Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 11 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-JM, Lord Puchi and the Soil Deity arrive at a restaurant to drink and chat. After three rounds of drinking, the Soil Deity is drunk. Lord Puchi tells JM there are more interesting things to do in the Human Realm. He brings JM to a mahjong hall to play. They win repeatedly, so the owner of the place has no choice but to kick them out.

-While looking for JM’s scent, XF comes to the Human Realm and asks around for her whereabouts.

-Lord Puchi then brings JM to a brothel. When JM is being surrounded by “male entertainers,” XF finds her. She is surprised and asks him if he is here to have fun. He replies he is here to look for her. RY also arrives a the same time. XF rebukes RY for concealing JM’s scent, resulting in the people from the Flower Realm going to him to ask for JM. To make amend, RY ties up Lord Puchi and hangs him in the courtyard.

– The three of them are drinking in the pavilion. The Soil Deity comes to apologize and receive punishment. Lord Puchi takes this opportunity to quietly get JM to take his wine to let the two princes drink so that he can wait for an opportunity to escape. When JM is taking the wine, XF feels jealous and says RY seems to be very concerned about JM. But he tells RY, JM is not someone both of them can hope for. At this moment, JM comes back with the wine and they start to drink merrily. After a few cups, they are drunk.

-JM helps XF go into a room. She asks for the 1,000 years divine strength that he owed her. Seeing that XF does not respond, she wants to get it herself but fails. At this moment, XF wakes up and uses a crystal bead to filter fire which can harm JM and transfers his divine strength to JM. Then he falls on JM. She is puzzled and thinks that he wants to practice mutual spirit cultivation. Thus she imitates what she saw the men in the brothel did to provoke XF. The drunkard XF is in a trance. He pulls out the hairpin in her hair and pushes her down on the bed. When he is about to kiss JM, he suddenly becomes sober (lidge is very disappointed with him lol).  He feels apologetic and says that he knows about JM’s affection, but the god of destiny makes fools of people. If they insist on being together, they will face repercussion. After saying that, XF leaves in a hurry. JM does not understand why, so she lays down and sleeps.

-XF goes to the courtyard. Lord Puchi asks him to put him down and tells him why JM is obsessed with divine strength. It turns out that 900 years ago, JM and her friend Rourou escaped out of the barrier to play and ran into a monster. In the end, Lord Puchi arrived on time to save her with his divine strength but Rourou was killed. He told her that someone in the Heaven Realm can resurrect Rourou. This is why JM is so obsessed with divine strength for so many years. It is also to return the divine strength to him. XF knows that Rourou cannot be resurrected. Lord Puchi only said what he did to give JM hope.

-After Lord Puchi leaves, RY says JM is so righteous and loyal. XF and RY feel that there is more to Lord Puchi than meet the eyes since he has the ability to rescue JM from a pretty strong monster. XF once tested Lord Puchi’s strength and found him to be rather powerful. Hence it is surprising that he was easily captured by RY just now. This means that he purposely concealed his strength in front of RY. After analyzing Lord Puchi’s many actions, the two suspect Lord Puchi might have something to do with the masked man who attacked RY. XF asks RY not to do anything to alert Lord Puchi, just observe and see who is the ultimate culprit behind him. RY says that he could not let this dangerous person get close to JM.

-To protect JM, XF leaves a phoenix hairpin for her before he leaves silently. The next morning, JM likes what she sees and immediately put it on her head. When she plays chess with RY, he notices the hairpin on JM’s head. She generously gives her grapevine hairpin to RY.

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  1. Hey, just to let you know, the 1st episode has been subbed at the official YouTube page. I’m not sure if the translators gonna subbed the rest but here’s to hoping!!! 🙏

  2. Once again, thanks for the recaps. Since no one knows if the drama will continue being subbed, these recaps are what I rely on to know what’s going on that’s not in the translated novel. 🙂

  3. can ubplease continue your summary till the last ep for us who cant understand mandarin ,its really hard for sometimes subber discontinue subbing at the middle sonewhat frustrating …i do love reading novels and history but some books are not publish only seen on webs cannot manange to read all the time much tanx to you

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