Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 6 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-XF and the monster fight. RY and JM jump in to help XF. The monster strikes at JM, so XF jumps in front of her to protect her and gets injured. The Heavenly Emperor shows up and drives away the monster.

-900 years ago, the monster caused a lot of trouble everywhere. The Heaven Realm spent a lot of effort to imprison it. XF volunteers to go to the Demon Realm to capture it and at the same time, investigate whether the Demon Realm has anything to do with the monster’s escape. The Heavenly Emperor gives his permission, along with a sword for XF to use.

-XF returns to his place. Talking with Lao Hu, XF realizes the Flower Realm has been looking for JM and he’s the bird that caused the conflict between the Flower Realm and the Bird Tribe. He says it’s fine if JM goes back to the Flower Realm because he has to go to the Demon Realm to capture the monster and won’t have time to teach her anymore. JM tells Lao Hu to wait until tomorrow to leave. She needs time to gather her books.

-Later that night, JM pours XF water. She blows on it before giving it to him. He says she no longer gives him scalding water to drink. She thanks him for saving her life. He asks how she plans to repay him. She says she already did by thanking him. She doesn’t know why he’s angry all of a sudden.

-XF throws up blood and after circulating his internal energy, he says he’s fine. JM doesn’t believe him and pushes down his top to check if he’s really all right. XF tells her she can’t do what she just did to other people. JM remembers there’s a plant that can heal injuries and tries to grow it. XF says if she can do it, he’ll give her 200 years of divine strength. JM negotiates for 300 years. After many failed attempts, she succeeds. XF can’t believe she can grow the sacred plant of the Flower Realm and interrogates her, suspecting she’s related to the previous Flower Deity. To quiet him, JM bites into the plant and transfers it to his mouth with her mouth.

-Back in her room, JM thinks about XF saving her and how the monster killed her friend. She decides to follow XF to the Demon Realm to help him.

-SH congratulates XF. The sword from the Heavenly Emperor is a treasure, and giving it to XF means he intends to pass the throne to XF. XF confirms that the Flower Realm has been searching for JM.

-JM turns into a grape and hides in one of XF’s outfits. He drops a book on her. Then he hesitates in choosing his outfit.

-XF travels to the River of Oblivion and gets in the boat. The boatman and XF tell JM to hang tight. Since she’s discovered, JM turns back to human form. XF tells her not to touch the water because it’s filled with spirits that can injure her. The boatman says JM is the second prettiest young lady he’s seen in thousands of years. XF thinks the boatman must not have a lot of business if he’s only seen 2 young ladies. The boatman says the first beautiful lady showed up at the River of Obvlion a long time ago and argued with a young man, then they disappeared.

-Arriving in the Demon Realm, XF uses his power to disguise himself and JM to fit in. JM complains about the braids he gave her.

-JM wants to buy a pair of rabbit ears. RY appears and pays for her by giving the vendor a piece of divine strength. XF gives the vendor a bigger piece and puts RY’s piece back into RY’s hand. Listening to XF and RY, JM finds out they’re brothers. Also, just because RY has a long tail doesn’t mean he’s a fish. He can also be a dragon!

-In the Heaven Realm, Lao Hu reads a note from JM and then screams her name.

-At the inn, JM sees RY’s beast. She feeds it grass, but RY says it only eats dreams. The beast throws up a dream. RY says the dreams can have 2 colors. If it’s yellow, it means it’s a wish by the dreamer. If it’s blue, it’s something that already happened to the dreamer. JM guesses if it’s both colors, then it means the dream includes something that already happened and something the dreamer hopes will happen.

-RY leaves. The beast throws up another dream. It’s XF’s dream and the colors are both yellow and blue. The scene is of XF and a young lady in a boat sailing on the River of Oblivion, and he’s kissing her. JM looks at her face in the water and compares it to the young lady’s face and doesn’t see any difference. LY shows up and asks where’s XF. JM tells her to take a bunch of turns.

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