Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 16 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-RY shows JM the marriage contract signed by the Heavenly Emperor, the Water Deity, and RY. RY says JM’s handwriting looks familiar and asks who’s her teacher. Sh says XF forced her to practice when she was his servant. RY gives JM the Nightmare Beast.

-Lord Puchi and the Rat Immortal are chased by guards.

-XF can’t wait for JM because he has to meet with RY to decide what to do about Lord Puchi. He tells his servant to take the rice dumplings with divine strength filling to JM.

-The Rat Immortal thinks someone has been at his place. Lord Puchi looks forward to RY and XF fighting over JM. The Rat Immortal says the Water Deity doesn’t want to work with them. He discovers that his hidden letters are gone.

-JM hear people gossip about her. XF’s phoenix feather is a treasure because it protects the owner. The Heavenly Empress gave hers to the Heavenly Emperor. Now XF has given his to JM.

-JM remembers she has to go see XF.

-XF’s servant doesn’t want to give the rice dumplings to Kuang Lu at first, but in the end, he gives the basket to her. He asks her to pass on XF’s apology to JM.

-Kuang Lu gives the rice dumplings to JM. She says JM is betrothed to RY so it’s best if JM doesn’t continue to have an unclear relationship with XF.

-XF and RY discuss how to catch Lord Puchi. XF wants to get to the bottom of who attacked him when he went through his rebirth. They hear about Lord Puchi going to RY’s place. RY is alarmed because JM is there right now.

-Lord Puchi tells JM that XF and RY want to catch him. XF and RY fight with Lord Puchi. The Rat Immortal appears and is caught by XF and RY. He says he wants to see the Heavenly Emperor.

-In the interrogation, the Rat Immortal says he attacked XF when XF was going through his rebirth. He says he’s the only person who did it, and he’s not working with Lord Puchi. The Heavenly Empress has the Rat Immortal’s letters, which QY stole from his place. The letters show that the Rat Immortal is friends with the Water Deity. The Rat Immortal says they’re old friends who play chess together. Another evidence found is the method of how to create the ice arrows that injured XF. The Water Deity is summoned.

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