Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 3 Summary

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-RY denies having anything to do with XF’s disappearance. As proof, he shows the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress his injured arm.

-XF hears about his parents suspecting RY, so he hurries off to see them.

-XF tells his parents that he was ambushed, but he’s sure RY isn’t involved. The Heavenly Emperor receives news about the Demon Lord withdrawing his army because of XF. He offers to make XF the Crown Prince, but XF says there’s no need.

-XF uses his fire power to treat RY’s injury. Despite having different mothers and being contenders for the throne, they have a good relationship. They know that the person who attacked XF can use both fire and water, which is not common.

-The Heavenly Empress hears about XF treating RY’s injury. She thinks XF is naive for trusting RY.

-JM doesn’t know why the flowers she picks in the Heaven Realm always disappear in her hands.

-JM pokes at a fox in XF’s garden, and it turns into a human. He’s actually the Moon God. He says he’s been around thousands of years and someone finally touched him inappropriately. JM introduces herself as XF’s savior.

-RY thinks about when he fought with the masked man. He still has the fireball used by the attacker.

-JM tells the Moon God how she saved XF. He adds in his own comments to make the story dramatic. The Moon God thinks it’s too bad JM is male. JM is confused because XF said she’s female. She wonders if she’s male or female??

-XF is annoyed because there are red love strings tied around his ankles, thanks to the Moon God who gave out the strings. The Moon God laments about the old days when XF was a baby bird playing with the strings. FM finds out that the Moon God is XF’s uncle. The Moon God and XF guess the meaning of JM’s name, and they’re both wrong. The Moon God invites her to his place, and she accepts because XF’s place is boring.

-The fairies at the Moon God’s place praise JM for her handsome looks. JM asks the Moon God if he knows any deity who can turn her friend from a plant back to human form. He doesn’t, but he advises her to cultivate and become powerful. Then she can meet powerful people who can perhaps help her friend.

-XF asks his servants about JM. They say she’s abandoned them for the Moon God.

-The Nightmare Beast eats JM’s dream. It throws up her dream, which shows her being lazy. The Moon God tells JM that the previous Flower Deity and the Heavenly Emperor became enemies, so the Flower Deity destroyed all the flowers in the Heaven Realm. The Heavenly Emperor turned clouds into flowers, but they aren’t real. The Moon God gives JM trashy books to teach her about love.

-JM meets RY. His Nightmare Beast jumps at her, knocking her hairpin off, revealing her true looks to RY. She compliments RY for having a big fishtail. She thinks he’s a nobody and tells him not to give up because he could become someone important someday. She gives RY a red string so he won’t be lonely. He gives her hairpin back to her.

-JM can turn the Moon God’s red strings into real flowers, delighting the fairies. XF’s servant asks for some flowers, too. In return, he gives her 2 eggs from a bird at XF’s place. If JM eats the eggs, she’ll gain 300 years of divine strength!!!

-JM consults the calendar and sees that it’s a good day to boil eggs. She gulps them down and then feels sick. XF appears and tells his servants to take her back to his place.

-XF scolds JM for eating the eggs, which are made of the fire element and incompatible with her water element. JM argues that she’s a fruit and not made of water. She’s sad about losing half of her divine strength. XF’s servant asks her what she wants to eat. She says she likes to eat deity’s servants, which scares him.

-XF discovers Lord Puchi sneaking into JM’s room while she’s asleep. Lord Puchi plays the flute to stop JM from dreaming about the day her friend died. The monster in her dream disappears and replaced by XF so she calls out “Phoenix” while asleep. XF tries to hide his smile.

-XF knows about Lord Puchi’s flirtatious nature and warns him to stay away from JM. She’s under his protection now since she’s living at his place.

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