Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 1

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 1

When the world began, Ancestral God created 3 realms: God Realm, Immortal Realm and Demon Realm. The God Realm is the most powerful and led by four True Gods.

Attending Puhua’s matchmaking event at the Temple of Love, Yuemi reminds Shanggu to cover her face with a fan. Shanggu tries a spell she learned from Puhua to help immortals fall in love, but she turns them into homosexuals.

At Mount Lookout, Baijue punishes two students who are late to class, not accepting their excuses. Tianqi challenges Baijue to a fight and loses.

Tianqi tells Baijue to return to the God Realm for Shanggu’s birthday, and this time, it’s an order from Zhiyang. Baijue has never met Shanggu, who was born on the Heaven and Earth Platform 10,000 years ago and will become Chief God.

Zhiyang threatens to discipline Shanggu’s servants for not keeping Shanggu out of trouble. If Shanggu is punished with thunder strikes again and has to stay in bed to recover, Yuemi promises to bring romance stories for her to read.

Shanggu picks Baijue’s residence, Changyuan Hall, as her place of refuge until Zhiyang calms down. Scared of Baijue, Yuemi advises Shanggu not to go there even though he hasn’t lived there for a long time.

Not planning to attend Shanggu’s birthday, Baijue’s gift is a peach because there are plenty of peach trees at his place. Tianqi, offended by Baijue’s indifference, accepts the peach on Shanggu’s behalf. Zhiyang asks Baijue to be Shanggu’s teacher. Shanggu was born with blocked vessels hindering her cultivation, and if anyone can help her, it’s Baijue.

Ancestral God’s Power of Chaos, contained in the barrier separating the Nether World from the three realms, is dissipating. Moreover, the Tribulation of Chaos will occur again in 1,000 years. Describing Shanggu as obedient, diligent and intelligent, Zhiyang says she is the only one who can save the realms. Baijue agrees to teach Shanggu.

At Changyuan Hall, Snow Goddess Xueying waters flowers for Baijue. Baijue burns the flowers and orders Xueying to go take three thunder strikes for trespassing. Shanggu criticizes Baijue. Realizing that Zhiyang lied about Shanggu’s temperament, Baijue orders her to go take 10 thunder strikes for causing trouble at the Temple of Love, and then he kicks her out of Changyuan Hall.

Shanggu wants revenge, but she needs a partner in crime. However, Yuemi doesn’t dare to oppose Baijue, the most powerful of the four True Gods.

Shanggu refuses to eat until Zhiyang expels Baijue from the God Realm. Persuading Shanggu to become Baijue’s student, Zhiyang says she can punish Baijue however she likes when she is powerful. Yuemi agrees to help Shanggu fight Baijue, but is Shanggu prepared to go on the run after they lose to him? Zhiyang tells Shanggu to assist Puhua at the Temple of Love if she doesn’t want to see Baijue.

Shanggu shows up on the first day of class, dressed in a robe and surrounded by servants. Baijue won’t allow Shanggu to go into Changyuan Hall unless she dresses plainly and destroys her toys.

Shanggu calls Baijue shameless for reading her mind. Baijue says it’s Shanggu who is shameless for pretending to be obedient while inwardly cursing him and seals her power, demanding obedience from her.

At Changyuan Hall, Shanggu has the lowest status. Hongri, Baijue’s divine beast, gives Shanggu a broom.

Tianqi is unhappy with how Baijue is treating Shanggu.

Hongri tells Shanggu not to make a mess while sweeping.

Tianqi believes that Baijue will like Shanggu once he knows her. Baijue doesn’t care about Shanggu’s likeability since it has nothing to do with cultivation or being Chief God.

Shanggu plays tricks on Hongri and breaks things, including a tablet that is the only copy in existence.

Hongri attempts to make a copy of the tablet. Taught be Zhiyang, Shanggu has better handwriting, so she tells Hongri to let her do it.

Answering Baijue’s question about the realms, Shanggu is eager to show off her knowledge: the Demon Tribe is imprisoned by a barrier in the Nether World in the north, immortal clans live in caves in the southwest, and lastly, groups of demons live in the southeast. Baijue will train Shanggu if she can make Tiger Demons in the Red Blood Forest laugh.

Tianqi says only Hongri manages to get close to Baijue. Not knowing how to make Tiger Demons laugh, Shanggu asks Tianqi, God of demons, for advice.

Baijue won’t let anyone enter Changyuan Hall, so goddesses, including Xueying, bribe Shanggu with gifts to help them get close to him. Shanggu doesn’t understand why Baijue has a lot of fans.

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