Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 7 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-XF says the food in the Demon Realm is more flavorful compared to the bland food in the Heaven Realm. This reminds XF about JM not wanting to eat vegetables and fruits because she says she’s similar to them since she’s a fruit. In the end, XF has to let her eat meat.

-LY asks for a rematch with XF. JM cheers for LY to go all out against him.

-LY loses in the fight. RY says LY is probably insulted because XF holds back, but XF can’t draw out the sword because it’s a powerful weapon that can obliterate her soul.

-LY saw XF’s dream, so she asks if XF likes someone already. XF glares at JM, causing her to move closer to RY. XF tells her to come over to his side because RY is already engaged to the eldest daughter of the Water Deity. JM says too bad RY’s betrothed isn’t born yet. XF stomps on her foot to quiet her.

-LY wants to help XF and RY capture the monster. XF knows LY’s father for many years and doesn’t suspect he helped the monster escape, but XF can’t say the same thing for others in the Demon Realm.

-JM wants XF to teach her secret techniques to improve her ability. XF asks if she’s studied what he taught her. Of course, she can’t answer him. To placate him, she gives him raisins. He can’t understand why she likes to eat raisins so much. JM asks who’s the young lady in his dream. He says it’s her, but he wasn’t kissing her but biting her. He says he’s a bird that likes to eat fruits. Since she always annoys him, he wants to peel off her skin, dry her in the sun and eats her. He forbids her from telling anyone about his dream. JM says RY and LY also know so 4 people in total know already. She holds up 4 fingers and accidentally throws the raisins in her hand at his face.

-LY finds out where the monster could be. XF forbids JM from going with them.

-XF, RY and LY go look for the monster. It’s better if they don’t kill it because the monster’s dead body will poison the land for thousands of miles. Instead, the best thing is to use a weapon from the Demon Realm to remove its demonic power and then imprison it again.

-The Demon Lord doesn’t want to lend the weapon. XF says if the monster goes crazy, the Demon Realm is the first target. Also, the Demon Realm will be blamed by the other realms because they didn’t assist in capturing the monster. The Demon Lord relents, but he wants his two sons to go with XF and RY.

-XF, RY and LY discuss how to lure the monster out of its cave. RY read that the monster likes the sacred plant JM grew for XF. XF has no choice but to let JM come along.

-At the monster’s cave, JM tries to grow as many sacred plants as possible to draw the monster out. The monster appears and attacks the Demon Lord’s sons. While XF, RY and LY are fighting with the monster, JM runs out of her hiding place to grab the weapon. The monster attacks her and XF protects her with his body and gets injured. XF teaches her the incantation, and the monster is pulled into the weapon. JM is splashed with the monster’s blood. She thinks she’ll die and says her last goodbye. XF says she’ll be all right. JM can’t believe how amazing she was!!!

-XF and RY will take the monster back to the Heaven Realm to destroy it. They suspect a certain person from the Demon Realm released the monster, but they can’t accuse anyone without evidence.

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