Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 1 Summary

Right now, I’ll summarize the drama. If I have time, I’ll edit the summaries into detailed recaps. The author of the novel was involved in writing the script and she said it’s 90% similar to the novel.

JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan


-In the Flower Realm, the Flower Deity gives birth to JM. She doesn’t want JM to be destroyed by love like her so she feeds JM a Loveless pill.

-In the Heaven Realm, the Water Deity marries the Wind Deity even though he loves the Flower Deity. The Heavenly Emperor betroths his eldest son to the married couple’s eldest daughter if they have one.

-The Flower Deity tells her subordinates to hide JM’s identity. The Flower Realm blames the Flower Deity’s death on the Heavenly Emperor and breaks away from the Heaven Realm.

-Hundred of years later, JM is now grown up. Chief Mudan scolds JM for being lazy.

-In the Heaven Realm, the Fire Deity XF is going through a phoenix rebirth. His mother, the Heavenly Empress, tells XF’s subordinate to guard XF’s place to prevent anyone from disturbing him.

-JM complains to Lao Hu and Lian Qiao about having to live in a protected barrier. Every year, the Flower Chiefs only open the barrier on the anniversary of the Flower Deity’s death so that everyone can visit her grave.

-At the grave of the Flower Deity, Chief Mudan calls JM to the front and everyone pays their respect to the Flower Deity.

-A masked person plans to attack XF tonight at the end of his rebirth, which is when he’s weakest.

-Chief Mudan forces JM to guard the grave of the Flower Deity. JM summons her friend, Lord Puchi, to help untie her. Long ago, JM and her friend Rourou escaped out of the barrier and ran into a monster. Rourou died, and it was Lord Puchi who saved JM. To repay him, JM gives him her divine strength. Lord Puchi gives JM a plant and says it’s Rourou. He says there’s someone in the Heaven Realm who can turn Rourou into human form again.

-In the Heaven Realm, the Night Deity RY is attacked by a masked man. RY chases the masked man to XF’s place. XF’s subordinate forbids RY from going inside to search.

-XF goes through the final stage of rebirth and flies up into the sky. Suddenly he’s ambushed by arrows. Injured, he falls through the clouds.

-JM sees a fireball blasting through the barrier and crashes in her garden. She checks and sees what looks like a burnt crow. To save it, she covers it with dirt and waters it because this is how fruits and flowers “grow up” in the Flower Realm.

-The Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress are horrified to learn that XF has disappeared.

-JM feeds the burnt bird her precious fermented honey to revive it. Since it was able to blast through the barrier, it must be very powerful. JM decides to eat it.

-JM finds a pot and a knife, but when she returns to the bird, it has turned into a human and won’t fit her pot. She decides to cut its internal essence out and eats it instead. She searches the body and notices one spot on the body that’s different.

-The burnt bird is XF, who wakes up and startles JM, causing her to drop her knife between his legs. JM introduces herself as his savior. He grabs her wrist and from her pulse, knows she’s female. JM doesn’t understand the difference between male and female and says she’s a fruit fairy. XF sees a mystical hairpin in JM’s hair and suspects she’s not ordinary like she claims.

-JM thinks XF is a crow, so she gives him worms to eat.

-JM takes XF to a pond to get drinking water. He likes the taste of the water, but then he sees her putting her feet in the pond.

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9 Replies to “Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 1 Summary”

  1. I’m currently watching the 2018 Meteor Garden and I just realized that Phoenix’s character in the novel is very much like Dao Ming Si.
    -They both court their girl and are super loyal to the fl.
    -They struggle getting their feelings across cuz the fl is so dense which makes their interactions with the fl hilarious.
    -They both have crazy mood swings and tempers
    -They’re arrogant and proud but can also be super cute and act almost like a lost puppy when it comes to the fl.

    The drama Phoenix is calmer and less comedic, but hopefully as the drama picks up we will get to see his funny reactions to all of Jinmi’s weird antics. Also, I’m really enjoying the world building and cgi. It’s beautiful and different from 3l3w TMPB but in a good way because it distinguishes itself. Also, the drama seems to be following the book very closely while still adding its own unique twist into it to make up for the missing parts that the novel doesn’t address.

    One thing I wish was a little different (judging from the character posters) was for Jin Mi goddess form’s clothes and hair style to be more extravagant because she’s supposed to be the most beautiful goddess and stands out from everyone else.

    Overall, the drama has been very good so far!

    1. I’ve read the manga and have seen all the previous adaptations of Hana Yori Dango, but I haven’t had time to watch this new adaptation.

      Male leads in Asian dramas tend to share the same traits such as being rich, arrogant, loyal in love etc, lol. I read they’ve toned down DMS and make him less violent in this new adaptation??? When I read the novel HSALF, I never thought Phoenix was childish or violent. His biggest fault was his mercurial mood, but I don’t blame him when he has to deal with a blockhead like JM.

      The author of the novel HSALF was involved in writing the script, and she assured fans that it’s 90% close to the novel. So far, I’m happy with the plot because like you said, it’s following the novel while filling in the missing parts of the novel. Out of all the adaptations I’ve seen up to this point, 3L3W10MPB was the most surprising because the drama was organized better than the novel.

      I don’t expect HSALF and 3L3W10MPB to be exactly the same because we’re dealing with different realms. The male leads both come from the Heaven Realm, but BQ is from the Fox Tribe while JM is from the Flower Realm. In HSALF, there will be a significant focus on the Demon Realm in the latter part of the story. I agree with you about the world building and CGI, this is one of the things I like about Chinese fantasy dramas.

      I think the hardest thing for adaptations is replicating what we can imagine when we read novels because imagination is limitless. Based on the description of JM’s beauty in the novel, I don’t think any cameras, no matter how high-tech, or any CGI can show that, haha.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap, which makes me able to understand what is going on!
    The scene where the knife lands between his legs is hilarious.

  3. Hi, can someone please help me, i thought i understood how Jinmi and Xufeng were related but im lost now :/ this is urgent!!!

    1. XF and JM aren’t related. Poor XF thought they could be siblings since his father and JM’s mother were in a relationship. Eventually, it’s explained that XF is the son of the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress while JM is the daughter of the Flower Diety and Water Deity.

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