Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 20 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-JM finds an injured XF. A masked man wants to kill them, but a mystical barrier protects JM.

-QY successfully creates the weapon.

-Something happens in the Demon Realm, proving that descendant(s) of a mysterious tribe is still alive.

-The Demon Lord is devastated over what happened to his sons. He blames XF.

-JM thinks XF is a bandit. She lets him wear female clothes. Living in isolation and growing up with only women, she doesn’t realize that men and women are different.

-JM tells her friend about someone trying to kill her.

-JM steals a valuable ginseng. Her friend tries to stop JM because they’re saving it for the king to use when they come up with medicine that’ll make him live forever. JM says there’s no such medicine and it’s better to use the ginseng for someone who needs it.

-XF wakes up and strangles JM. He discovers he can’t hear or talk. JM lets him know she saved him. Communicating through writing, she says the food he eats regularly will poison him over time. She decides to use him as a guinea pig to test her medicine.

-SH is a princess and XF’s cousin. She’s still obsessed with XF and trains a secret group of women fighters to help XF. She gets bad news about XF.

-The masked man who tried to kill JM and XF tells the Demon Lord that XF has reincarnated as a human. The King of Gucheng says killing XF with human weapons will only end XF’s reincarnation and he’ll return to the Heaven Realm. However, they can kill XF permanently by using a weapon from the mysterious tribe.

-The Demon Lord vows to kill XF to avenge for what happened to his sons.

-QY shows the Heavenly Empress the weapon he created. It can be used to kill deities or demons. The Heavenly Empress tells him to make sure JM doesn’t return to the Heaven Realm.

-JM wonders if she’s crazy for using the ginseng on XF, but then he’s her first patient. XF tricks JM into eating sour grapes. Through writing, he asks how old she is, and she gives a vague answer because she likes to pretend to be mysterious. He says he killed all those soldiers because they’re from an enemy kingdom that kill and rob people. He’s annoyed because she doesn’t take this matter seriously. JM thinks he looks like a black crow when he’s mad. JM promises to bring clothes for XF.

-XF’s subordinate tells SH that they’re secretly searching for XF. A soldier reports that XF has been ambushed. His guards were all killed. SH wants to go ask her father for help.

-SH begs her father to help find XF, especially since XF and her are betrothed. SH’s father promises to help her.

-XF expects JM to help him put on his clothes. JM doesn’t understand. He’s deaf, not missing arms or legs.

-SH’s father is annoyed because an enemy kingdom used many soldiers but couldn’t kill XF. He tells his subordinate to bring back XF’s dead body.

-JM tells XF to dip his hands in a medicine she made that will help him, but actually, she just wants him to wash those herbs for her because they have thorns.

-JM leaves out a jar of medicine for XF’s hands. XF guesses she’s from the healing tribe because she covers her face and knows a lot about medicine.

-JM thinks XF might be a bandit, but he’s behaved properly toward her. She vows to do her best to help him recover.

-LY sees a person who uses a spell to make himself invisible. She follows him to the King of Gucheng’s place and hears the King of Gucheng’s talk about killing XF. LY guesses he’ll eventually want to kill the Demon Lord and her father. LY escapes.

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  1. Thanks you so much dearie for the recap … i’ve finished reading till ep.20… wonder will you continue till final episodes…. Really appreciate it… once again thank you… thanx a trillion dearie… 🙂

    1. You can still watch in an app named VIKI which has subtitles. The app is really impressive and it has all the dramas.

  2. Please keep going. I want more! ♥ Thank you so much for the translation. Really appericated♥ This drama is getting better and better. Although I can’t stand JM. I’m head over heels for XF. He’s too good to her.

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