Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 12 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan

-The Soil Deity says goodbye to RY and JM before leaving to carry out his punishment. JM tells RY to leave because it’s his mother’s birthday and XF left already. RY says the Heavenly Empress isn’t his birth mother. She didn’t mind him in the beginning, but over time began to resent him because he could compete with XF for the throne.

-At a restaurant, JM hears people calling the server “Little Two” so she thinks she can get a waiter by saying “Little Three.” (Note: this means a woman who’s the third person in a relationship). JM doesn’t understand why women at the other tables yell at her. JM convinces RY to attend the birthday banquet regardless of how he feels about the Heavenly Empress because it’s his duty as a son.

-RY sees Kuang Lu in the Heaven Realm and exposes her identity, which is the daughter of a Lord.

-JM accidentally summons Lord Puchi. He says he’s going to the Heavenly Empress’s banquet. JM is afraid to go because there will be a lot of deities there, but Lord Puchi says the banquet will have peaches that increase divine strength.

-The guards wouldn’t let JM and Lord Puchi enter the banquet even though JM says she’s a friend of the Moon God. Lord Puchi holds up the hairpin left by XF, and the guards allow them to go in. Lord Puchi says the hairpin is a valuable treasure.

-LY has to return to the Demon Realm. She asks XF why there are rumors about him and SH marrying when he likes JM. XF says that’s a false rumor probably started by his mother, but it’s impossible between him and JM.

-JM’s chest hurts for a brief moment, but she doesn’t know why.

-Lord Puchi tells JM about the female deities they see walking into the banquet. He laments that the most perfect beauty was the previous Flower Deity, but she had a very unfortunate fate. JM sees the Water Deity and the Wind Deity walking in. Lord Puchi says the couple have married for so long and are polite to each other, but they’re still childless. JM says she doesn’t know why but she feels a connection to the Water Deity. The people around JM and Lord Puchi place bets as to who would eventually marry XF. JM feels a slight pain in her chest. One person says he’s heard that XF likes men because XF used to have a very handsome servant which he liked a lot. Then the servant turned into a young lady, and XF didn’t like her anymore.

-The banquet starts. XF and RY are worried when they see JM with Lord Puchi. Lord Puchi points out the Rat Immortal to JM. JM says she’s afraid of rats. The Heavenly Empress notices RY’s simple hairpin and says it looks like it’s from the Flower Realm. RY says a good friend gave it to him, but the good friend isn’t at the banquet. JM screams out loud when she sees a rat in her lap. The Heavenly Empress uses her power to reveal JM’s disguise. Everyone at the banquet who has seen the previous Flower Deity notice that JM looks like her. The Moon God says JM is XF’s servant. JM brags about saving XF 3 times. The Water Deity asks how JM met XF. JM accidentally reveals that it was at the Flower Realm, but her original form isn’t a flower but a fruit.

-SH appears and dances. When she finishes, the Heavenly Empress tells her to go sit next to XF. The Moon God asks JM if she’s jealous looking at XF and SH together. JM says no. The Heavenly Empress says XF and SH look pretty like a picture. JM misunderstands her and starts talking about an inappropriate picture in the trashy books the Moon God gave her to read. The Heavenly Empress orders 2 deities to kill JM. XF and his father ask the Heavenly Empress to spare JM. RY says it’s his fault for telling JM about the banquet. The Heavenly Empress says RY lied to her because she asked him if the friend who gave him the hairpin is present and he said no. The Heavenly Empress pretends to punish RY but her strike swerves toward JM. Nothing happens to JM because XF’s hairpin protects her. Lord Puchi takes JM away. The Heavenly Empress orders 2 deities to catch them. XF and RY apologize to the Heavenly Empress and chase after JM, too.

-JM thanks Lord Puchi for saving her. Lord Puchi jokes she can repay him with her body. XF arrives and threatens to obliterate Lord Puchi’s soul. Lord Puchi realizes perhaps only XF can protect her, so he leaves. JM says she went to the banquet to eat peaches to increase her divine strength. She asks XF not to take her back to receive punishment. XF says he only has 1 phoenix feather hairpin treasure and he gave it to her. Does she not understand his intention? But he says they can’t be together. He tells her to always wear the hairpin so it’ll protect her.

-RY, Chief Mudan and Chief Haitang show up. XF tells the Flower Chiefs that a lot of deities at the banquet already saw what JM really looks like. XF tell the 2 deities ordered to catch JM to return to the Heaven Realm. They have to obey XF because they’re under his command, not his mother’s command. RY apologizes to the Flower Chiefs for taking JM out of the Flower Realm. RY explains that he did it because JM was bored being trapped in her house. Chief Haitang says at least XF is honest in his intention toward JM, unlike RY. RY says he’s always acted as a friend to JM. JM asks the Flower Chiefs not to blame RY. He’s a good dragon and she likes him. XF tells her to repeat what she just said.

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