Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 18 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-Kuang Lu disguises as a soldier to ask JM whether she minds if RY is to marry another wife after marrying her. She replies no. At this time, XF and then Moon God come to talk to JM. SH also passes by and congratulates JM. XF is not happy and urges her to go to see his mother.

JM: Why are you looking at me like this?
XF: I ask you, do you really want to marry RY?
JM: Yes, cannot meh? Everyone is happy about it. Father and Wind God also agree and think that it is very good. Why do you look like this every time you hear about my marriage?

-XF is speechless and turns to leave. But after a few steps, he suddenly vomits blood. It turns out that this is an old wound left by the poisonous needle in the body. JM thinks that she can heal him, so she quickly takes XF back to the room.

-XF lays down on the bed and looks at the busy JM, feeling very pleased. She lets him drink the herbs she fed him before.

JM: Since you’re awake, drink it yourself. How are you?
XF: I’ve a headache.
JM: Headache? Didn’t you say you’ve heartache, how come headache now?
XF: I am arching all over my body. So I don’t really know where exactly is the ache.
JM: He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. Who asked you to always bully me because you’ve more divine strength?
XF: What did you say?
JM: Nothing. I say to let you drink the medicine.
XF: Hmmmmm
JM: What is wrong?
XF: Too hot.
(JM blows the medicine)
XF: Hmmmmmmm
JM: What is wrong this time?
XF: Too bitter.
(JM feeds him a raisin)
JM: Try now.
XF: Hmmmmm
JM: What is wrong again?
XF: Too…..
JM: Too what? You don’t want to drink right? If you continue to be like this, I’ll feed you like what I did last time (mouth-to-mouth).
XF gives her a long kiss. (Lidge is jumping up & down with joy 😛 )

-XF drinks the medicine, but still complains he has chest pain. Thus JM massages his chest and keeps watch at the bedside the whole night. She also grows the herbs 5 times, exhausting her. XF is happy that JM still cares about him.

-The next morning, JM teaches the nightmare beast to pretend to be dead and gives RY a scare. He smiles at JM naughtiness. He says she does not need to learn this trick because as long as he is around her, he would protect her. At this time, the Water God comes and asks where JM was last night. Before she can answer, RY rushes to reply that she went to listen to the opera. The Water God is puzzled why there is no rain, but there is a rainbow. RY says that he is afraid JM will get lost so with the rainbow she can find the way home and know that someone is waiting for her at the end of the rainbow. Water God bluntly says he wanted to cancel the marriage contract but seeing that RY is really good to JM and his character is easy going mean he is someone worthwhile for JM. RY thanks Water God and leaves. Water God tells JM to visit XF as little as possible because he is lofty and his mother is nasty. She should also consider RY’s feelings and not to make him feel unhappy.

-The Demon Realm is fighting over territories at the River of Oblivion. The Heavenly Empress is glad that the Heavenly Emperor sends XF and troops there to settle the trouble. But RY is disappointed that he was not chosen.

– After that, XF purposely goes to the Flower Realm to look for JM to say goodbye. JM is very happy to see him. XF asks JM why she is not wearing the Phoenix feather hairpin. After hearing that the Water God told her to take it down, XF is a bit down. He tells them of his intention in coming. The Water God initially intends to keep a distance between XF and JM. But in order not to affect XF’s mood in battling in the Demon Realm, he does not say anything. XF regrets that he can’t witness JM’s becoming a deity. JM says it doesn’t matter and invites him to go to the Flower Realm to celebrate his homecoming victory with her.

-After a long period of cultivation, JM is finally being promoted to Godly level. During the process of giving her the crown and anointing her as the new ruler of the Flower Realm, suddenly a senior god comes out to oppose, saying JM is being promoted too quickly, a departure from the norm. Furthermore the Fate Fairy says JM has insufficient innate spiritual power and may bring calamity to the Six Realms. Hence she must go to the Human Realm to experience hardships for 1 lifetime before she can be promoted. A few years in the Human Realm is merely a few days in the Heaven Realm. Hearing this, JM agrees because there is a good bbq meat shop in the Human Realm. Water God is very worried about JM’s safety, but he can’t do anything for his daughter.

-The Heavenly Empress invites the Fate Fairy to her palace and asks her to arrange a life full of hardships for JM. She replies JM needs not have such a hard life. The Heavenly Empress attempts to bend the fairy to her will with promotion and also threats. The Fate Fairy hurriedly answers that she would go back to prepare to send JM down three days later.

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  1. Thank you! This part reminds me of ten miles. But i really like its different somehow. I really enjoy watching this show!

  2. I loved Ashes of Love, but I always wonder how Xufeng (Phoenix) found her again. I loved the series. The cast and the story was great.

  3. I not happy with it because in you tube has no English sub titles iam sooooooo worried about it.please I want English subtitles when iam watch this series.

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