Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 14 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-The Water Deity doesn’t want to give the Flower Chiefs a hard time because he knows they swore on their lives they wouldn’t reveal the truth. He just asks if JM was born on the day of the first frost. Chief Mudan nods. The Water Deity apologizes to JM for not taking care of her all these years. JM wakes up and thinks he’s mistaken. He says he already checked and she’s his child. JM couldn’t believe that her mother is the Flower Deity. She asks if her origin form is a flower or water. The Water Deity says her mother sealed it so they don’t know yet, but she’s not a fruit. He has to take her to his teacher to break the spell. Chief Mudan says now that everyone knows about JM, the Water Deity is the best person to protect her. The Water Deity explains that she has to give back the divine strength she got because her body rejects it. JM says it’s from the Heavenly Emperor, but he also said he’s her father.

-The Water Deity overhears the Flower Chiefs blaming the Heavenly Emperor for the Flower Deity’s death, so he wants to know what happened. Chief Haitang tells him the truth. The Flower Deity gave birth to JM and died on his wedding day. The Water Deity asks why the Flower Realm lied about the Flower Deity dying one year later than her actual death date. Lao Hu appears and tells the Water Deity to talk to him. The Flower Chiefs can’t say anything because of their promise to the Flower Deity.

-Lao Hu says the Heavenly Emperor was the Second Prince of the Heaven Realm, and he won the Flower Deity’s heart. But he wanted the throne so he married a princess from the Bird Tribe. The Flower Deity was crushed, but the Water Deity was there for her and slowly, the Flower Deity fell in love with him. After the current Heavenly Emperor got the throne, he still continued to bother the Flower Deity. She refused him and he was angry, so he assaulted her, but she was already pregnant with JM. She went to the River of Oblivion, but before she could drink the water to erase her memory, the Heavenly Emperor appeared. The Flower Deity says he already chose power over her, and now he’s shamed her so she can’t look at the Water Deity anymore. She wanted to jump in the water to kill herself, but the Heavenly Emperor stopped her.

-The Heavenly Emperor imprisoned her in the Heaven Realm. He heard her calling for the Water Deity in her sleep, so he forced the Water Deity to marry the Wind Deity. The Water Deity refused to the marriage, saying that he already loved someone else. The Flower Deity was attacked and forced to jump off the Heaven Realm by the Heavenly Empress, who was jealous because the Heavenly Emperor want to make the Flower Deity be his second wife.

-The Flower Deity fell back to the Flower Realm. When she saw the Water Deity again, she lied about loving the Heavenly Emperor, not him. She told him to marry the Wind Deity. The Flower Deity was seriously injured by the Heavenly Empress and knew she wouldn’t live long, so that’s why she lied so that he would marry someone else.

-After knowing what happened, the Water Deity wants to kill the Heavenly Empress. Lao Hu says even if the Water Deity seeks revenge, the Flower Deity still can’t come back. The Flower Deity wanted JM to have a carefree life so JM had to grow up in the disguise of a boy.

-RY looks at JM and can’t believe she’s his betrothed.

-Chief Yulan yells at the Rat Immortal for putting JM’s life in danger. She won’t help him anymore. The Rat Immortal threatens to tell Chief Mudan about her working with him if she dares to back out.

-RY tells Kuang Lu that JM is his betrothed. RY says he’s never been this happy but also very scared. The Flower Chiefs and the Water Deity hate the Heavenly Emperor, so they might not approve the marriage. RY also knows that XF likes JM, too. XF hides his feelings well so no one knows, but RY sees through him. Kuang Lu says XF was born with everything, ie the golden child, while RY has nothing. RY silently vows to fight just this one time for JM, and then he’ll make it up to XF later.

-The Heavenly Emperor asks Chief Mudan if JM is his daughter. Chief Mudan says no and reminds him about who killed the Flower Deity. Not only that, but the Heavenly Empress also tried to kill JM. The Heavenly Emperor says he can arrange for the Heaven Realm to acknowledge JM’s status. Chief Mudan says there’s no need. JM has the Flower Realm’s backing and that’s enough.

-JM visits the Flower Deity’s grave. She calls the Flower Deity “mom” and tells her about being reunited with the Water Deity. JM is jealous of her friend who has a caring mother who would use a butterfly to call her friend to go home and eat whereas JM grew up thinking she’s a grape without parents. JM says she and the Water Deity will live well from now on.

-The Water Deity asks Chief Mudan why there are 2 seals in JM’s body. He asked Lao Hu, but Lao Hu doesn’t know. Chief Mudan says the Flower Deity put the second seal to protect JM because she predicted that JM would have to go through a love trial. Chief Mudan doesn’t know what the second seal is though. After he leaves, Chief Haitang asks Chief Mudan why she lied. Chief Mudan says the Water Deity is soft-hearted and would take out the Loveless pill if he knew. This would endanger JM if JM has to go through a love trial.

-The Water Deity takes JM to the Heaven Realm. He says JM doesn’t have to be afraid of the Heavenly Empress anymore. While the Water Deity and the Rat Immortal chat, RY distracts JM with light so she wanders off and bumps into him. RY tells her to be careful because the Heavenly Empress is still very mad. With the Water Deity looking at them, RY says he knows that JM likes him, but unfortunately, he is betrothed to someone else. JM says they’re friends, so she’ll still like him even if he’s betrothed.

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