Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 15 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-Knowing JM is Water God’s daughter, RY schemes by saying that since JM likes him, he is thankful and reciprocates but he already has a betrothal. JM says they are friends, so she still likes him even though he is betrothed.  RY begs Water God for forgiveness in breaking the betrothal but he likes JM and is willing to give up everything and endure anything for her. JM is puzzled since she is Water God’s daughter. Then she realizes RY doesn’t know her status. Hearing this, Water God is impressed with RY.

-Water God goes to tell the Heavenly King to take back the divine strength he had given to his daughter, JM.  XF is happy with this piece of news but the Heavenly Empress thinks that Water God has made a mistake and disputes with him.  Then the Emperor finds out that JM’s real body is frost flower, cold and watery so she is not his but Water God’s daughter. He announces JM is Water God’s daughter and RY’s betrothal. Moon God feels bad for XF. JM is puzzled and wonders if this is a set meal of getting a father and getting a free fiance, buy one get one free deal. JM is fine with it since RY is easy going but……Water God asks JM if she is willing. XF tells her if she is not willing …..but is interrupted by the Heavenly Empress. JM replies by thanking Water God and the Heavenly Emperor.

-XF makes JM’s feather hairpin drops to the floor. RY gives the grape vine hairpin she had given him, back to her to put on. He says the feather hairpin should be given back to XF.  XF says the things he had given out, he won’t take back. Moreover he had given JM more than the mere hairpin. If she wants to give back, she has to give back everything. Otherwise, no need to give back anything. JM thinks he wants to take back the divine strength he had given her so she says she is not returning anything. She also snatches back the hairpin. XF leaves after whispering to JM to meet him the next day. JM feels that everyone is not happy that she is Water God’s daughter. RY asks her if she is happy. She replies yes. RY says he and Water God are also happy.

-SH tries to pour salt on XF’s wound by saying that JM and RY is a match made in heaven, a betrothal arranged by the Heavenly King. XF says so what. SH asks him if he has fallen in love with JM. He tells her to mind her own business. SH further says that JM is already very close to RY and accuses JM as being flirty because now that she is betrothed to RY, she still stirs up XF’s heart. XF says he knows what kind of person JM is. SH leaves by telling XF even if he had forgotten his position, some things are simply impossible.

-Water God and Wind God discuss about the suffering of the previous Flower Deity. Wind God feels guilty for indirectly causing her death by agreeing to marry Water God and wants to seek justice for her. Water God says he is also in the wrong but everything is already in the past now so no point in feeling guilty. Having JM as his daughter now is probably the previous Flower Deity’s way of letting him make atonement. Both of them agree to treat JM well as their daughter.

-The Moon God tries to console XF by saying that JM is not his sister now so he should be happy. XF says the person who should be happy is RY since she is his betrothal.  Moon God says such an ancient decree and they are not married yet so XF still has a chance. He has confident in him. XF expresses that he was so happy when he heard JM’s real identity but it was followed by such depressing news, life is unpredictable. The Moon God asks XF if he wants to give up JM. He replies, the doesn’t know. Usually he shares things with RY but he just can’t let RY has JM. He wonders if he is being selfish. The Moon God says no because this is true love. The road ahead for them will be difficult. Although there is a marriage contract, they also need to have mutual affection. The most important thing now is to understand JM’s feelings. As long as they have the same feelings, nobody can break them apart. Only then XF feels better.

-The Heavenly Empress says to XF that if RY marries JM, he will have the support of the Flower Realm so he must marry SH as soon as possible to get the support of the Birds Realm. XF immediately refuses because he only wants to marry the person he loves. He cannot be like the Empress, married for power. SH heard all these and is very heart broken. She feels even more hostile towards JM.

-The Heavenly Emperor tells Water God that his love for the dead Flower Deity is true. Water God questions him then why did he hurt her physically. He replies because he was jealous so he forced him to marry Wind God. The Emperor is remorseful and promises a grand wedding for RY and JM. Water God is not interested and says that he’ll never forgive him but he won’t seek revenge. Because JM likes RY, he agreed to the wedding as he wants JM to be happy.

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