Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 63 Final Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

XF: I used the sword and the fire technique to remove Qiong Qi. You won’t die. I threw away the herb. RY, live for thousands of years in loneliness. Try your best to compensate for your mistakes.

RY turns on his waterworks again 😛

XF keeps thinking about what Lord Doumu said, but the poor guy still can’t understand and keeps asking “JM, where are you?”

At JM and XF’s house in the Human Ream.
RY: The flowers at your place are very pretty.
XF: Just wildflowers and can’t compare to the flowers at your place.
RY: After she’s gone, my flowers disappeared. Still no news? Three years. Has the freezing effect become more serious?
XF: Hasn’t happened again.
RY: This is the last wine bottle made by JM.

XF wants to have a toast, but RY doesn’t do that anymore 😛

RY: I don’t drink now. I’ve been drunk in a dream for too long. I need to wake up. I’ve realized that conquering the Heaven Realm means I need to be a good Heavenly Emperor. Happiness and sadness aren’t meant for Heavenly Emperors. XF, we’ll live for a long time and it’s lonely. If we have someone, that’s good. She always had you in her heart.
XF: What’s the use of saying this? She’s gone and can never return.
RY: Have you opened the box?
XF: Looking at it reminds me of her. It just makes me sadder.
RY: Whatever doesn’t belong to us, we can’t wish for it. Whatever is yours won’t escape.

RY leaves after speaking like Lord Doumu 😛

XF remembers while looking at the pictures JM drew.

He knew that the rabbit was JM. He pretended to be drunk and called for SH to remind himself of how much he should hate her. When she told him she loved him, he threatened to kill her, but if she says it again he would forgive her.

XF hears JM calling him.

In the Flower Realm, flowers bloom again, which means JM’s spirit is coming together. But the flowers die, meaning that JM’s spirit is disappearing. The Flower Chiefs activate the Flower Hall of Time to save JM.

Time freezes and JM appears before XF.
XF: Is it really you?
JM: It’s me, Phoenix. I’ve returned.
XF: Where did you go for three years?
JM: I’ve always been with you. I saw everything you saw, heard everything you heard.
XF: I thought you’d never return. I was wrong. Can you forgive me? Don’t leave me again.
JM: I won’t ever leave you again, Phoenix!!

JM begins to fade.
XF: I’m begging you not to leave me.
JM: So I’m a tear in your eye. It’s fated we would separate.
XF: JM, you promised we’ll always be together.

JM kisses his eye where she lived for 3 years. As time returns, JM disappears.

[Note: I’m kind of disappointed JM’s hilarious monologue when she’s a teardrop in the novel isn’t in the drama. However, this part is very sad, so it’s understandable for the drama to expand the sad moments. Including funny moments would ruin the flow of the story, I suppose.]

XF visits Chief Mudan in the Flower Realm.
XF: So that’s what Lord Doumu meant. I couldn’t find her throughout the 6 realms. Who’d think she lived in my eye. It’s hard for us to meet again, but we’ve separated again. Is this Heaven’s will?
Chief Mudan: When I opened the Flower Hall of Time, I felt that her spirit wasn’t weak, but she was just a flash of light.
XF: When she lived in my eye, the freezing effect never occurred. She absorbed the cold in my body and helped to cure me.
Chief Mudan: And she slowly condensed into a drop of tear and cultivated a true form to save herself. Maybe you two will meet again at another place and another time.
XF: JM, I’ll wait for you. I’ll definitely find you.

It’s the day Tang Yue Shop’s young miss will marry into the Prime Minister’s family. Strangely, she’s been obsessed with demons ever since she was little. When she grew up, she began to cultivate, but while people strive to be immortal, she wants to be a demon.

[Note: Woot woot, JM’s father has been reincarnated as her father in the Human Realm. Hopefully, Lord Liaoyuan is alive somewhere in the Human Realm, too!!!]

As the bridal party makes its way through a forest, a phoenix appears and scares everyone away. Oh look, who else could it be but our beloved arrogant Phoenix!!! 😛
Lord Doumu: JM was protected by the ash. In the Heaven-Demon war, she used her body to save the 6 realms from war, earning immense merit. Her fated calamity has been resolved. She’s waiting for you where you first fell in love.

[Note: At first I was disappointed because where’s the sea of flowers as described in the book? But having them meet again in the forest where she first saved him and they fell in love while living in a hut nearby is very meaningful.]

XF: I’ve arrived.
JM: But I’ve accepted wedding gifts from the Prime Minister. What to do?
XF: Too bad. I’ve prepared 6,000 years of divine strength.
JM: Then I’ll reluctantly obey.

XF holds JM.
XF: In this life in this lifetime, forever, you can only be my wife.

Tangyue: That’s the story of my parents. Two years after my father stole the bride, I was born. It’s been 7 years. Our family of three lives peacefully and happily in the Human Realm.

As TY fishes for a wife, LY’s daughter drops by. She met a handsome disciple from Mount Kunlun and will go to Kunlun to convince him to marry her.

In the Demon Realm, LY has become a great ruler. She forbids demons from fighting each other and aims to unite all the demons so the realm will be strong.

The Flower Realm brings a new flower that’s been created by JM. LY gets to name it.

SH has gone crazy. She thinks she’s the Heavenly Empress and runs into the sons of the late Demon Lord.

Tangyue continues fishing for a wife, and RY appears.
RY: Did you mother teach you to fish for a wife?
Tangyue: You can fish with me. Mom said there are many pretty wives in the lake.

JM appears.
JM: I wondered why there’s a Heavenly energy in the area.
RY: I had some business and passed by.
JM: You have to care about humans fighting too?
RY: Are you happy? Of course, you are happy.

RY leaves.
JM: Let’s go home.
Tangyue: But I haven’t fished for a wife yet.
JM: I’ll tell you a secret. That year, your dad threw a big tantrum and demanded my hook.

XF appears. The three of them talk about what they’ll eat.

[Note: Tangyue’s true form is a white egret, a water bird, as in the novel.]

In the Heaven Realm.
RY: I’ve got my revenge. My fate is in my hands. I became the untouchable Heavenly Emperor. Got everything I wanted, but I still have nothing.
Kuanglu: It’s not like you don’t have anything. I and the Nightmare Beast will always be with you.

The End.
JM: Even though I still can’t see colors, Phoenix’s gaze and my son’s smile are the most beautiful scene in my heart, far more beautiful than any scenes in the world.

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52 Replies to “Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 63 Final Summary”

  1. Ugh my heart!!! 😭

    I’ve finished watching it all but since I still can’t move on yet, I’m binge watching it all over again and again!!

    I didn’t know you’d still do the recaps!! Thank you for your time!!

  2. I don’t understand the ending.
    Is Jin mi human?She was borned in human land.So she has to die one day cause she is human???

    1. My understanding is JM was born human and through cultivation became immortal. In the scene which first showed JM’s reincarnation as she was about to marry into the Prime Minster’s family, the villagers talked about how obsessed she was with cultivation. The wrap up of the drama shows what happened to everyone after 500 years. JM/XF were still living happily in the Human Realm with their son, so by that point, JM had to be immortal or she’d die a long time ago.

      Another reason I think JM is immortal is the Flower Realm sent a new flower creation to the Demon Realm as a gift. As we’ve seen in the drama, JM is the only person who can create flowers because she’s the sole successor of the late Flower Diety. And JM cannot create flowers if she’s human.

  3. Oh thank you Lidge 💋💋 I was puzzled by the ending too and now I know . Ashes is such a lovely story and Deng Lun and Yangxi were spot on perfect for the roles. Don’t you love it when you get two leads who not only looks good but can act too.

  4. Hola una pregunta
    ¿Jinmi se vuelve inmortal cuando tiene a su hijo o sigue siendo mortal y solo se reencuentra con xufeng en cada reencarnación?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know Spanish so I have to reply to you in English. JM was reborn as human and cultivated to become immortal. Please see my reply to Polaris above for clarification.

  5. I’m confused with the ending. JM says something « … in mind… from distance… » and it seemed like XF can’t see JM or may be he hates her?? Somebody make me understand the ending.

        1. The last scene is JM watching XF playing with their son and then all 3 of them go home together. In voiceover, she says she still can’t see colors and the most beautiful view in the world to her is seeing XF and their son.

          XF and JM have a son together, which means XF can see JM and he doesn’t hate her. Not sure why you think XF hates JM because the story is about his deep love for her despite her betrayal. XF had a chance to kill RY and rule the Heaven Realm or continue to rule the Demon Realm, but he gave all of that up to go look for JM. The search took many years until he found her reincarnation and then after marrying her, they decided to live a simple life in the Human Realm.

  6. Ya lo entendí!!!!!!, entonces son inmortales viviendo vida simple en el reino humano!!!!
    Que paso con el Sr puchi y el tío casamentero??

    1. No idea, but presumably, Lord Puchi and Fox Uncle are still doing OK. I hear there will be a sequel about JM and XF’s son so maybe we’ll know then. As for as I know, Yang Zi and Deng Lun won’t be in the sequel.

  7. I love drama too!
    Could you clarify in Ep52, right after JM obtained the Jiu Ying green eye internal pellet, the scene where XF was protecting SH from JM… was XF using his Phoenix Feather to draw JM’s soul into it (hence the golden phoenix wings surrounded JM) and then planned to destroy her soul or was he trying to destroy the feather with her soul in it (before RY showed up to save JM)?
    Thank you Ildge!

    1. The Phoenix Feather doesn’t draw souls into it. Rather, it functions as a protection shield.

      When the owner is in danger, the Phoenix Feather automatically activates, which is when wings appear, forming a mystical barrier enveloping the person. Nothing can penetrate this barrier, keeping the person safe.

      The owner of the Phoenix Feather can also use it to protect someone else by throwing it at whoever they want to protect. For example, at the beginning of episode 6 when the Qiongqi monster went to the Heavenly Realm and fought with RY and XF, it had an opportunity to strike at JM. XF and RY couldn’t get to her in time, so XF threw the Phoenix Feather at her. A mystical barrier appeared around her and saved her.

      In episode 52, XF used the Phoenix Feather as a weapon and threw it at JM, intending to injure her so she would stop attacking SH. However, when the Phoenix Feather reached JM, it turned into wings. XF said he wanted to harm her, but the Phoenix Feather can sense his true feelings, which is he still loved her. Therefore, it turned into a mystical barrier protecting her instead of injuring her. His true feelings were exposed, which must have been extremely embarrassing, so XF acted like the Phoenix Feather didn’t obey his command (i.e., malfunctioned lol) and tried to destroy it.

      I don’t think XF destroyed it though. At the end of the drama, it looks like JM was wearing it in her hair.

      1. Ildge, Thank you for the detailed explanation! Love your comments and insight that totally makes sense.
        This drama has a number of heart wrenching scenes, I still cry when I re-watch.

  8. I just finished watching this on Netflix. At first I did not understand why my mother was so obssesed with this (this is the 14th time she has watched it). But as soon as I began to watch it I fell in love with Xufeng. Is fair to say that my mother is as madly in love with him as Suihe, hahaha. Now that I have just found out that this is a novel, I would love to give the book to her as a bday gift. Thank you so much for posting this 🙂

    XOXO from Mexico

  9. Ep60 – Three years later when XF living as a mortal in the hut he and JM shared, RY visited him..

    Is the bump on XF thumb (as XF reached for wine bottle) really from JM ash spot she got from D.Lord (fortune visit with her water deity father) and that’s how JM entered his soul when she died (they held hands that glowed briefly) to eventually heal the XF’s cold element in his body that made him suffer?

    1. Since the drama is based on a book, I rely on the book to understand what happens in the drama. The book didn’t say anything about XF’s thumb.

      This is what I remember from the book regarding JM’s death. Her soul was destroyed by XF and RY’s power blast, so there’s no chance of reincarnation. Reincarnation is only possible if the person dies with the soul intact, like dying from old age, illness, etc., sort of like going from one lifetime to the next one and so on. This is why XF and RY were devastated because she would be gone forever.

      As JM’s soul was dispersing and disappearing, her fist glowed. The ash started working to preserve a piece of her soul because as the drama explained later, JM sacrificed herself to stop a war and saved many people, earning immense merit. Her element is water and with an incomplete soul, she turned back into the simplest form of her element, which is a drop of water. She didn’t have a body and needed a host and XF was closest, so I guess that’s why JM became a tear in his eye.

      While JM lived in XF’s eye, she absorbed the water in his body from the freezing effect and cured him. At the same time, absorbing water allowed her to build back her soul and eventually, she became strong enough to escape because she didn’t need a host anymore. With an intact soul, she was able to reincarnate. After XF cried, JM appeared and then disappeared. Then we see a frost flower with a missing petal floating upward to the sky. That’s JM on her way to reincarnation.

      1. Just a note, but in ep56 after XF proposed to SH after using JM’s gift (which was part of herself to be able to create the beautiful flowers in the demon land), XF returned the gift to JM, and the gift reverted back to one of her true form petals. She crushed it, hence seeing her true form as a frost flower, was missing a petal as it floated skywards.

  10. Ildge, Thank you again for the wonderful explanation. I almost wish the book was translated into english. Such a lovely romantic story!
    Thank you, it’s so appreciated Ildge!

  11. I absolutely adored this series… I live n the Caribbean from spanish fscebdants, travel a lot and I do not ibow why but Asian culture is my favorite, so much wisdom and history!
    I have seen many their dramas but this one was very well presented and played by the actors.
    Thank you very much for your comments and recap!

  12. Hey, anyone know what the significance is of Tangyue’s assertion that Runyu is the only one in the world who remember’s [Tangyue’s] name?

    1. In China, it’s normal for kids to have a nickname used by people in the family and close friends. In my opinion, since RY called TY by the actual name, it shows RY isn’t close to XF and JM, which is understandable given what happened. The relationship between XF/JM and RY would probably be cordial but distant.

  13. Hi. I just finished watching this series. Loved it, but felt like it was like the same tragedy on repeat a few times. Regardless, a few things about the ending that really confused me is.

    When the voiceover of the JM’s father’s master (Lady Duaomo) giving the explanation about how JM’s soul was saved because she saved so many people in the war and that she is waiting for him where they fell in love. I mean, when did she realize this and when did she tell YF? Because she did not tell YF this when he first when to go see her to ask for advice on how to get JM back. At that time, she only told him that she sees what you see and vice versa.

    Also, YF seemed sure that JM was the one in the marriage carriage. So if he knew that was her all along then why did he not go see her sooner before she got engaged or the wedding day?

    And if JM had all of her memories, then why would she agree to a marriage with the Prime Ministers son?

    1. I think the voice-over is a way for the drama to explain to us, the viewers, how JM was able to live again after her soul was destroyed.

      The wedding part in the drama is pretty much like how it was in the book. Don’t know why the author wrote the story this way, probably to make it dramatic to have XF and JM meet again on the day she’s supposed to marry someone else.

  14. Now that I’ve rewatched this drama so many times as I love it so much, I agree JM did wear XF’s Phoenix Feather at the end after her reincarnation, but looks like it no longer has magical powers as its color appears dull/drained/dead. Maybe she was wearing for sentimental reasons?

  15. Yaa…. The last scene of happy family ..where XF playing with his son n jinmi is present by his side too…. All 3 there.. But still in distance another jinmi is seen with colorblindness looking at the 3 in relief.. What’s that abt?

    1. Throughout the drama, there’s only 1 JM. The ending shows us the entire family, which is XF, JM and their son. Then JM steps away to look at XF playing with their son but all she can see is in black and white because she can’t see colors. The drama doesn’t have to show JM literally stepping away, but we have to assume that’s what happened.

  16. My thinking is about if JM actually became inmortal after her reincarnation, I read your explanation in one of the first comments, but in the series their son says that his father married his mother and 2 years later he was born, and since that it has been 7 years…

    So I know it later says everything that has happened 500 years later so she should be inmortal because of that, but their son said it has only been 7 years?

    I also know mortal and immortal time is not the same so I’m confused, I just want JM to have become inmortal and live a long life with her family 😅

    1. I watched the ending again, and it seems I was mistaken about the 500 years.

      You’re right. XF and JM married. A year later, their son was born. Seven years later, we get an update on everyone: LY’s daughter, SH, LY, RY, and lastly, XF and JM and their son.

      By the end of the drama, we know that JM has become immortal and assumed her father’s position as Water Deity. Here’s the link of the last episode and at timestamp 32:55, Flower Realm’s envoy said that the flower was created by Water Deity for LY. The person who can create flowers is JM because she’s the daughter of the previous Flower Deity. And if I remember correctly, the book the drama is based on also mentions JM replacing her father as Water Deity.

      In the update about LY, she said it’s been 500 years since XF transferred the position of Demon King to her. For some reason, I got the timeline mixed up and thought it’s been 500 years since XF and JM married, forgetting that he spent hundreds of years looking for her reincarnation as a human.

      I believe time is the same for immortals and mortals. The difference is immortals age much slower. XF, RY, LY, SH etc are immortals and they look young even though they are thousands of years old. Likewise, LY’s daughter is about 500 years old and she looks like a teenager.

      Hope this clears up the confusion 🙂

  17. Hi! I have a doubt about one of the last scenes when Runyu visit Jinmi’s son and then he leaves, when she said that in life you met 2 people, one will live in your heart and the other far away.
    I didn’t understood that: she loves both? or the second one (Runyu) lives far away from her heart or literally from her?

    1. The drama might not be clear, but the book the drama is based on makes it clear JM only loved XF. She was devastated by XF’s death to the point she threw up the Unfeeling Pill, which is proof of how deeply she loved him.

      In my opinion, the one “living in” JM’s heart has always been XF because she has always loved him, just him and no one else. The one “far away” refers to RY. Literally, it can mean RY should stay away from JM given their complicated past, especially now that JM has married and living happily with XF. Metaphorically, it can mean RY is “far away” from JM’s heart, meaning she doesn’t love him and he isn’t in her heart.

      1. Is it possible that she is talking about her son instead, because our children grow up and move away from us and we can only watch and hope at a distance? Thematically, at that point she is looking at her husband and son on screen so why would Run Yu be involved?

        1. I don’t believe so.

          You have to look at the context of what JM said. She said: “Everyone will meet two people in their life. In the end, one will stay in your heart, one will stay far away.”

          This drama is based on a Chinese romance novel, and if you read a lot of Chinese romance novels, you will see various versions of what JM said, which is a metaphor, to describe a love triangle. A person will meet 2 people in his/her life: the one who stays in the heart is the one he/she loves, and the person who stays far away from the heart (ie not in the heart) is the one he/she does not love.

          Ashes of Love is about the love triangle between JM/XF/RY. She met 2 people: XF and RY. At the end of the drama, JM met RY again and then XF showed up, so she summarized her relationships with the 2 brothers. In the end, she loves XF (the one in her heart) and does not love RY (the one who is far away from her heart, ie not in her heart).

          JM was looking at XF, the person in her heart. He just happened to be carrying their son, lol.

          I can see why you would assume JM was talking about her son as the person who “will stay far away.” The problem is you are applying your knowledge of the culture(s) you know while watching a drama made by another country with a different culture. In the US for example, children grow up and move away from their parents. However, in Eat Asian countries like China, the culture is family-oriented and community-oriented compared to countries in the West. It’s normal for adults to live close to or with their parents, and they are expected to take care of their parents.

          JM specifically said 2 people, and the latter can’t refer to her son because we don’t know how many children she will have in total.

          There are a lot of nuances in Chinese dramas. I read way too many Chinese romance novels for my own good, lol, and based on what I know, I interpret what JM said as a metaphor to describe a love triangle.

          1. I just happened to come back here lidge and I’ve realized that you are correct in your interpretation. It just is odd because what she says doesn’t match the cinematic language. Of course Chinese film has its own cinematic gestures but due to the dominance of American film in the past there’s a lot of borrowing so it can be confusing where at one point I can follow what’s being said with the camera and then at other points I am misled because the use of the camera and its significance is different to what I am expecting.

            I have been thinking about the cultural differences a lot. For example the extreme important of biological ties. Whereas in American films we celebrate blended families. For example the relationship of the stepfather to the older son in Dragon Prince. Or the relationship between Star Lord and his foster father. In GotG II, Star Lord vows to defeat his own biological father after finding out that his father killed his mother for insanely selfish reasons. From an American point of view, this is painful, but ultimately the right thing to do, and turning on his own father is a heroic sacrifice. I’m seeing that Chinese ideas about filial duty are very different, like when Xu Feng begs to be punished in place of his mother after finding out that she has murdered other gods. Learning about another culture is part of what makes watching these dramas so rewarding, and I’m very grateful to the translators who make it possible. (Also Dian Xian is an amazing writer. I hope she comes back and writes more.)

  18. Jinmi is still the princess and heiress to the flower realm after she lost her eyesight of colors ? And still heiress after she reincarnated ? I wish we could see how she worked as water deity .

    1. I believe so. Immortals only die when their soul is destroyed. JM’s immortal form is a frost flower, and she went into reincarnation as a frost flower, which means her soul wasn’t destroyed.

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