Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 10 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-The Heavenly Empress and SH want to investigate how XF was injured. With his ability, he shouldn’t have been injured by the monster. The Heavenly Empress sends SH to the Demon Realm to check if RY is secretly working with the Demon kings.

-SH asks Kuang Lu to spy on RY. In return, SH can transfer Kuang Lu to working for XF later. Kuang Lu says she’s not ambitious. SH says saying no to her is the same thing as saying no to the Heavenly Empress, which means it’s the Heavenly Empress who wants to spy on RY.

-Kuang Lu finally understands why RY doesn’t have a lot of servants. He always drives them away because he knows they’re spies from the Heavenly Empress. She tells RY to be careful. RY says as long as he doesn’t make mistakes, then the Heavenly Empress can’t give him a hard time even if she wants to.

-JM sees a shooting star and thinks it’s XF, but it’s RY. RY creates a lot of shooting stars for her to look at. She asks him to take her out of the Flower Realm.

-The King of Gucheng’s subordinate says the Heavenly Emperor lied to them. The Heavenly Emperor said he’d give the Demon Lord a hard time if they release the monster, but so far he hasn’t done anything. The King of Gucheng plans to overthrow the Demon Lord. He knows that the Heavenly Emperor is ambitious and wants to take over all the realms. The King of Gucheng also wants to do the same thing, but he’ll sit back and let the Heavenly Emperor do all the hard work first.

-SH reports to the Heavenly Empress. SH investigated and found no collusion between RY and the Demon kings. However, she found out that JM was also with XF and RY in the Demon Realm. Apparently, XF already imprisoned the monster, but it got out somehow and injured him. No one knows what happened because only XF and JM were in the room. What’s more strange is XF was saved by a sacred herb in the Flower Realm, but given the bad relationship between the Flower Realm and the Heaven Realm, it’s unlikely the Flower Chiefs would save XF. After SH leaves, the Heavenly Empress sends QY to the Flower Realm to investigate JM.

-QY disguises as a young lady in the Flower Realm. He doesn’t see anything suspicious except one area that’s protected by a powerful barrier.

-The Heavenly Empress brings gifts to the Flower Realm to thank the Chiefs for saving XF. She asks to see JM. Chief Mudan says JM broke the rules and is being punished, so no one can see her. Her refusal makes the Heavenly Empress more suspicious, so she doesn’t leave but sneaks to JM’s house. She forces her way inside, but JM is gone.

-SH notices that XF is sad and asks if it’s because of JM. XF says he doesn’t even have the right to be sad about her.

-RY takes JM to his place. JM worries if XF is better. RY says he just visited XF and he has recovered. If she goes to XF’s place, someone might see her. RY takes her to see Heaven’s stars. JM says RY seems so lonely. RY says he doesn’t feel lonely because he’s used to being by himself for thousands of years. JM gives him seeds of a flower that only blooms at night. He hopes she can look at the flowers with him when they bloom. Kuang Lu reports that Chief Mudan has gone to the Heaven Realm to look for JM. RY says she can’t hide at his place forever. The best place to hide is the Human Realm, which is full of people so it’s much harder for the Chiefs to detect her presence.

-In the Human Realm, RY tells JM to use an alias to hide her identity. RY tells the Soil Deity of the area to take care of JM. JM wanders the streets and bumps into Lord Puchi.

-The Water Deity remembers the dead Flower Deity. The Heavenly Emperor appears and says he always dreams about her. In a few days, it’ll be the Heavenly Empress’s birthday. The Heavenly Emperor wants both the Water Deity and Wind Deity to come to the celebration. There are rumors about the Heavenly Emperor and the Water Deity having a bad relationship, so this is a chance for them to put up a good front together. The Heavenly Emperor reminds the Water Deity to hurry up and have a daughter. RY has waited 4,000 years.

-SH tells XF about his mother going to the Flower Realm and JM’s disappearance. Chief Mudan and Chief Haitang show up and tell XF to handover JM. XF says he didn’t do it, but he’ll go look for her.

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