Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 5 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-XF gives the love letter back to JM and tells her to read it. She says it’s long-winded and is surprised it’s addressed to her. XF’s servant says someone is waiting for JM outside.

-It’s the fairy who wrote JM the love letter. JM says the letter was well written and she was moved by it. The fairy kisses JM on the cheek and runs away.

-Everyone in the Heaven Realm lines up to get a rice dumpling. JM steals 20 and eats them all, but they just have 1 year of divine strength. She screams, “So unfair!!!!!”

-XF’s servant tells her to go see XF. She checks with the servant to see who got the Emperor dumpling. He says he hasn’t heard, but it seems like everyone already ate theirs except for XF.

-XF tells JM to warm up the rice dumpling for him. JM rambles on about how terrible it is. XF says he wants to eat it more now since she hates it so much. JM tells him not to eat it and she’ll make him flower cakes instead.

-JM runs outside with the rice dumpling and gulps it down. YES!!! It’s the Emperor dumpling she’s been waiting for. JM knows that XF doesn’t like cakes, so she gives him something better. She turns a tree in his garden into a Phoenix flower tree. It’s said when Phoenix flowers bloom, it signals love arriving. When the flowers die, it’s love leaving. She tells XF not to worry because she used magic so the flowers won’t ever die. (Beautiful metaphor here!!! JM is the love that’s arrived in XF’s life and she’ll never stop loving him.)

-A Lord brings gifts to XF’s place. He represents the fairy who wrote JM the love letter and asks XF to approve marriage between the fairy and JM. XF says JM can’t marry any females because JM is also female. He pulls out the hairpin in her hair, and everyone, including him, sees what she really looks like for the first time.

-The Moon God gives JM pretty clothes to wear. Dressed up, she reminds him of someone, but he can’t remember who. The Moon God tells JM to dress prettily so XF will like her more and he’ll treat her better.

-SH and XF see JM dressed up. SH criticizes JM for wearing flamboyant clothes. JM says she doesn’t like to dress like this and compares herself to a flamboyant type of bird in the Bird Tribe. Walking away, JM asks XF why SH seems mad. XF says the bird she insulted is SH’s relative.

-JM decides to wear feminine clothes so fairies in the Heaven Realm won’t fall in love with her instead of him. She thinks this will please him, and he might give her divine strength. On the other hand, XF thinks she’s trying to impress him because perhaps she likes him?? He tells her about an opera at the Moon God’s place. She doesn’t want him to go because a lot of fairies will show up to see him and she can’t get a good seat. XF thinks she’s jealous and doesn’t want him around other females.

-XF tells her to clean his cabinets, which are filled with demon bones and skulls. XF brags about killing all of them. He looks at her wide eyes and hopes she’s impressed after hearing about his great achievements. He considers adding a new cabinet. Meanwhile, JM thinks XF is threatening her to behave. She sees her head joining the dead demons in the cabinets.

-JM compliments the Moon God for looking thinner. He says the Bird Tribe can’t provide fat birds for him to eat anymore now that the Flower Realm has cut off the food supply of the Bird Tribe. Apparently, a bird kidnapped a flower fairy, and Chief Mudan wants her back.

-SH asks the Heavenly Empress for help. The Heavenly Empress and SH don’t understand why the Flower Realm is making such a big deal over a fairy. SH says she checked, but her birds didn’t do it. The Heavenly Empress senses there’s more to this and tells SH to investigate.

-Lao Hu shows up at the Moon God’s place and he doesn’t recognize JM at first. When he does, he wants her to return with him immediately to the Flower Realm. The Moon God protests and chases after them.

-At Heaven’s gate, the Moon God and Lao Hu argue over JM. JM doesn’t want to go back to the Flower Realm because she’ll be punished by the Flower Chiefs. Suddenly, the monster that killed her friend appears. JM wants to kill it, but she’s can’t do anything with her weak skills. Luckily, RY appears, but he’s distracted by her and gets injured. XF shows up and fights with the monster.

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