Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 8 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-The Demon Lord’s sons are brought back injured, and the Demon Lord blames XF. LY’s father investigated and discovered that someone in the Demon Realm released the monster on purpose. Whoever did it has to be very powerful.

-In private, the Demon Lord confronts the King of Gucheng. The King of Gucheng says he did it, as payback for the embarrassment they suffered when XF forced them to withdraw their troops and to test the strength of the Heaven Realm. Right now, XF is the only person powerful enough to succeed the Heavenly Emperor. The Demon Realm has to destroy him if they want to weaken the Heaven Realm.

-The King of Gucheng arranges for his physician to treat the Demon Lord’s sons to ensure they’ll never get well. This will damage the relationship between the Heaven Realm and the Demon Realm. Also, he’s eliminating those two idiots at the same time.

-XF doesn’t want to drink bitter medicine. JM says she’ll have to grow a sacred plant for him. He doesn’t want her to have to do that, so he drinks the medicine. XF says she must owe him a lot of food in a previous lifetime, and she is making it up to him now because she’s given him many things to eat since they’ve met. XF promises to give her 1000 years of divine strength since she helped capture the monster. She thinks he looks mean but is very kind and hugs him.

-JM hears the friend who died calling her, so she opens the Heavenly object that imprisons the monster. XF returns in time and saves her. He says the monster created an illusion. It wasn’t really her friend. XF is poisoned by the monster. He recalls a conversation he had with the Moon God. The Moon God says XF must like JM or he wouldn’t keep her around him all the time. Someday, XF would love her so much he’d do anything for her, even sacrificing himself for her. As XF loses consciousness, he says the Moon God is right.

-Both physicians from the Demon Realm and the Heaven Realm can’t do anything for XF. The poison will enter his heart after 3 days, but a sacred herb in the Flower Realm can save him. JM can’t grow it because she’s never seen it. She has to go to the Flower Realm to get it, and LY volunteers to go with her. RY will take XF and wait for them outside the Flower Realm.

-In the Flower Realm, JM asks Lao Hu if Chief Mudan would let her have the sacred herb. Lao Hu says Chief Mudan would never give it to her. It’s so valuable he’s only seen it once in the thousands of years he’s lived. JM decides to steal it.

-JM and LY go to where the herb is stored, but JM doesn’t know what it looks like. Chief Mudan walks in and catches her.

-LY explains what happened to Chief Mudan and begs her to save XF. Chief Mudan refuses. JM begs Chief Mudan to save XF because he’s saved her many times. And his injury this time is from saving her from the monster. Chief Mudan orders her people to take JM back inside the protective barrier and she kicks LY out of the Flower Realm. The entire realm is protected by a barrier, so LY can’t go back in.

-JM apologizes to Chief Mudan for sneaking out of the Flower Realm. At the same time, she says Chief Mudan should put aside her personal feelings and save XF. Chief Mudan is angry and says JM can’t step out of her house for a month.

-Lao Hu asks JM if she likes XF. JM says her friend already died saving her from the monster. XF has saved her 3 times. He’s also her friend and she doesn’t want him to die. Besides, XF already promised he’d give her 1,000 years of divine strength!!! Lao Hu agrees to help her. He draws the herb for her, but he’s only seen it once so he’s not sure. JM’s friend says maybe the herb is recorded in a book.

-LY worries for JM. XF’s body begins to grow cold as he loses his divine strength. RY transfers his divine strength to XF, but this is very dangerous because their elements are at odds since XF is fire and RY is water.

-JM looks through books and tries to grow the herb. The sun rises, and this is the last day XF can be saved. JM cuts herself on the bowl and her blood helps her grow the herb. Lao Hu agrees to help JM escape out of the protective barrier.

-JM brings the herb to LY and RY. She grinds it up and feeds it to XF. LY checks XF’s forehead and says his divine strength is returning. Chief Mudan shows up. XF thanks her for saving him, but Chief Mudan says she’s not the one who saved him. XF says she shouldn’t believe the romance rumors about him. He says the person he likes is JM.

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