets him think it is hers.

Na Lan does not talk to Jin Cheng yet because she does not know what to say. Unlike Na Lan, this matter is simple for Wendy. She thinks Na Lan should still marry him and his cheating is a blessing because Na Lan can hold this guilt over him for the rest of his life.

Na Lan confronts Jin Cheng. He tries to bribe her with a bracelet, but she is tired of his playboy lifestyle. After 8 years, he has not changed at all. He argues that his job requires him to socialize, and when he drinks, he loses control.

Xinnian’s company closes, so he gives Luca and Yangyang the back pay he owes them. He thanks Luca for secretly paying the utility bills and teases Yangyang for being addicted to online shopping. He also gives Luo Wei money to make up for not paying anything when he and his ex-wife lived with Luo Wei.

Luo Wei just lost his job in IT security. Inspired by the idea of entrepreneurship, he wants to start his own company and offers to make Xinnian an equal partner if Xinnian joins him. However, Xinnian declines. He needs a break to clear his mind.

At Lofis, Na Lan’s boss discusses new ventures that will generate high profits in the near future. Na Lan’s co-workers suggest environmental protection and herbal medicine. Na Lan brings up mobile internet. In her opinion, this has the potential to become a gold mine.

Meanwhile, Xinnian bicycles through Tibet. Being back in nature and far away from humanity rejuvenates his spirit. He opens his notebook one day, and Na Lan’s business card falls out.

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