Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 62 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

XF: You’re gone. What reason do I have to live?
XF throws away the herb.

RY remembers JM while writing down all the rules he broke.

XF can’t forget JM.

LY: After JM is gone, he drinks all the time.
XF: It’s my fault JM died. I’m sorry to the Flower Realm.
Chief Mudan: If the love trial can’t be avoided, there are some things you should know.
XF: Love trial?
Chief Mudan: Before the late Flower Deity died, she predicted JM would encounter a love trial within 10,000 years. JM ate the Unfeeling Pill as soon as she was born. When RY usurped the throne and she killed you by mistake, she threw up the pill.

XF remembers JM telling him about the Unfeeling Pill, but he didn’t believe her.
XF: So I am JM’s love trial? Caused her pain and pushed her to a dead-end in which she can’t be reborn? I thought she was heartless. It turns out she didn’t understand her feelings.
Chief Mudan: I tried to stop you and JM, but I’ve realized that you and JM have a rare fate. If there’s a chance, it depends on you.
XF: You mean JM can be saved?
Chief Mudan: JM’s father said he took JM to see his teacher. His teacher foresaw what could happen and gave ash to JM to protect her.

XF goes to see Lord Doumu.
Lord Doumu: No need to beg. If something is meant to be, it will happen.
XF: I understand. I committed sins and now has to pay the price. If I can see her one more time or hear her say one more thing.
Lord Doumu: If something happens, there’s a reason.
XF: I don’t know why I feel she’s with me.
Lord Doumu: What the eyes can see, the heart can feel. What you see, she also sees. What she sees is seen by you.
XF: I don’t understand.

XF sends a letter to the Flower Realm. According to Lord Doumu, a sliver of JM’s spirit still exists. The Flower Chiefs work together to find JM’s spirit. Once it’s found, they will activate the Flower Hall of Time to save JM.

XF goes to the River of Oblivion.
Boatman: She stopped the war between the Heaven Realm and Demon Realm by herself. Don’t you think she is smart?
XF: She’s always been smart, but when she was alive, I never praised her.
Boatman: That year she searched for you. Now you search for her. Why always bring regrets to the River of Oblivion which is filled with endless pain?
XF: JM, where are you? Don’t leave.

XF steps down and LY replaces XF as the new Demon Lord. LY willingly gives back the position whenever XF wants it, but he refuses. There’s nothing more important to him than finding JM.

XF travels everywhere to look for JM. He stops at the house they lived in while in the Human Realm. That was the happiest time for them.

The Heaven Realm finds out that XF is no longer the Demon Lord. Three deities go see XF and beg him to come back to the Heaven Realm and replace RY as Heavenly Emperor. RY isn’t fit to rule because he practiced the dark arts and started a war between the Heaven Realm and Demon Realm.

XF returns to the Heaven Realm.
RY: You’re here in time. Kill it!! [Note: I thought RY absorbed Qiong Qi’s power, but it seems he absorbed the monster and now he can’t control it???]
XF: In the beginning, you told everyone to overthrow our father. Now you tell them to overthrow you. Do you still think everyone is a chess piece for you to arrange however you want?
RY: I practiced the dark arts, started a war and broke the rules of the Heaven Realm. We’re both sons of the Heavenly Emperor. It’s fitting you would restore order to everything.
XF: Don’t you care about your reputation anymore?
RY: I’ve been alone all my life. Reputation, power, it’s all an illusion. Everything I planned was to get justice for myself, for revenge. Killing father to usurp the throne, imprisoning the Heavenly Empress, I don’t have any regrets. It’s time for everything to return to the way it’s supposed to be. Overthrow my tyrannical rule, kill me, then everyone will support you to the throne.

XF cuts off RY’s chains.
XF: Father gave me the sword to deal with Qiong Qi, not for his sons to use it to kill each other.
RY: Because of obsessions and hatred, I committed unforgivable sins. XF, this is your last chance. Don’t be soft-hearted.
XF: You only care about what you have and what you don’t have. And for what?
RY: I did love, but it was humble, calculative, wishing for something that was never mine. Then one day, it faded. There was only hatred, jealousy, a desire to win. In the end, it became so twisted I’m even disgusted by it.
XF: I already told you. From the beginning to the end, I never wanted to compete with you. The only thing I care about is JM.
RY: Ironically, my heart also only has JM. Her Unfeeling Pill was repaired by me. When you two were in the Human Realm, the Unfeeling Pill cracked. She had deep feelings for you. You didn’t know. She wanted to be with you and break her engagement with me. I rather she never knows what’s love and tie her to me forever.
XF: So her heart never changed. Why say this now?
RY: I thought we were equal rivals and if we keep fighting, someone would win in the end. We’re both wrong. I was wrong in the beginning. You were wrong in the end. If I met her first, maybe the outcome would be different.
XF: Do you still not understand? There’s no right or wrong. Being calculative should be avoided the most when it comes to love. From the beginning to the end, you didn’t calculate wrong. I just never calculated at all.

RY gives XF a box.
RY: JM left this. She probably wants you to have it.

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  1. Thank you! I know translations are out, but everyone translates a little differently and catches the nuances and emotions in a different way. Yours was great!

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