Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 4 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-XF gives Lord Puchi 500 years of divine strength, which is more than what JM owes. Now, Lord Puchi won’t have a reason to bother JM again.

-SH visits her aunt, the Heavenly Empress. The Empress tells SH to work harder to win XF’s heart. When he inherits the throne, SH will be the Empress.

-JM gains back the 300 years of divine strength she lost after a night of sleep. JM heard that XF is extremely powerful. She asks the Moon God for advice on how to get XF to give her some of his divine strength.

-JM bakes snacks for XF, but he doesn’t like what she makes. Too sweet, too bland, too hard, too soft, etc. The Moon God’s 1st advice – JM pretends to be a good servant, but he doubts XF will fall for this trick.

-The Moon God’s 2nd advice – JM blackmails XF by reminding him about her saving his life. XF kicks JM out of his room.

-The Moon God’s last advice – JM pretends to act pitiful. This trick works somewhat. XF won’t give her divine strength, but he’ll teach her how to cultivate. In return, she agrees to become his servant.

-A mysterious man wants to work with the Flower Realm to cause trouble for the Heaven Realm. Chief Mudan refuses.

-JM says she’s gained weight, but it’s only her chest that’s gotten bigger. XF tells her to recite what he taught her. He can’t believe she only got 5 out of 49 sentences correct.

-SH bribes JM with 100 years of divine strength. SH says she likes XF and asks for JM’s help. JM doesn’t understand why so many females like XF when he’s so scary. JM promises to help SH.

-SH brings snacks for XF. He won’t let her pour tea for him but tells JM to do it. After SH leaves, JM tries to steal SH’s snacks to eat. XF whacks her hand away with his book. He tells her to take away the snacks, and she’s glad to do so even before he finishes speaking.

-A group of fairies gives their love letters to the Moon God to give to XF. When they’re gone, he gives their letters to JM so that she can take them to XF. JM says her friend is in love with a cold guy so what should her friend do to win his heart? The Moon God gives her more trashy books and tells her to pass them onto her “friend.”

-XF checks on JM’s progress. She experimented on a table and causes 1 leg to be shorter than the other legs, so she put the Moon God’s books under it. XF scolds her for having inappropriate books. JM takes the books out to show him and the table sways, causing her to fall on top of him. The Moon God walks in and finds them in a compromising position.

-The Moon God visits RY. RY is betrothed to the eldest daughter of the Water Deity and the Wind Deity, but their relationship is bad so who knows when they’ll have a daughter. RY says he doesn’t intend to marry anyone.

-One of the Flower Chiefs returns to meet with the mysterious man and agrees to help him cause trouble for the Heaven Realm.

-XF punishes JM by turning her into a pair of chopsticks which he uses to eat with, a drum which he beats on, a cabbage which he puts in front of a rabbit. RY drops by XF’s place and thinks XF gave JM the day off, not knowing that XF turned JM into his stool which he sits on.

-It’s time for XF and RY to choose soldiers. All the soldiers want to work for XF because he’s the military leader in the Heaven Realm. RY doesn’t bother to show up and sends a representative. No one can understand the different accents of the soldiers. Finally, JM understands one, so XF has her act as translator. XF likes how the soldier talks and gives him a good position.

-XF says the Heaven Realm will celebrate a festival from the Human Realm. They’ll have rice dumplings. He lets JM guess the filling, and JM yells happily, “Divine strength!!!” The best one is the Emperor dumpling and will have 500 years of divine strength!!! XF won’t let JM help wrap them so she can’t cheat.

-A girl named Kuang Lu disguises as a soldier and wants to work for RY. RY thinks she’s a spy sent by the Heavenly Empress. He gives her a hard time, but she still says she wants to work for him.

-Chief Mudan and Chief Haitang worry because they haven’t found JM.

-JM nods off as she cultivates beside XF. XF’s servant gives JM a love letter. She passes it to XF, thinking it’s for him.

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