Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 17 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-The Rat Immortal says he attacked XF because he resents the Heavenly Empress. She helps SH to expand the Bird Tribe while oppressing everyone else. The Rat Immortal starts to mention someone, and the Heavenly Emperor kills him. The Heavenly Empress wants to investigate further, but the Heavenly Emperor tells her to stop. The Heavenly Emperor wants to push forward RY and JM’s wedding. RY says let’s give JM more time to get used to her new situation. The Heavenly Emperor tells the Heavenly Empress to behave herself.

-RY says he knows that XF won’t give up JM, but it’s impossible between them. RY doesn’t tell XF what really happened to the Flower Deity. Instead, RY says the Heavenly Empress and the Water Deity hate each other. There are a lot of bad rumors about the Heavenly Empress, but XF doesn’t believe that his mother would dare to break the rules. XF also says he won’t give up JM.

-XF asks the Heavenly Empress if she killed the Flower Deity. The Heavenly Empress says XF shouldn’t believe the rumors. She says RY now has the backing of the Flower Realm and the Water Deity. XF needs to marry SH because he needs the backing of the Bird Tribe to cement his position. XF says he doesn’t care about the throne. XF finds out that the masked man they saw sneaking out of the Rat Immortal’s place works for the Heavenly Empress. He reminds her that keeping secret guards is against the rules.

-XF tells his subordinate to investigate how the Flower Deity died and the person the Rat Immortal mentioned.

-The Water Deity realizes he can’t stay in the Heaven Realm anymore.

-Lord Puchi remembers the Rat Immortal.

-The Water Deity says even though the Heavenly Emperor defended him, the Heavenly Emperor suspects he’s working with the Rat Immortal. The Heavenly Emperor says he doesn’t care about right or wrong. He had to kill the Rat Immortal to stop the embarrassment.

-The Water Deity thanks Chief Mudan and Lao Hu for taking care of JM. Since JM is still recovering, the Water Deity and Wind Deity will move to the Flower Realm to care for JM.

-JM asks the Wind Deity about the Flower Deity. A flashback shows that when the Water Deity was little, he found the Flower Deity when she was a baby and brought her back to his teacher. His teacher says the baby is actually a lotus petal that fell off the seat of the Buddha and came to their world. The Flower Deity, Wind Deity, and Water Deity grew up and studied together. The Heavenly Emperor fell in love at first sight with the Flower Deity and searched for her everywhere. He found out who she was and she loved to watch opera, so he invited her to watch opera often. The Flower Deity was simple and fell for his charms over time. The Wind Deity and Flower Deity were close like sisters, so the Wind Deity sees JM like her own daughter.

-After the Wind Deity leaves, the Water Deity shows up. He encourages JM to be serious about cultivation because he can’t be around forever to protect her. Cultivation can also teach JM to be a better person.

-The Wind Deity and Water Deity remember the past involving the Flower Deity. The Wind Deity says JM doesn’t seem the Flower Deity who was serious, but in some ways, the two of them are very alike.

-The Wind Deity takes JM to see his teacher to break the seal in JM’s body. His teacher says what’s the use since JM will die soon. His teacher uses an example: A tiger is injured; if saved, the tiger will return to the mountain and kill many animals. The Water Deity begs his teacher to save JM. His teacher puts incense ash in JM’s palm and hopes that’ll help JM. JM asks her to help her friend.

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  1. Thank you so very much team recappers!! Anticipated this novel to drama adaptation for the longest time, and so far so very very good!!! Keep up the great work, again thanking you all for taking the time to summarize for us non chinese speaking fans!!

  2. Thank you soooo much for this recap…On very drama site I have access to the subtitles on episode 17 are from episode 18…I even downloaded subs from subscene and they were also incorrect…Once again thx for filling the void in my beloved drama.

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