Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4

After a week, Shanggu is still angry at Baijue. Yuemi decides to go get Shanggu’s Original Being by herself.

Shanggu sneaks into Changyuan Hall.

Baijue appears to be meditating, which means his soul has left his body. When Shanggu is about to put her lips on Baijue’s lips to retrieve her Original Being, he opens his eyes and asks what she is doing.

Yuemi shows off what she got from Hongri: Shanggu’s Original Being. Shanggu hides in bed under her blanket, vowing never to go outside because she is too embarrassed.

Baijue says his “friend” used his “student” to save the world and didn’t explain his plan to keep her safe, and when the “student” found out, she was upset. Pretending not to know who Baijue is talking about, Hongri urges Baijue’s “friend” to apologize.

Despite Baijue’s apology, Shanggu pretends to be angry to give him a hard time. The Ancestral Sword doesn’t obey Shanggu’s command to attack Baijue.

Baijue doesn’t know how to convince Shanggu to return to training. Always ready with advice, Hongri has an idea.

Shanggu, Tianqi and Yuemi can’t find anyone to gamble with them because their stakes are too high. Recruited by Shanggu to fill the last spot, the Ancestral Sword refuses to do it. Baijue looks at the writing in his hand.

[Flashback: Hongri teaches Baijue what to say to Shanggu.]

Baijue reads the writing in his hand, which is full of praises to flatter Shanggu. Shanggu can’t be angry with Baijue anymore. Tianqi and Yuemi struggle not to laugh out loud.

Delivering Tianqi’s invitation for a matchmaking event at the Temple of Love, Zihan, Tianqi’s divine beast, tells Baijue that Shanggu is still recovering from the fight in the Nether World.

Tianqi asks Shanggu if she likes him. Shanggu says she likes him the most. Hearing that, Baijue looks at the medicine in his hand and leaves without giving it to her.

At the matchmaking event, Baijue gives Shanggu the medicine and apologizes, promising to be considerate of her feelings from now on. Xueying spills wine on Shanggu. Baijue replaces Shanggu’s outfit to match his outfit. Shanggu declines Tianqi’s invitation to play because she will be busy training.

Congratulated by Day God and Night God, Shanggu finds out Baijue gave her credit for defeating Xuanyi, telling everyone he assisted her.

Xueying remembers the first time she met Baijue.

[Flashback: In a plum orchard, Xueying introduces herself to Baijue. Baijue recites a line of poetry using her name.]

Still remembering the line of poetry 30,000 years ago, Xueying begs Baijue to let her stay by his side. Baijue rejects Xueying’s confession of love. Day God and Night God fall in love, causing chaos when they run away together.

Mistaking Baijue for Tianqi, Puhua puts Baijue and Shanggu in a cave under the Temple of Love.

Baijue makes Shanggu stumble to stop her teasing, not expecting her to fall into his lap. Shanggu persuades Baijue to look at images of couples falling in love, causing him to blush. Natal charts of the gods are stored in the cave.

[Flashback: Starting from when Baijue was young, Ancestral God forces him to learn how to kill. Baijue grows up and becomes the God of War, but his soldiers don’t like him because he is cold and aloof.]

Baijue stops Shanggu from looking at his natal chart. Natal charts contain the past, present and future of gods, so looking at them can cause injuries. Shanggu holds Baijue’s hand, understanding why he prefers to be alone.

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