Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 13 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-XF tells RY that JM is the daughter of the dead Flower Deity, and she’s their sister. They can’t like her. RY asks JM if she likes XF. She says yes. RY asks if she likes the Moon God. She says yes. He names a bunch of people, and JM says she likes them all. Chief Mudan tells JM to return to the Flower Realm. JM looks to XF for help, but he ignores her.

-SH and the Heavenly Empress worry about JM, XF and RY possibly being in a love triangle like the Flower Deity, the Water Deity and the Heavenly Emperor. After SH leaves, the Heavenly Empress orders QY to check if anyone wanted to cause trouble at the banquet.

-JM is back in her house. The Flower Chiefs worry because the Heaven Realm has seen what JM really looks like. The Flower Chiefs know that XF and JM aren’t related, but they let him think he’s related to her. Chief Mudan doesn’t care if it’s a misunderstanding. The Flower Deity died horribly, so JM can’t have any relationship with the two princes.

-JM thinks about what XF said, about how she could grow flowers, her constitution is water, etc. She can’t understand what that has to do with the dead Flower Deity? She doesn’t understand how she can be their sister, having the same father but different mothers.

-Outside JM’s house, the Flower Chiefs decide to hide the truth so that JM can continue to live a carefree life. Besides, she’s fated to go through a love trial, so it’s best if she stays inside the Flower Realm. The Flower Chiefs will take turns guarding JM.

-JM eavesdrops on the Flower Chiefs, but can’t hear what they said. Even though it’s boring in her house, it’s still better than being brought back to the Heaven Realm and have her soul obliterated.

-The Heavenly Emperor meets JM in her dream. He explains that where they’re at is where he first saw a beautiful lady. After she died, the Heaven Realm ceases to have flowers and he hasn’t been back at this place. He says although JM looks like the beautiful lady, they’re also different because the lady didn’t smile often. The Heavenly Emperor asks JM to grow lotuses. He asks if JM knows who he’s talking about. She says she lives in a protective barrier and hasn’t met many people, so no. The Heavenly Emperor says he’s describing the dead Flower Deity. JM says she’s never met her. She thinks to herself she can’t be the Flower Deity’s daughter because she’s a fruit, not a flower. Since it’s a dream, JM decides to ask the Heavenly Emperor for divine strength. He gives her 5,000 years!!! He tells her to never fall in love with XF or RY.

-The Water Deity can’t forget JM’s resemblance to the dead Flower Deity. The Wind Deity says she knows that her husband still loves the Flower Deity. She tells the Water Deity to go visit JM.

-The Heavenly Empress is angry because XF sided with JM and opposed her in front of everyone at the banquet. XF says it’s because JM saved his life. He denies having feelings for JM. The Heavenly Empress says she only stops worrying after XF becomes the Heavenly Emperor and marries SH.

-RY and Kuang Lu see the Heavenly Empress going to the Flower Realm. RY decide to tell the Heavenly Emperor while Kuang Lu will go to the Flower Realm.

-JM summons Lord Puchi, but it’s the Heavenly Empress who appears. JM mistakenly thinks she’s so powerful now she can even summon the Heavenly Empress. The Heavenly Empress says she’ll kill JM.

-RY tells the Heavenly Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor doesn’t want to confront his wife because she might become angrier. Instead, he sends RY to the Flower Realm with the excuse of needing the Heavenly Empress back to decide how to reward various deities as a way to celebrate her birthday.

-The Water Deity appears in time and saves JM. RY appears and says the Heavenly Emperor needs the Heavenly Empress to return to the Heaven Realm. After they leave, JM thanks the Water Deity. Lord Puchi appears late. The Water Deity finds out that JM can summon Lord Puchi, a water snake, with just a simple spell. The Water Deity wonders if JM can call for water. After trying, she summons a snowstorm.

-Kuang Lu tells RY about the Water Deity saving JM. RY is suspicious because the Water Deity is not the type to interfere in other people’s matters.

-The Water Deity suspects JM’s origin might not be a fruit. Chief Mudan can’t answer him because she already swore to the dead Flower Deity she’d never tell anyone. Chief Haitang says the divine strength in JM is getting out of control. The Water Deity checks JM and saves her life, at the same time realizing that she’s his daughter. RY overhears him.

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