Never Gone: Episode 15

Never Gone: Episode 15
Never Gone: Episode 15

Participating in the final of the architecture competition, Cheng Zheng finishes early. He doesn’t want his father to know because he wants to succeed on his merit. The top 10 have to present in front of the judges. Zhou Ziyi asks what Cheng Zheng plans to do, wear a mask?

It’s Zhou Ziyi’s birthday. Su Yunjin gives him a cake, Cheng Zheng gives him a video game, and Mo Yuhua gives him a scrapbook of his photos in high school. By accident, Zhou Ziyi tears a snapshot of him and Mo Yuhua. To break the tension, Su Yunjin proposes a toast to Zhou Ziyi. Cheng Zheng seizes her glass since she can’t handle alcohol.

After drinking too much, Zhou Ziyi goes outside to get fresh air, so Mo Yuhua follows him to make sure he is all right. Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin are alone by themselves. Cheng Zheng apologizes for helping Su Yunjin’s family without her permission. He hopes she can stop treating him like an enemy. Su Yunjin denies doing that.

Zhou Ziyi is drunk, so Cheng Zheng has to take him home. Before leaving, Cheng Zheng gives Su Yunjin money to pay for the meal. Su Yunjin hesitates, not sure if she should take it. Cheng Zheng presses the money into her hand and says he will make Zhou Ziyi pay him later.

A waiter alerts Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua about the scrapbook. Zhou Ziyi already left, so Mo Yuhua takes it.

Mo Yuhua looks at the picture torn by Zhou Ziyi. Back in high school, it took all of her courage to ask him to take that picture with her. She doesn’t know how he moves from one girl to another whereas her heart is stuck on him after all these years. Su Yunjin comforts her friend as best she could.

Cheng Zheng brags to Zhou Ziyi about making the top 10 of the architecture competition. The list of finalists has been released, so Cheng Zheng has to go home and explain what he has done to his father. He reminds Zhou Ziyi to apologize to Mo Yuhua for tearing the scrapbook. Zhou Ziyi realizes he doesn’t know what happened to it.

Su Yunjin buys Shen Ju’an’s favorite food from the school cafeteria, but he’s not in the mood to eat anything. He asks her which is more important: self-respect or ambition? She says she wouldn’t trade her self-respect to achieve her ambition. He says that’s because she isn’t ambitious. Knowing why he wants to see her, she speaks first. She breaks up with him.

Returning home, Cheng Zheng couldn’t avoid his father, who scolds him for entering a national competition even though he lacks experience. Moreover, Cheng Zheng doesn’t seem serious about the competition. In contrast, Cheng Zheng’s mother is proud of him for making the top 10. Consequently, with the backing of his mother, his father can’t give him a hard time.

Never Gone: Episode 14

Never Gone: Episode 14
Never Gone: Episode 14

Mo Yuhua apologizes to Su Yunjin because she told Zhou Ziyi what happened to Su Yunjin’s family. Su Yunjin thanks Mo Yuhua for doing all she can to help.

Zhou Ziyi’s father decides to talk to Cheng Zheng to find out what Zhou Ziyi is up to.

Zhou Ziyi gives Su Yunjin a bank card. He says the money is from his father, so there’s no rush for her to pay it back. Also, he promises he won’t tell Cheng Zheng.

Zhou Ziyi’s father asks Cheng Zheng if he knows why Zhou Ziyi needs 100,000 RMB. Zhou Ziyi’s father doesn’t believe his son’s excuse of using the money to help a friend whose mother is sick. Cheng Zheng doesn’t know what’s going on and promises to find out.

Cheng Zheng suspects Zhou Ziyi needing money is related to Su Yunjin.

At first, Zhou Ziyi denies using his father’s money to help Su Yunjin, but he can’t lie to Cheng Zheng and eventually confesses.

Cheng Zheng asks Su Yunjin why she borrows money from everyone except him. Su Yunjin says she doesn’t have to tell him what’s happening in her life. She gets a call from Uncle Ding, who says he can borrow money from a “friend.” Crying, she tells Cheng Zheng to stop helping her family secretly. If he wants to do charity work, then go help other people.

Despite speaking harshly to Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin knows he’s always there for her when she needs help the most. She asks herself: Does she reject his help because she doesn’t need it or because she doesn’t want him to look down on her?

Cheng Zheng is angry at Zhang Yue. He told her to keep what he did for Uncle Ding a secret, but now everyone knows, including Su Yunjin. Zhang Yue calls Cheng Zheng naive. Hengkai Company has many employees. It’s impossible to ban everyone from gossiping, especially when the rumor involves him, the heir of the company. She says he may get what his heart desires soon.

Finally, Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an have time to go on a date. She tells him the good news, which is Uncle Ding got money from a friend to pay back Hengkai Company. He smiles, not letting her know he borrowed money from Zhang Yue and lent it to Uncle Ding.

During the meal, Su Yunjin feels uneasy because Shen Ju’an’s phone keeps ringing. Shen Ju’an wants to break up with her but can’t do it.

Su Yunjin reminds Shen Ju’an of her wish to live a simple life. Shen Ju’an apologizes because that isn’t what he can give her. To fulfill his ambition, he has to take risks and lives a life full of stress. He could lose his job at any moment, so he has to work hard all the time, which doesn’t leave him a lot of time to spend with her.

After the date, Shen Ju’an offers to drive Su Yunjin back to school. Su Yunjin declines, preferring to walk because the school isn’t far.

Never Gone: Episode 13

Never Gone: Episode 13
Never Gone: Episode 13

Cheng Zheng uses Zhang Yue’s account to buy a plane ticket to Shanghai. He doesn’t want his parents to know he’s in an architecture competition because his father is one of the judges.

Cheng Zheng’s roommates tease Cheng Zheng for doing well in school even though he hardly studies.

Uncle Ding says he was surprised when Hengkai Company contacted him since he is a small contractor. Then he found out Cheng Zheng’s uncle is the chairman of the company. In all likelihood, Uncle Ding got the job thanks to Cheng Zheng, and now Uncle Ding thinks Cheng Zheng can help them. Su Yunjin says she will find another way to come up with the money.

Su Yunjin gets a call from her roommate. The roommate asks if Su Yunjin still plans to apply for an internship. Su Yunjin says she has changed her mind.

Due to flight delays, Cheng Zheng is stuck at the airport. Unexpectedly, he gets a call from Su Yunjin. Eager to see her as soon as possible, he tries to get on the earliest flight to Shanghai. There is one available seat, but it is in business class. Over the phone, Su Yunjin hears him spend a lot of money without any hesitation. Stunned, she can’t bring herself to ask for his help.

Su Yunjin tells Uncle Ding to go home and rest. She can stay at the hospital and take care of her mother. Rather than relying on Cheng Zheng, she says she will try to borrow money from friends at school.

Su Yunjin sleeps on a cot in her mother’s hospital room. She gets up and checks on her mother to make sure everything is all right.

Su Yunjin asks Mo Yuhua about the precautions that need to be taken after surgery. In addition, Su Yunjin tells Mo Yuhua about Uncle Ding’s embezzlement. Mo Yuhua says they will figure out how to come up with the money together.

Before leaving, Su Yunjin writes down the things her mother need to do and shouldn’t do. She gives the note to Uncle Ding.

Shen Ju’an can only give Su Yunjin a fraction of the 150,000 RMB she needs. She asks if he knows anyone working in construction at Hengkai Company. He says he doesn’t because he works at a branch office, not the headquarters. While they talk, he keeps looking at his watch. She cuts short their meeting, afraid of intruding on his time since he is busy.

Late at night, Su Yunjin’s roommate gets a call from her boyfriend. Su Yunjin can’t sleep and checks her phone. Shen Ju’an hasn’t called at all.

As soon as the plane lands in Shanghai, Cheng Zheng goes looking for Su Yunjin, worried because she didn’t say anything when she called him. Su Yunjin says she already took care of things. He brags about being in the final of an architecture competition. To his disappointment, she is still cold to him, not caring about his achievement.

Mo Yuhua urges Su Yunjin to talk to Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin says she can’t ask Cheng Zheng to help again after he got Uncle Ding a job with Hengkai Company. Mo Yuhua can only think of another person from a wealthy family: Zhou Ziyi. Su Yunjin says she doesn’t want Zhou Ziyi to know because of his connection to Cheng Zheng.

Zhou Ziyi laughs at Cheng Zheng working hard to win awards like Shen Ju’an. Too bad Su Yunjin isn’t impressed. Cheng Zheng asks Zhou Ziyi about Su Yunjin since she is acting strangely. Zhou Ziyi doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, even though he promised to spy on her for Cheng Zheng.

Su Yunjin and her mother talk on the phone. Her mother says she’s well enough to go home.

Su Yunjin’s roommates pool together their savings. It’s not much, and they give Su Yunjin all they have. She writes them an IOU note even though they don’t need one.

Mo Yuhua borrows from friends and gives the money to Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin says she only has 1/3 of the money she needs.

Cheng Zheng registers to be in the final of the architecture competition. Coincidentally, his father is in the vicinity with the other judges. Cheng Zheng crouches down and hides in a crowd of students to avoid his father.

After registering, Cheng Zheng looks for Zhou Ziyi. Zhou Ziyi gets a call from Mo Yuhua needing to talk to him, so he runs off, leaving Cheng Zheng in confusion.

Never Gone: Episode 12

Never Gone: Episode 12
Never Gone: Episode 12

Cheng Zheng works hard on his design for the architecture competition even though Chen Xiaoyu doesn’t think he stands a chance. She says some of the designs submitted are excellent. Besides, the other students have had several months to prepare compared to him, who decides to do it at the last minute.

Unbelievably, Cheng Zheng finishes and turns in his design to Chen Xiaoyu before the deadline.

The flu epidemic is over. Cheng Zheng has disappeared and Shen Ju’an is busy, so Su Yunjin has time to do whatever she wants. Life is serene, and she is happy. If possible, she wants to avoid the chaos caused by Cheng Zheng.

The designs chosen for the architecture competition are announced, and Cheng Zheng makes the cut. However, the selection committee can’t approve his submission due to his lack of experience. Cheng Zheng says the most important thing in architecture is if the design is useful to society. The head of the selection committee agrees and grants an exception.

Cheng Zheng thanks Chen Xiaoyu for helping him. His goal is to be in the final of the architecture competition, which occurs in Shanghai. She says she was right to pursue him. However, she isn’t lucky enough to be the person in his heart who inspires him to work hard.

Su Yunjin calls home. Strangely, neither her mother nor Uncle Ding answers even though it’s late at night.

Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an agree to meet at a dining spot near the school.

Zhou Ziyi doesn’t clean his locker, so his coach orders his teammates to do it. Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua see the medicine from Mo Yuhua on top of a pile of trash.

Zhang Yue wants to eat dinner with Shen Ju’an. Shen Ju’an texts Su Yunjin, lying about needing to work and cancels their plan.

Zhou Ziyi tells Su Yunjin that Cheng Zheng will be in Shanghai for an architecture competition. Su Yunjin berates Zhou Ziyi for hurting Mo Yuhua. If he doesn’t like Mo Yuhua, he should be honest with her instead of giving conflicting signals.

Finally, Su Yunjin hears from her mother. Her mother lies about having to use Uncle Ding’s phone because their home phone is broken. Suddenly, Su Yunjin hears a nurse talking in the background. Sensing something isn’t right, Su Yunjin buys a bus ticket so she can go home.

Upon arriving, Su Yunjin finds the front door locked, and she doesn’t see her mother or Uncle Ding. Talking to a neighbor, she learns that her mother is in the hospital.

Su Yunjin hurries to the hospital. Her mother is recuperating from an operation and will be fine.

Su Yunjin’s mother became ill unexpectedly, so Uncle Ding embezzles money from work to pay the hospital bills. Currently, he is involved in a construction project headed by Hengkai Company. He hopes Su Yunjin can persuade the people at Hengkai Company to postpone checking the books. He can borrow money to make up the deficit, but he needs time.

Never Gone: Episode 11

Never Gone: Episode 11
Never Gone: Episode 11

Cheng Zheng confronts Shen Ju’an, accusing him of dating Su Yunjin and Zhang Yue at the same time. He dares Shen Ju’an to call Zhang Yue and tell her he is with Su Yunjin. Shen Ju’an says Cheng Zheng has no right to lecture him or tell him what to do.

Although busy at the hospital, Mo Yuhua calls Su Yunjin, reminding her to rest and drink plenty of water. Mo Yuhua will send more medicine, and Su Yunjin must remember to take it.

Zhou Ziyi likes Mo Yuhua’s friend, but she rejects him. Concerned, Mo Yuhua follows Zhou Ziyi while he gets drunk. After he passes out, she calls Cheng Zheng to pick them up. Since it’s late at night, their school is closed, so Cheng Zheng takes them to his place.

Cheng Zheng is curious why Su Yunjin likes Shen Ju’an, so he asks Mo Yuhua. Mo Yuhua lists Shen Ju’an’s good qualities: intelligence, sociable, works hard to accomplish his goals and behaves in a mature manner. Shen Ju’an is the president of the Student Council and has won a lot of awards for the school.

Cheng Zheng can’t sleep, disturbed by what Shen Ju’an and Mo Yuhua said. He realizes he has to be outstanding if he wants to compete with Shen Ju’an.

The next morning, Zhou Ziyi can’t remember what happened during his drinking binge, suspecting he kissed someone. Cheng Zheng yells at Zhou Ziyi for thinking they kissed each other. In two hours, Cheng Zheng plans to return to Beijing for school. Zhou Ziyi thinks he is still asleep and dreaming. Since when does Cheng Zheng care about school?

Finally, Shen Ju’an has free time to meet Su Yunjin. The school is far from Hengkai Company, and it’s difficult for him to go back and forth. Knowing he is busy, she says maybe he should live near Hengkai Company so it’s easier to go to work.

Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an eat in the school cafeteria. He has to get something from the Administration building and wants her to accompany him.

While waiting for Shen Ju’an, Su Yunjin sees Zhou Ziyi and his father with the dean of the Physical Education Department. The dean wants to expel Zhou Ziyi due to bad grades and violating the rules by staying out all night. Zhou Ziyi’s father begs and is willing to donate money to the school, so the dean gives Zhou Ziyi one more chance.

Su Yunjin tells Zhou Ziyi not to give his father a hard time. When he regrets how badly he treated his father, it would be too late because his father is gone. She is sad, thinking about her father, who passed away.

Cheng Zheng wants to be in an architecture competition. Chen Xiaoyu says there are only a few slots, so their school only selects from juniors and seniors. Since she is on the team that monitors the submissions, he asks her to accept his design.

Never Gone: Episode 10

Never Gone: Episode 10
Never Gone: Episode 10

Su Yunjin gets a call. It’s Mo Yuhua, and she thinks Su Yunjin should talk to Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin doesn’t want to do that, knowing how unreasonable he can be, so she tells Mo Yuhua to text him for her. Thus, Cheng Zheng gets a message in which Su Yunjin says she trusts Shen Ju’an. As for Cheng Zheng, he should go back to Beijing.

Zhang Yue takes Cheng Zheng to the airport. If he continues to skip school and cause trouble, she threatens to tell his parents. She says she’s doing him a favor if she takes Shen Ju’an away from Su Yunjin. Worried for her, he says he doesn’t want to win that way.

A flu epidemic breaks out. Thus, Su Yunjin’s college imposes a lockdown. Her mother calls, reminding Su Yunjin to be careful.

Mo Yuhua is working with paramedics. She gives Su Yunjin two bags of medicine, one for Su Yunjin and the other for Zhou Ziyi.

Cheng Zheng calls Su Yunjin. He says it’s dangerous to stay in a crowded place and has come to take her away. She ignores him and unplugs the phone. Undeterred, he calls another room in her dorm and asks someone there to talk to her for him. If Su Yunjin won’t go see him, he will call all the rooms in her dorm.

Su Yunjin asks a professor for permission to leave the campus. She has to lie about needing to buy sanitary pads.

As soon as Su Yunjin walks out of the school, Cheng Zheng drags her into his car and drives off. She yells at him to stop the car, but he refuses to do so.

Arriving at a house, Cheng Zheng carries Su Yunjin inside and forbids her from leaving until the flu epidemic is over. Using her phone to call his phone, he finally has her phone number.

Calling her roommate, Su Yunjin says she will be back tomorrow. The roommate thinks Su Yunjin is with Shen Ju’an.

Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin to come out of her room and eat dinner. She says if he won’t let her go, she will call the police. Surprisingly, he doesn’t argue with her and goes to his room without eating. She texts him, letting him know she’s left food for him in the microwave.

The next morning, Su Yunjin hears Cheng Zheng coughing and vomiting in the bathroom. He has a fever, so she wants to call an ambulance. Giving her his phone, he tells her to call Zhang Yue to bring him medicine. He was in a hurry to fly back to Shanghai in the cold weather and didn’t eat anything. As a result, he has a stomach bug, not the flu.

Zhang Yue drops by with medicine. Since schools are closed because of the flu epidemic, she wants Cheng Zheng to return home. Su Yunjin also tells him the same thing. He says his stomach hurts, forcing Su Yunjin to stay and take care of him.

Cheng Zheng guesses Shen Ju’an bought a phone for Su Yunjin. Seeing that Cheng Zheng is doing better, Su Yunjin wants to leave. She can take the bus, but he insists on driving her back to school.

Upon arriving, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin see Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng says he will explain why they’re together, but she says there’s no need. Not hiding anything, she tells Shen Ju’an what happened. Shen Ju’an is glad she’s all right and doesn’t ask any questions. Jealous because she always defends Shen Ju’an, Cheng Zheng wants to talk to his rival in private.

Never Gone: Episode 9

Never Gone: Episode 9
Never Gone: Episode 9

In the morning, Su Yunjin hears Cheng Zheng calling for her. Somehow, he has borrowed a canoe to deliver animal lanterns. The commotion attracts the attention of her neighbors. She explains that he’s her friend, not her boyfriend. Then she grabs the paddle and orders him to stay still. When the delivery is over, she wants him gone.

While Su Yunjin rows, Cheng Zheng tries to engage her in conversation. She tells him to be quiet.

After delivering the animal lanterns, Cheng Zheng is surprised to see how little Su Yunjin is paid. She plans to walk home and let him figure out how to return the canoe. Wanting to go back together, he picks her up and carries her into the canoe.

Despite not knowing how to row, Cheng Zheng figures out a way by bracing the paddle against his foot. After a while, Su Yunjin realizes they’re not going home.

Cheng Zheng gets to his destination, but Su Yunjin won’t get off the canoe. She doesn’t want to go anywhere with him. He takes her bag, forcing her to follow him.

At a store selling men’s clothes, Cheng Zheng reminds Su Yunjin to buy a gift for Uncle Ding. She can’t decide between a black shirt or a maroon shirt, so he convinces her to go with maroon. Grabbing a cheap shirt, he tells her to buy it for him since he’s been a big help to her. Then he bargains with the clerk for a discount.

Cheng Zheng is happy. Even though he forced Su Yunjin to buy him a shirt, he considers it a gift from her. She can’t believe he could be so childish. Nevertheless, she’s grateful to him for reminding her to buy something for Uncle Ding.

Su Yunjin has to return to college. Before leaving, she gives Uncle Ding the maroon shirt. The gesture surprises him and lessens the tension between them.

Cheng Zheng accompanies Su Yunjin as she leaves home. He gives her wildflowers and asks for another chance. She tells him to stop talking nonsense because she’s dating Shen Ju’an. He accuses her of lying to herself. Whenever she needs help, it’s always been him who helps her, not Shen Ju’an. She says she’s never asked for his help. More importantly, she doesn’t like him.

In Shanghai, Su Yunjin sees Shen Ju’an again. He says he’s busy, juggling school and work. Zhou Ziyi interrupts them to ask what’s happened to Cheng Zheng. She says she doesn’t know.

Zhou Ziyi calls Cheng Zheng, who finally answers.

Cheng Zheng is depressed and drinking wine. Zhou Ziyi tells Cheng Zheng to forget about Su Yunjin. She’s blunt and heartless. What’s so good about her? Cheng Zheng refuses to give up because he feels he can beat Shen Ju’an. Both of them are surprised by Shen Ju’an’s appearance. Naturally, they have to spy on him.

Cheng Zheng and Zhou Ziyi see Shen Ju’an meeting with Zhang Yue. Annoyed, Cheng Zheng comes out of hiding.

Shen Ju’an drives Zhang Yue home, and Cheng Zheng goes with them. Cheng Zheng is sullen and acts childishly in the car, causing Zhang Yue to laugh. When they arrive, Shen Ju’an watches as Cheng Zheng and Zhang Yue go inside her home.

Cheng Zheng warns his cousin not to have a romantic relationship with Shen Ju’an, who isn’t trustworthy. Zhang Yue teases him because she has figured out why he’s in Shanghai. She says if she dates Shen Ju’an, he would have a better chance with Su Yunjin. She locks the front door to prevent him from leaving. No matter what, he must go back to Beijing tomorrow.

Cheng Zheng calls Su Yunjin. As soon as he mentions Shen Ju’an, she hangs up and unplugs the phone.

Never Gone: Episode 8

Never Gone: Episode 8
Never Gone: Episode 8

Su Yunjin doesn’t know what to do. Her mother wants to marry a neighbor, Uncle Ding, and asks for her approval. She wants her mother to be happy, but she still misses her father.

Shen Ju’an tells Su Yunjin about his background. His family is poor, and his father left when Shen Ju’an was young. At first, his father sent money to cover school fees, but the money eventually stopped. Thus, the financial burden fell on his mother. Because of his mother’s sacrifice, he wants her to be happy. He encourages Su Yunjin to be open-minded and support her mother.

Su Yunjin decides to go home to meet Uncle Ding. Shen Ju’an gives her a phone so it’s easier for her to stay in touch with everyone.

Cheng Zheng can’t find Su Yunjin. He asks Mo Yuhua, but she won’t tell him anything. Annoyed, he threatens to go to Hengkai Company and cause trouble for Shen Ju’an. She relents and says Su Yunjin has returned home.

At home, Su Yunjin meets Uncle Ding at the front door as he’s leaving to buy food for her. It’s an awkward moment, but they are courteous to each other.

Su Yunjin’s mother is nervous, uncertain how Su Yunjin feels about Uncle Ding. Since Yunjin has known Uncle Ding for a long time, she tells her mother not to worry. Suddenly, Su Yunjin sees Cheng Zheng peeking over the wall. A few moments later, he knocks on her door. He says he’s a school friend, so Su Yunjin’s mother invites him to eat with them.

During the meal, Cheng Zheng gestures to Su Yunjin. Both of them make a toast to Su Yunjin’s mother and Uncle Ding. Uncle Ding promises to take good care of Su Yunjin’s mother. Su Yunjin’s mother thanks Su Yunjin for accepting Uncle Ding.

After the meal, Su Yunjin pushes Cheng Zheng out the door, wanting him to be gone as soon as possible. A worker interrupts them, looking for Uncle Ding. Apparently, materials need to be moved at a construction site, but Uncle Ding didn’t know and let many workers have the day off. Cheng Zheng offers to help. Worried, Su Yunjin goes with them.

Cheng Zheng boasts to Su Yunjin about having a class A driver’s license. Being at construction sites is like a second home to him because his father is an architect. Su Yunjin wants to help Uncle Ding while he moves things, but Cheng Zheng tells her not to do it. Obviously, Uncle Ding wants to show he’s still strong and can take care of Su Yunjin’s mother.

It’s late when Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin and Uncle Ding return home. Once again, Su Yunjin tries to get Cheng Zheng to leave. Su Yunjin’s mother worries about Cheng Zheng going home in the dark, so she tells him to stay and sleep on the sofa.

Su Yunjin doesn’t know if she should call Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng complains that she’s nice to everyone except him. Then he sings a love song, causing her to walk away. He follows her, still singing. They see Su Yunjin’s mother saying goodbye to Uncle Ding and zipping up his jacket because it’s cold. Cheng Zheng says he’s also cold, earning a glare from Su Yunjin.

In the middle of the night, Cheng Zheng wakes up and sees Su Yunjin making animal lanterns. It’s unbelievable to him this can earn enough money to live because the lanterns are cheap. He wants to help her by buying them. As usual, she ignores him. He writes a riddle on a lantern confessing his love. She tells him to stop joking or they can’t be friends anymore.

Never Gone: Episode 7

Never Gone: Episode 7
Never Gone: Episode 7

Cheng Zheng dangles the trinket in front of Su Yunjin, but she won’t take it. Running out of patience, he shoves it into her backpack.

Cheng Zheng watches as Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an worship Buddha. Shen Ju’an encourages Cheng Zheng to do the same. Even if he might not get what he hopes for, praying could bring peace of mind. Cheng Zheng says he isn’t superstitious.

Shen Ju’an goes off to buy water.

Su Yunjin writes down her wish, so Cheng Zheng does the same. Then he donates a lot of money so that his wish can come true. He’s angry because he thought she doesn’t know how to like someone, but it turns out she just doesn’t like him. He doesn’t understand why she won’t give him a chance. She says she can’t stand him because he’s always unreasonable.

It begins to rain as Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an leave the temple. Cheng Zheng has a taxi waiting, but Su Yunjin rather takes the bus. Shen Ju’an is afraid it’s not possible to catch a bus as the rain worsens. Reluctantly, Su Yunjin gets into the taxi. However, she says she’s carsick and sits in the front beside the driver even though Cheng Zheng holds open a rear door for her.

Su Yunjin asks Cheng Zheng where he is staying. As the taxi drives past Hengkai Company, Cheng Zheng says he can always go there if he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. He invites Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an to have a meal with him.

Cheng Zheng orders beer and goads Su Yunjin into drinking it even though she says she doesn’t drink beer. Shen Ju’an says he and Su Yunjin understand each other from the first moment they met, unlike her and Cheng Zheng even if Cheng Zheng knows her longer. Cheng Zheng asks why Su Yunjin lied about going to Beijing when she had no intention of doing so.

Feeling drunk, Su Yunjin runs out of the restaurant to throw up. Shen Ju’an tells Cheng Zheng to stop obsessing about the past. Moreover, Cheng Zheng can’t force her to like him. Although mad, Cheng Zheng still tries to get a taxi to take Su Yunjin back to her dorm.

The next morning, Su Yunjin tells Shen Ju’an that there’s nothing between her and Cheng Zheng. Since they’re being frank with each other, Shen Ju’an says he’s decided to go work for Hengkai Company. Given the company’s prestige, he can’t turn down this opportunity. It’s risky compared to studying for a graduate degree, but he’s looking forward to the challenge.

Cheng Zheng makes fun of Zhou Ziyi’s soccer team. Zhou Ziyi says the underclassmen team and upperclassmen team compete every year. Up to now, the upperclassmen team always wins. Shen Ju’an is good at soccer, so he will probably be playing. Hearing this, Cheng Zheng decides to help Zhou Ziyi’s team.

On the day of the soccer match, Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua see each other in the stands. Unexpectedly, Mo Yuhua says Cheng Zheng is still in Shanghai.

Shen Ju’an invites Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua to go eat with him after the game.

As expected, the upperclassmen team dominates the underclassmen team. Cheng Zheng appears in uniform, ready to come into the game. He makes a bet with Shen Ju’an regarding Su Yunjin’s time this weekend. If the underclassmen team wins, Shen Ju’an has to leave Su Yunjin alone those two days.

With Cheng Zheng’s help, the underclassmen team stages a comeback. The game ends in a tie, so it comes down to a shoot-out. Shen Ju’an is the upperclassmen team’s goalkeeper. No one scores and Cheng Zheng is the last chance for the underclassmen team. Distracted by Zhang Yue’s appearance, Shen Ju’an couldn’t block the ball kicked by Cheng Zheng.

Zhang Yue scolds Cheng Zheng for taking off a week from school to come to Shanghai. However, she covered for him by telling his mom that he’s helping her with a project. Shen Ju’an knows Zhang Yue because she offered him a job at Hengkai Company. Seeing Zhang Yue and Cheng Zheng together, Shen Ju’an realizes Cheng Zheng’s background is not simple.

Su Yunjin gets a call from her mother.

Never Gone: Episode 6

Never Gone: Episode 6
Never Gone: Episode 6

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua admire Song Ming’s courage. To pursue Meng Xue, he chose a college near where Meng Xue is studying even though he could go to a better school. Su Yunjin says she can’t take risks like that. Her wish is a simple life with someone who understands her.

It’s late at night, but Su Yunjin’s mother is still making animal lanterns. Su Yunjin offers to deliver the lanterns to the factory for her mother.

While her mother is asleep, Su Yunjin looks at a family photo and cries. Her father said that families reunite when the moon is full, but no matter how many times the moon will be full, she can’t see him again.

Cheng Zheng isn’t happy with how Su Yunjin is treating him, so he decides to go look for her.

Cheng Zheng finds Su Yunjin as she’s delivering 2 boxes of animal lanterns on her bicycle. He stops his bicycle in front of her, forcing her to brake suddenly. As a result, the boxes fall to the ground, and some of the lanterns are destroyed. Contrite, he gives her all the money in his pocket. She throws the money back at him and tells him to stay away from her.

The summer ends. It’s time for Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua to return to college. Su Yunjin’s mother goes with them to the bus terminal. Saying goodbye, Su Yunjin tells her mother to not work so hard and call if she needs anything.

Su Yunjin always looks sad when she leaves home. Mo Yuhua asks about the money Su Yunjin earned from working part-time. Su Yunjin says she couldn’t give it to her mother. Some of the animal lanterns her mother made were ruined, so the money was used to pay the factory.

Arriving at the bus terminal in Shanghai, Su Yunjin sees Shen Ju’an waiting for her. Mo Yuhua doesn’t want to be the third wheel, so she returns to school by herself.

Walking back to her dorm, Su Yunjin says she isn’t ambitious, and she’s afraid she can’t ever achieve great things. Shen Ju’an says he believes in her.

Shen Ju’an wants to tell Su Yunjin that he accepted a job offer from Hengkai Company, but he couldn’t do it.

Su Yunjin hears from her roommate about Shen Ju’an working at a branch of Hengkai Company over the summer. Her roommate thinks he will work there after graduation. Su Yunjin believes what happened is temporary and he will study further for a graduate degree.

Shen Ju’an buys a scarf for Su Yunjin. He puts it around her neck. She smiles, happy with the gift.

Chen Xiaoyu asks Cheng Zheng about his summer break. She texted him many times, but he didn’t respond. She says she likes him. He apologizes if he gave her the wrong impression. He says he already likes someone else. Walking away, he vows to repair his relationship with Su Yunjin.

Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an are about to go on an outing. Suddenly, Cheng Zheng appears. Shen Ju’an introduces himself and puts out his hand, but Cheng Zheng refuses to shake it. Hearing that Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an will go to a temple, Cheng Zheng insists on tagging along.

At the temple, Su Yunjin stops at a booth selling trinkets. While Shen Ju’an bargains with the seller for a lower price, Cheng Zheng pulls out several bills and pays without caring about the cost.