Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 19 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-XF’s subordinate tells the Fate Fairy that XF wants to see her.

-XF wants to know what identity the Fate Fairy will arrange for JM. The Moon God promises to match JM with a good husband. XF says NO! The Fate Fairy suggests a nun. XF says NO! The Fate Fairy suggests a man. XF says NO! The Fate Fairy remembers there’s a tribe of women healers that live in isolation. XF gives his consent.

-The Fate Fairy complains to the Moon God because both the Heavenly Empress and XF give her a hard time. She’ll give JM the most tragic fate of anyone in the tribe to appease the Heavenly Empress, but she’ll let JM grow up in the healing tribe, which should appease XF. The Moon God plans to interfere with JM’s love life.

-JM tells her loved ones not to worry.

-JM doesn’t know when she’ll return from the Human Realm, so she buries a wine bottle in XF’s garden. She tells XF’s servant to let XF know if XF returns before her.

-It’s the day JM will go to the Human Realm. XF decides to return to the Heaven Realm.

-JM jumps off the platform and goes through reincarnation.

-XF’s subordinate tells XF that he followed someone who went to the Heavenly Empress’s place. He heard them talking and finds out that the Heavenly Empress plans to kill JM while she’s in the Human Realm.

-The Moon God says JM already left. XF tells the Moon God to use his string to tie him with JM.

-The Heavenly Empress hears about XF trying to go to the Human Realm.

-The Fate Fairy says the process can’t be reversed. XF jumps off the platform to follow JM, and SH follows him. The Fate Fairy tells the Heavenly Empress that she’ll arrange for XF and SH to be extraordinary people above everyone else, and they’ll have smooth lives.

-Baby JM is born into a poor family. Her mother has to abandon baby JM because JM is a girl.

-Calculating the stars, RY guesses it’s time for JM to appear in the Human Realm.

-A woman finds JM floating in a basket and takes her home to the healing tribe.

-The kids at the healing tribe gossip if baby JM is a girl or a boy and if she’s better looking than them. The Heavenly Emperor tells the Fate Fairy to let him know if there’s anything wrong.

-QY reports that XF and SH have been born into noble families in the Human Realm. The Heavenly Empress tells QY to restore SH’s memory so SH knows to build a close relationship with XF. QY says the Heavenly Emperor assigns the Fate Fairy to guard JM, so he can’t harm her. He also needs a few days to create a special weapon for the Heavenly Empress because it’s made from his blood.

-QY creates the weapon.

-JM’s best friend complains it always rains when she goes with JM to gather medicinal herbs, but it doesn’t rain if she goes by herself. JM doesn’t know why she’s unlucky.

-When JM is 12 years old, the Sacred Maiden of the tribe is buried alive with the dead king. JM becomes the new Sacred Maiden.

-JM grows up. She brags to her best friend that she can see deities from the time she was little. Her friend doesn’t believe her. JM and her friend don’t know how a potato can drop out of a tree.

-RY has gone down to the Human Realm to check on JM. He reports to the Water Deity, the Wind Deity and Chief Mudan that JM is doing fine and still as oblivious as ever. RY will continue to watch and protect her.

-The Heavenly Empress worries about XF having to fight in wars. The Fate Fairy tells her not to worry because XF is destined for greatness. The Heavenly Empress isn’t happy because JM isn’t going through any hardship but living in the healing tribe learning medicine.

-At a rest stop, JM and her friend hear a man talk about the chaotic time they’re living in. Luckily, an exceptional young king has appeared to save the world. JM silently wishes the king good health because if he dies, she’s the Sacred Maiden of the healing tribe and will be buried alive with him.

-JM gets approval to go gather medicinal herbs. Her friend says this is a chance for them to play and eat good food, so she’s forbidden from going. JM wishes good health for the king, and the other women follow her.

-JM is off to gather medicinal herbs, but she’s just goofing off. Her tribe is responsible for the health of the king. She doesn’t know much about him except he’s a young man. Her tribe is responsible for creating a pill that will enable the king to live forever.

-The young king is XF’s reincarnation. XF goes hunting and is ambushed.

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9 Replies to “Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 19 Summary”

  1. Thanks for the trans. I skipped a couple episodes and jumped straight to their mortal realm episodes cuz I want to see their cute-sy scenes now while I wait for the subbed episodes.

    1. True, eng subs so slow. I have no idea what is happening through the dialogue, the pains of watching it raw. Hope the team reconsider about continuing to summarize. May I put in a request for a quick translation? SPOILERS… In one of the OST MV, what were the OTP saying to each other in their black garments (in the Demon realm I assume) and XF back hug with JM. Thanks in advance!

      1. I was so curious about that part as well. I ended up watching a Vietnamese translation of the music video, and what she asks him originally is if they can go back to the way things were (assuming between them). He tells her that they can’t. That’s what she turns to leave, he back hugs her, and he tells her “but we can start over.”

    1. QY/MC are the same person. QY is MC’s new identity while working as the Heavenly Empress’s henchman. I wanted to change QY to MC but haven’t had time to do it.

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