Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 9 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-Chief  Mudan warns XF to stay away from JM. When LY sees XF publicly admitted his feelings for JM, she feels lost. XF says that Chief Mudan had misunderstood him and the Heaven Realm so he would come to express his gratitude again on another day. He asks Chief Mudan to give him his blessing of his heartfelt love for JM. Instead she says that he can never see JM any more.

-Chief Mudan  takes JM to the dead Flower Deity’s tomb. She asks JM if she has feelings for XF like male-female kind. JM replies yes without thinking the matter through. In a fit of pique, Chief Mudan wants  to destroy half of her divine strength. Seeing that, JM quickly changes to saying she only has friendly feelings between friends for XF. Chief Mudan reminds JM that there is great animosity between the Heaven Realm and Flower Realm.  She makes JM swears that she will have nothing to do with the people from Heaven Realm ever again.  If she breaks the promise, her divine strength will disappear. JM does as she was told. Chief Mudan inspects and feels relief that the unfeeling pill is still inside JM’s body.

-JM makes a bet with Lian Qiao that XF will definitely come back today to give her the 1,000 years divine strength. As expected, XF keeps his promise and comes. He tells Chief Mudan that JM is the person he likes and he owes her 1,000 years divine strength. When Chief Mudan hears this she is furious and advises him not to be obsessed with JM. If he continues like this, he would hurt himself. XF firmly believes that his liking for JM has nothing to do with her appearance.  Many years ago, someone also said this, but the people from Heaven Realm are all fickle in love.  It is best for him to go back and ask his father for the reason for the matter. Chief Mudan is adamant that it is impossible for him and JM to be together. This makes XF suspects that his father and the dead Flower Deity had had emotional entanglements. When he thinks of it, he leaves dejectedly.

-When JM sees him go, she remembers that 1,000 years divine strength, she gives chase and accuses him of not keeping his promise.  But XF could not see her real body because Chief Mudan  used a magic trick. XF sadly tells JM that she once said that Phoenix flower only blooms for two seasons. A season  when love arrives and another season when love leaves. Now, they are exactly like this, so close yet worlds apart. This is all arranged by heaven, no one can change it.  He tells JM to take care of herself well. At this time, Chief Mudan arrives and urges XF to quickly leave.

-When Chief Mudan takes JM back, she suddenly loses consciousness. She dreams the frosty flower asks her to save her. She has fallen in love with a person and  wants to go and tell him.  When JM is about to do that, suddenly she wakes up. In the dream, JM feels heart pain.  Chief Mudan tells JM to take a rest and don’t indulge in flights of fancy.

-After XF returned to the Heaven Realm, he reports to his father that JM made a great contribution to the capture of the monster. But she is imprisoned for violating the rules of the Flower Realm. The Heavenly Emperor says this is the  internal affairs of the Flower Realm, so he could not intervene. Wait for JM to be released, then invite her to visit heaven.  He praises XF and RY for capturing the monster and gives them presents. They’ll be officially rewarded in a formal ceremony three days later. XF looks at the portrait of the dead Flower Deity, displays behind the Heavenly Emperor, looking pensive.

-SH congratulates XF on his achievement. The Moon God also comes to join in the fun. Only then he finds out that LY was the fruit of his red love string many years ago. He wants  to give the red love string to XF and RY but they decline. In contrast, LY asks for the red string. At this time, he notices that XF is injured and checks his pulse. He is okay but SH blames LY for failing to do her duty properly. XF glares at her and tells her not to report to the Heavenly Empress. Coincidentally she arrives at this moment  and insinuates there must be someone deliberately trying to hurt him. Seeing this, XF quickly tells RY to go and do his night duty. XF tells his mother that he grew up with RY and hopes that she would not make things difficult for him. She replies that she would not let RY becomes a stumbling block to XF’s succession to the throne. XF asks her mother whether his father has any other child. She replies in anger that because of the previous Flower Deity, he wanted to depose her but fortunately she saved herself.

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  1. Thanks for the recaps. I have read the novel and am hoping that they’ll translate the drama to English, but until then, your recaps really help!

    I appreciate your time and effort!

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