Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 61 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-LY wants to kill SH, but JM says SH has lost her power so now she’s worse than dead. LY banishes SH to the wilderness.

-JM gives XF the herb that could reverse the freezing effect, but he won’t take it. XF asks if she knows how much he hates her, but he says he hates himself more. He tried to hate her, but the stone reveals that he failed and still can’t forget her. She asks if they can return to like before. He says no, but they can begin again.

-RY absorbs the power of the Qiong Qi monster. Then he prepares to lead an army to the Demon Realm to attack XF.

-XF and JM get news about RY wanting to attack the Demon Realm. XF knows that he can’t avoid this battle with RY.

-The Heaven Realm and Demon Realm line up on opposite sides of the River of Oblivion. RY tells the commander of the troops to wait until JM returns and then attack. JM tells RY that she’s happy in the Demon Realm and won’t return with him. XF says he and JM already married last night. JM finds out about RY punishing the Flower Realm.

-The battle begins. XF falls into a disadvantage because of the freezing effect on his body and he lost half of his cultivation the previous night.

-XF and RY strike at each other. XF mocks RY for being the Heavenly Emperor but breaking the rules and used to forbidden technique to increase his power. JM remembers that her father’s teacher compared her to a ferocious tiger. If JM lives, many other people will die. She doesn’t want to be used as a reason for war. XF and RY gather all of their power to blast each other, so she flies up and takes both of their strikes.

-As she dies in XF’s arms, she begs XF and RY to stop fighting. This matter is between the three of them and shouldn’t involve other people. JM apologizes to RY because she can’t return his love. She asks him to promise to let go of his hatred. He promises.

-As for XF, JM wants to hear him say he’s forgiven her. XF says he’s never hated her, just himself. She wishes he had told her earlier, but fruits like her won’t give birds like him a hard time. She tells him to eat the herb before tomorrow’s sunset and to live well. She says she loves him. She wishes she could return to before. Even though she didn’t know what’s romantic love, she was happy because she could be near him. Back then, she was his servant, he was an arrogant phoenix who ignored everyone, and RY was kind. There were also the Moon God, Lord Puchi, her dad, the Wind Deity…….

-RY leaves, vowing to never step into the Demon Realm as long as he’s alive. The place where JM dies becomes the border between the two realms.

-JM dies and all the flowers die, too.

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